Join the discussion! Windows 9, Windows Phone 9, Lumia 730, and Lumia 830 forums are live

Although publishing articles on our front page is a big part of WPCentral, the back half is our user forums ( With nearly 230K registered members and almost 15K that are online at this very moment, the forums are the best spot to debate current and upcoming hardware.

Equally, if you have a problem with your phone, general questions or something to share, nothing beats searching or posting a new thread and response.

As the Microsoft ecosystem continues to expand, we have a few new forums to add to the mix, or highlight in case you have missed them before.

New Discussion Forums

As you can see, those are all things not yet announced or confirmed, so they are the wild west of forums with rumors, speculation, debates and more. They are also much fun, as people try to guess what is coming next, but make sure you put in your tinfoil hats when you enter.

The Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 are two devices expected to be announced in the coming weeks in Berlin. Both devices should boost Microsoft's lower and upper mid-range phones, and a lot is already known about both. Bookmark their super pages, which aggregates all our news and the latest forum posts, if you want to keep up on them:

New Topic Pages

  • Lumia 730 main page
  • Lumia 830 main page

What will their prices be? What features should they have? Jump in and share your thoughts.

In regards to Windows and Windows Phone "9," also known as the 'Threshold' updates, not much is currently known. Sure, there are plenty of unconfirmed (and way out there) rumors, but it is still fun to get in and talk about what Microsoft should be doing in addition to what they are.

So jump in and share, and if not, lurking is also a ton of fun!

Daniel Rubino

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