Judge dismisses thirteen patent claims filed against Microsoft

Motorola/Google lost a bit of ground in their patent litigation against Microsoft when the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington invalidated or dismissed thirteen of Motorola's patent infringement claims. The litigation claims that Microsoft infringed on sixteen of Motorola's patents with the Windows Phone and Xbox 360 systems.

Judge James L. Robart granted Microsoft's motion for summary judgment and that the claims were invalid as indefinite under U.S. patent law.

The ruling doesn't end the dispute between Microsoft and Motorola/Google. However, the remaining claims could be ruled invalid under the application of the law. There's no time frame on when the Court will rule on the additional patent claims. The motion ruled on today was filed ten months ago and hopefully, the remaining claims will be ruled on sooner than later to put an end to this patent war.

You can find the full brief on Judge Robart's ruling here (opens in new tab).

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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  • The judge must be a windows phone user and Xbox gamer :-)
  • Not sure if he's in the 3% club but he probably does have a Xbox 360 ;)
  • his son have xbox :D
  • Oh yes!! Take that google!! Even though I also have a Nexus 4...
  • Funny picture.
    Glad to see the power hungry Google Corp losing for once
  • Plus 1,000,000 I hate google for not letting Microsoft give me a killer YouTube app on my windows phone.
  • Yeah i will never forgive them for that, i have been since cleansed of all google services but youtube (they seriously need a competitor to youtube btw)
  • I wonder how they get away with what could border on a monopoly on that front? I wonder if it's because it's a free service or something, even though they are clearly trying to limit its function on a competing platform (Windows Phone).
    I wonder...if Microsoft owned YouTube, would there be cries of monopolistic actions?
  • "I wonder...if Microsoft owned YouTube, would there be cries of monopolistic actions?"
    Big time. Microsoft wouldn't be able to get away with half of the stuff Google gets away with these days.
  • And if you're not down with that, we got two words for ya Google.
  • *chops* SUCK IT!
  • I should have been a lawyer. . .
  • Take that Google!
  • Live.com where you can broadcast live to the world while watching E3. Tell the world in real time what you think ,coming soon from ms
  • There has to be something done about this patent war stuff, it allows companys to sit back and make money instead of pushing the envelope and being innovative.
  • Or not if you look at the case of Google paying royalties to MS for every android device. In this case, the judge obviously felt Google/Motorola had no grounds and dismissed it. IMO, Goggle are just bitter that they've been caught copying, not just buy MS, but by Apple as well. They're an ad agency trying to pass off as a tech company. They're products reflect it.
  • someone Officially sent the Troll back to his cave ;)
  • I am glad for this, but pretty sure any thought Google had for letting us have a killer YouTube App just got destroyed by this.
  • Its about time companies stopped buying up other companies merely for their IP portfolio and instead look at creative and inventive they are. Motorola have always been good at engineering and chip design but their consumer products have been largely boring and dull.
  • Microsoft = Smart  Google = Dumb / Cry Babies.
  • Thats big trouble for GOOG. They paid a lot of money for Motorola (far more than the company was worth) to obtain those patents. Now they find out they are worthless. Poor arrogent SoB's.
    Hallelujah, amen to that!
    I think any company who buys another company solely to use that company’s copyrights to go after another company to sue them because you think or know them have been violating copyrights should be tossed out of court!
    Apple and Microsoft agreement not to sue each other over mobile patent breaches and I think Google should do the same! Any time I see something like this first thought comes to mind Google can see the future and Bing is killing them same as we all know that far see the future that Windows Phone 8 is going “Blue” for whatever that means but am sure it is something amazing good for us Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 users!
    I see the data that shows people are not buying Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 in a massively way because this is the infancy stages! If I worked for Google I would be worried and I would try and lock more Patents down because to me it looks like Samsung is the focus and not the Android operating system…
    Just break it down and you will see that Samsung not Google or Android are making huge sales and with that Samsung can turn that huge ship anyway they want at this point! To me if I ran Google and was following the market and looked at all the data I would want my phones to be Google branded not Android or Samsung branded but it’s far too late for that!  Anyways I am glad the judge tossed it out! 
  • WT? Can some one point out to me what copyrights did Microsoft infring on because, really... WP looks nothing like a Google or Motorola phone. Don't tell me that Motorola is claming that they came up with live tiles or something like that?