Joe does Mango: Belfiore shows off Windows Phone update highlights

Wouldn't be a Windows Phone update without Joe Belfiore checking in, right? He's following up on a (slightly controversial) demo he did at the MIX conference earlier this year -- the infamous speed reading demo that shoes the speed of IE9 on Windows Phone.

Plus, Joe walks us through the new features of Mango. Maybe not all 500 of them, but the ones you're going to worry about. Search, Bing Vision (optical recognition), threads, all the really cool stuff.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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  • Yet i still haven't received pre-NoDo. I expect to have Mango in ... 2015
  • Okay come on, you know thats not going to happen. This isn't Android!
  • Those close ups where creepy but I like this guy. He's well spoken.
  • I bet you like his hair, don't you? :-)
  • +10Sold my Nokia X6 a week back. Using the Nokia 1100 (yup, it still exists). Was waiting for the Mango preview with bated breath, and man oh man, am I glad or what:). Heading to ebay tomorrow to get meself an Omnia 7.Thats it Apple, its your time to bite the dust!
  • I need Mango NOW!... i'm so hyped. I'll be getting a new phone cause I don't want to wait for Tmobile to push out Mango 10 months later
  • Actually I'm glad I already have T-Mobile because they seem to be the easiest about letting the updates through. The last 2 updates came through to me pretty much as soon as they were released. I can hardly wait for this update.
  • true, my thinking is since this is going to be a must have "huge" update and all the new devices coming out at the same time, it would be to the advantage of all carriers to daily the update push in order to get people (like myself) to purchase a new handset with the update already on it.
  • I'm at work...was custom ringtones shown or atleast confirmed?
  • They previewed custom ringtones at MIX11
  • Still no calendar support for multiple accounts? What????
  • What do you mean? I've configured Google Calendar and Exchange and I see items from both calendars on my calendar... or are you talking about something else?
  • so this is basically going to be the best phone ever and you dont even need to buy a new one. I will prob wait until summer 2012 to get a new one but we will have to see what T-mobile gets in stock
  • Really impressive stuff.
  • even though I look forward to this update, it surprises me there's no mention of better calendar support for subscribed calendars such as holidays and contacts' birthdays
  • Ah, interesting. Groups will be a nice way to keep in touch with pods of people. I like that. Threads = cool, especially with all of the insane contact mediums people use. Bing vision, now that was a nifty demo. Oy, can't wait.