Keep an eye on this: Big changes are coming for Sling TV

We've got the full coverage at, but here's the gist, for those who use Sling TV on Apple TV or Android TV or whatever crazy device you've got rigged up to your TV:

  • The price of the basic Sling Orange plan is increasing to $25 a month. Boo.
  • But Sling is giving non-subscribers a whole bunch of free shows even if they don't pay. Yay!
  • But that part is only available on Roku devices starting today. Oh.
  • But it'll come to other devices later. Which is why it matters to you. Gotcha.
  • Also, there are new a-la-carte channels available, and pay-per-view events — even if you're not a Sling customer. Just pay separately. OK, that's kind of cool.

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Phil Nickinson

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