Kaspersky Internet Security launch imminent for Windows Phone

Coming straight from Kaspersky Labs here at Mobile World Congress, we hear that Kaspersky Internet Security is in the final certification process and it should be going live within in the next day or so. The news was first caught by WP7Forum.ru and we checked with Kaspersky here on site.

It’s not clear what features Kaspersky Internet Security will have for Windows Phone, as the Lab here didn’t even have a Windows Phone on hand. They did note they’d try to get us screenshots of the app and info via email, so we’ll update this post accordingly as that info comes in.

Kaspersky is a well-known and liked antivirus solution for PCs. They’ve made the jump to mobile in the last few years, where ecosystems like Android OS tended to see more than your average malicious apps. Windows Phone doesn’t quite have that level of security vulnerability, though as we’ve reported on before, there are always flaws needing to be patched.

On Android, the Internet Security app has the following features:

  • Kaspersky Lab’s latest protection technologies against viruses, spyware, Trojans and more
  • An Antivirus Scanner - runs an on-demand malware scan of your device
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Protection – Lock&Locate, Wipe, Full wipe, Mugshot.
  • A new ‘Alarm’ feature has been introduced – you can remotely sound the alarm, helping you to find your device if it is somewhere nearby. The alarm works even in ‘silent’ mode.
  • Anti-Theft Web Management Portal. Using a personal online account you can manage all the anti-theft options from a single point.
  • Call &Text Filter for smartphones – protects you from unwanted calls and text messages

Once again, we’re not sure if all of those features will be present on Windows Phone due to locked-down nature of the OS. In theory, Kaspersky could have received extra permission via a so-called RPAL SDK for deeper OS access, but we doubt that idea.

We’ll keep you posted when the app goes live and if it’s worth your time. This could be another AVG type app, and more fluff than substance. 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Lol, im actually deploying KES10 in our corporate environment. Was a fan of consumer product, will check this out too though wp doesn't need AV yet.
  • Who says that WP need an antivirus? We or even the apps can't access the file system so it is really almost impossible to get a virus. Maybe something light but from the web browser. Apps can't have virus because Microsoft is very tough in checking deep every app that is in their store.
  • Nokia X
  • There is already an antivirus for android...
  • +1020 It's an antivirus for Google apps
  • Probably because 99.9% of mobile viruses are directed at Android. (that percentage is actually real, not hyperbole)
  • There are more viruses on the Play Store now than in circulation on Windows desktops (another fact).
  • Source link ?
  • The chances are it will just focus on lost and found which I think is a good thing.... Ms service doesn’t update regularly enough and if you use Kaspersky for your other devices why not keep them together?   Some rouge apps have got passed Ms certification before and Windows Phone is not completely safe but securer than Android and iPhone due to its sandboxed architecture. There are currently no known variabilities being exploited in the "wild" although there was a vulnerability which affected SMS on Windows Phone 7.5.  
  • Nobody says/said wp needs an AV and i certainly didn't as my op shows but this is good as a just incase plus corporations well like that the platform has AV solutions if ever needed.
  • Good point DreadVenom.. Even though we don't need it, having the ability to launch it may give consumers/corporations even more confidence in the OS.
  • I really see no point in an antivirus software for WP now, but maybe Microsoft allows such applications to scan SD card and Music, Downloads folders ?
  • I don't get it either.
  • Lol, does anyone remember when avg released their AV in WP7? There was a backlash so big that the AV was pulled from the store. It only had the ability to scan photos, oh! And ironically, it also stole your data.
  • No, Kaspersky for WP is going to scan itself for updates. I think that's all its going to do.
  • Well if in 8.1 there will be a Downloads folder and we will be able to download anything in it and access this folder via Windows Explorer theni can see a point in having an antivirus as in some cases a person will want to verfy a file before running it on the PC. This is the only case where i can see this app.can help, again if MS will allow and Kaspersky has such plans :D .
  • I'm guessing this has more to do with it, Microsoft is loosening it's grip on the OS a little to offer more features in 8.1. Kaspersky is probably getting a leg up to get its app on devices and ready before other AV companies do which may start to happen once 8.1 is available.
  • At least daily. What is going to be in the library?
  • irony is people will purchase it when this is a closed system and slow down their phones only to purchase new phone....and the cylce goes
  • I thought windows phone couldn't get viruses or am I missing something??
  • Yeah, but it can through the sd card , but my Lumia 920 have no issues about security and viruses :)
  • I wouldn't say WP can't get any. There just currently aren't any, and even if there were, they wouldn't be able to do the same amount of damage as on Android or Windows, as they can't gain access to the same amount of data/info. However, a WP device can be used to transfer files, and thus viruses, between PCs. My guess is that is what this is for.
  • Also, email attachments.
  • well WP is secure because of app and file restriction it has, so while its secure it doesnt stop companies to make apps even if they wont offer anything. maybe it will scan sd card? or web files? who knows... but as long as they can get money through ads or direct fee from consumers, I guess that's the point of it and a accomplished mission
  • Bulls*it. Best antivirus? A healthy state of mind. 
  • Spot on!
  • +1020
  • What's the point? I was under the impression WP was secure in its current form
  • Secure? Yes. Invulnerable? No. There is no mobile operating system that is completely impregnable but your impression of Windows Phone being a secure OS is largely correct. Microsoft imposes restrictions upon both apps and the user that prevent access to the file system of Windows phones that make it harder for a virus to be implanted or indeed wreak havoc with your device.     
  • A virus on WP is like an error in the matrix even though that we (WP) have NT to the barebones.
  • Antivirus for Windows Phone? A little bit absurd, without full root or except at kernel level.
  • Awesome!
  • I use Kaspersky all the time, they are steadily improving.
  • No need of Antivirus on WP as it is closed OS. Maybe we will need it on WP8.1 but for now it is useless.
  • Useless.
  • its internet security... doesnt matter sys is closed or open... viruses can enter from web as your browsing isnt checked and certified by ms... i wont install it but though it doesnt seems waste...
  • Have you used a Windows Phone at all? IE 10 has builtin Smartscreen filter like the desktop version and it will only be better in WP 8.1. On top of that this app would need to run constantly in the background which it can't do on WP. This is a totally useless app.
  • Wats app runs constantly in the background .
  • Nope, only system apps can run constantly in the background. Everything else updates every 30 minutes or via push notification from MS push service.
  • i wrote i wont dl the app.. this suggests i use wp -_- ... and all people dont use ie10 fo browsing to get helped by smartscreen filter...and i thibk kaspersky and ms are certainly more intelligrnt than you to decide whethet the app is useless o not... #dumbassworld
  • '#Dumbassworld' he says as he misspells literally everything.
  • I don't see a need for antivirus app for wp8 As it is fully protected. MS should get multi window option to wp8 soon.
  • What is it even going to do?
  • Can't see the point of having an anti-virus on WP. Its a closed system and if I recall correctly its the least attacked mobile os ( along with BB os )
  • I think they should start working on a version for Nokia X. They'll need it desperately.
  • Hehe ;D
  • Norton?
  • Antivirus for Windows Phone? you're kidding right?
  • :o
  • Wrong platform, must have been confused by the abomination Nokia X.
  • As useful as tits on a bull.
  • Surely MS would release one if it was needed
  • I like the anti-theft features, and also the alarm one. Other than that it would be pretty useless for me
  • Good grief, why? What's the point on WP8? This makes a fart app seem useful...
  • After compromising on so many features cause of the locked-down nature of the OS, I dont even have a secured phone! I thought there is peace of mind atleast with the limited features that I dont need any antivirus or id say I thought windows phone did not have any virus! Now im highly disappointed!!
    Was galaxy to lumia a mistake! Is kitkat better than WP8 now !!?
  • Bloatware and utterly useless on WP
  • what a load of crap....I don't want these dumbs companies software in my phone. in fact, this thing will never work as intended
  • Absolutely correct
  • No need. Of antivirus
  • I haven't used an AV in years..
  • I think I echo everyone when I ask...for what?
  • An useless app gg Microsoft
  • Kill it with fire! (c) Simpsons
  • I have a free year of this program and it isn't compatible with 8.1 so why should we get it? The phones are going to upgrade to 8.1 soon
  • Oh my god, this surely will kill windows phone performance and cause all sorts of issues if its anything like the desktop version.
    I find it hard to believe this could work properly in this environment, i don't think they have low enough level access to the OS. Why would you need this if all the apps are locked down? Well ok , now that we can have email attachments on 8.1 I guess it could be beneficial but for me, NO THANKS, wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole!
  • Once this drops, be looking for a slew of over-hyped stories on the Verge or some google paid, "trusted source" about some malware that leaked into Windows 8.1 that is sending personal information to the NSA or some group known to be associated with Al-Qaeda.
  • WP has viruses? O_o
  • No viruses at all just needs more optimization
  • Lulz
  • I'm seeing several problems with the idea behind this app. First off, it won't be able to always run in the background. Then there's the whole issue of not being able to access other app data. Executable files aren't recognised by WP. What exactly will the purpose of this app be?
  • Kaspersky slows down even i5 PCs . This is a google conspiracy to slow down windows phone 8 :) . I am staying far away from this app.
  • They can't wait until the entire cell phone industry is as corruptible as is android.
  • i wrote i wont dl the app.. this suggests i use wp -_- ... and all people dont use ie10 fo browsing to get helped by smartscreen filter...and i thibk kaspersky and ms are certainly more intelligrnt than you to decide whethet the app is useless o not... #dumbassworld
  • What Microsoft needs to do is to force app developers to include an option for users to prevent permissions to things that the app clearly doesn't need. For example, a flashlight app doesn't need the owner identity. As a user I would like to block that permission, if that causes a 'portion' of the app not to work then so be it, it's my choice, but it should still let me install the app.  As for a security package, there probably are some useful things that Kaspersky could offer, for some people just offering 'peace of mind' will be valuable. I think it's good that MS is getting ahead of what all security experts are predicting, that mobile virus and malware attacks are headed our way (all OS's) in a big way in the coming years. As someone above said, Windows Phone is not "invunerable".
  • at first i though, oh who wants an AV on his smartphone not just that but on windows phone for *** sakes.. but now im interested in the theft security thing, always wanted that to locate and remote control the phone, take mugshots etc, but this is the first important brand doing it i see, i would give it a try for sure if i can just use the anti theft features and keep the av thing off
  • I think Kaspersky is coming out more from a Windows Phone 8.1 perspective. In Windows 8.1 to include loads of features and help app developers build better apps, apps would have accress to the root of the OS. This is when viruses and malware could hit users. Hence to tackle this KSS will be good I guess. As for Windows 8, no one has access to the system files so its kinda pointless.
  • WP already has awesome anti-theft features. Before Android.
  • When WP needs many apps... the certification procedures tends to take time.... So there will be a time when Microsoft will not properly check the apps and publish.. Among them, there will by many spyware apps.. Like Facebook Ultra (Just for a example), and once you login through that app, it will steal your data, instead of loging.. So for blocking such apps, an Antivirus or Anti SpyWare / Anti Malware is a good move... 
  • It could be other things than an AV Guys.. Optimisers, Cleaners, Registry Defraggers etc?
  • Kapersky introducing a money and juice sucking malware to Windows Phone 8
  • Kapersky on Windows phone??? Is the OS going open source and open shell? That would be bad news. Windows phone has been quite reliable and stable so far. Kapersky could increase a sense of safety, but at what cost, a buggy and slowing less buttery smooth is? Please no!
  • And the point of this will be? It won't be able to scan for viruses since every app is sandboxed and if a virus did exist and somehow infect your phone it would be able to do pretty much nothing anyway. It won't be able to scan the SD card (unless MS give them special permissions) or scan apps when running. Apps on windows phone are screened by MS anyway so a virus should be caught there but even if one did get through it would be hard to detect due to how apps are compiled differently depending on the devices when you install them thanks to the Azure cloud.
    Sure, the only thing there would be to scan is downloads but you can't install anything on WP without going through the store first unless its from the SD card but you can't download an XAP (or soon to be APPX) and run it on the same device can you? Plus i doub't MS would give anybody access to scanning IE when running to check for malicious websites as that very action could be abused. As for the other features.... Call and text blocking, built in to windows. Find and lock a lost phone... built in. All in all, i trust MS for all their security scans and i trust how secure they have made WP. Even Windows 8 is very secure these days and only needs an antivirus if you're one of those people who click everything they see.
  • Yeah, I don't get this. Waste of Money for a WP. Save the space and Money. this doesn't make sense. It's a scam by Kaspersky to enter a market that doesn't need it. And if you are using Google Garbage on your Windows Phone? uhg, don't be surprised what you get and don't complain.
  • Work have Kaspersky installed in the pcs at work and it is a resource hog, clunky and dimwitted. Several of the colleagues pcs have been infected by adware... The auto scan only kicked in when i was removing it manually. Also when the subscription is near to the expiry date, the pc becomes unusable as it hogs the cpu and ram for no apparent reason until the damn license is renewed has been like this since I started on 08 it gets worse with every new version as well. Have told the IT admin several times...but he doesn't even care anymore. Don't even get paid to give support either lol. Besides WP doesn't even need this crap, surprised they are even releasing it.
  • These is good for WP store to have many choices to downloads.
  • I haven't used an antivirus since I was using Windows 7 and i'm currently using Windows 8.1 and I haven't had a single problem there's simply no need for these crappy useless anti-viruses and that's on a PC; it is true I couldn't run a Windows XP without antivirus for more than 5 minutes. In WP this is pretty much excrement but at least it's there for those who want it, they might as well charge over 10$ for this piece of @#$%.
  • I would love a Bitdefender app !
  • WP has a great security, no need any antivirus.
  • Obviously, Kaspersky has created a need where there is none and will market their AV software to the extremely paranoid... As for the list of features: Kaspersky Lab’s latest protection technologies against viruses, spyware, Trojans and more - NON ISSUE An Antivirus Scanner - runs an on-demand malware scan of your device - NON ISSUE Advanced Anti-Theft Protection – Lock&Locate, Wipe, Full wipe, Mugshot. - EXCEPT FOR MUGSHOT, I have all this with Find My Phone. Log in to windowsphone.com, go to Find My Phone. Built in to my Lumia 920. A new ‘Alarm’ feature has been introduced – you can remotely sound the alarm, helping you to find your device if it is somewhere nearby. The alarm works even in ‘silent’ mode. - IF IT'S CLOSE ENOUGH to hear the alarm, it's close enough to call from my daughter's phone. Since I never use 'silent' mode, it's a NON ISSUE. Anti-Theft Web Management Portal. Using a personal online account you can manage all the anti-theft options from a single point. - WINDOWSPHONE.COM > Find My Phone. Call &Text Filter for smartphones – protects you from unwanted calls and text messages - IDK if this was added with Black or Amber, but I have that on my Lumia 920. TY Nokia. So again, what is the purpose of this software?