Kano and Microsoft launch PC kit for students learning to code and create

What you need to know

  • Kano and Microsoft have teamed up to launch a build-your-own-PC kit for students.
  • The kit is meant to give students and kids a starting point in learning how a computer works, how to code, and creative tasks.
  • The PC comes with Windows 10 in S Mode, along with a suite of tools to support learning.
  • The Kano PC kit is now available to preorder for $300.

Microsoft has teamed up with Kano, a company that makes hands-on learning experiences for kids learning to code, to launch the Kano PC today. Available to preorder now for $300, the PC comes as a kit that allows kids to build their own laptop and is packed with a suite of tools to support education in coding and creative tasks.

When students open the kit, they'll be able to follow a step-by-step storybook to assemble the laptop. The process involves connecting ports, watching LEDs on the circuit board come to life, and exploring components with a magnifying glass. Topping things off is a transparent back, which allows students to see what's going on inside the PC.

Once the PC is booted up, students are presented with a startup experience that guides them through how computers work. They'll be able to do things like make emojis with binary code, experiment with the processor and memory, and see what the computer is actually doing when you tap keys, speak into the mic, or use the touchscreen.

The PC also comes packed with Windows 10 in S Mode, along with the following suite of apps:

  • Make Art – Learn to code high-quality images in Coffeescript
  • Kano App – Make almost anything, including magic effects and adventurous worlds, with simple steps and programming fundamentals
  • Paint 3D – Make and share 3D models and send them out for printing
  • Microsoft Teams – To get new projects and content, and share your work
  • Kano Projects – Personalized projects on coding and creativity delivered directly to your dashboard

The kit also comes with Minecraft: Education Edition, so kids can dive into the unique experience Microsoft has created for schools and learn how to code. Minecraft: Education Edition can be activated with the "purchase of the applicable Microsoft 365 licenses or standalone Minecraft: Education Edition license," Microsoft says. That's alongside "hundreds of hours of curriculum" and access to "Kano World", a free online community where kids can share their creations and experiment with those uploaded by others.

Kano PC is available for preorder now for $300 and is expected to launch in the U.S., Canada, and UK on October 21.

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