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The Windows Phone Central community forum is an important extension to the website, providing registered readers with a centralised location for discussion, debate, laughter, and possible tears. Covering all Windows Phones, as well as dedicated forum for developers, consumers and -of course- off-topic threads, the community forum really packs a punch when it comes to variety.

That being said, we've also added a section for Windows Phone 8, which has already accumulated a number of threads and posts. While commenting on actual articles we publish on the main page, it's good to be able to fully engage with other readers (and lurking members of staff) where it's easier to keep track of who's posting what. This forum will be the place to go once Apollo hits, so now's a good time to mingle and prepare yourselves.

Forum member eholzki has started a thread querying as to whether or not Microsoft is listening to consumers and Apollo will fill the gaps left open in Windows Phone 7.x.

"Now, I'm not the expert, don't know much about this whole SDK revelation, but it seems to me, looking at all the information coming in on the details of differences, that MS has really listened to the responses from people regarding wishes for WP8. Though I've not seen everything yet, it does seem many of the shortcomings of WP7 & 7.5 are being addressed in WP8."

To leave your comment and voice your opinion you can check out the "WP8 filling the gaps?" thread. AlexanderJJJ, on the other hand, has been asked the question, "Nokia WP8 Handsets Revealing at Nokia World?".

"So I'm really looking forward to getting a Nokia WP8 device and I noticed that Nokia is having it's yearly Nokia World conference this September. Do you think they will reveal some of their new handsets then? I hope so, I can't wait to see what the next ones look like!"

That's just a teaser of what's being discussed currently, so be sure to head on over to the Windows Phone 8 section of our forums to join in!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • We always appreciate more contributors in the forums :). Hehe
  • I wonder if any of this is coming to wp7.8
  • Does the SDK offer any hints as to whether taking screenshots is capable in WP8? Or, will we only find out when the WP8 consumer features are made public?
  • How bout you guys join the forums and ask does question in dedecated Threads ( or create a new one)....
    thats what forums are for!!!
  • Perhaps a future version of WP Central App for WP8 & W8 will have forum access built in.
  • Looking at the S3 and the latest iPhone (and also considering the future iPhone) - Nokia is going to have to come up with a Phone(s) that are going to blow people away as far as looks, performance and features go. Can they do this? I am sure that they can as up until a few years ago the only decent phones were ones made by Nokia. Then they started to get slack and lost the energy to come up with new innovative products (like the Lumia 700, 800 and 900). Hopefully the culture at Nokia has changed from - snobby entitlement to realistic and competitive.
    We will see in the next 12 to 18 months just how sucessful Elop has been with the massive corporate changes as well as the massive technological changes.