Keep track of your Twitter milestones with TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone 8

TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone

Twitter is one of our favorite social networks. It’s a quick and easy way to send our little broadcasts in 140 characters or less to your followers. If you’re a hardcore Twitter use you probably already have your favorite Twitter application on Windows Phone. Or you’re like us and switch between a handful on a somewhat regular basis. But how do you keep track of your personal Twitter milestones? With TweeCoMinder of course.

TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone allows you to keep track of important milestones for your tweet count. For example if you’re tweeted 238 times it will notify you when you’re approaching a big milestone like 300 tweets or 2000 tweets. It will show you how many tweets you have until you get to the milestone you set. It’s Live Tile is pretty awesome too.

It's relatively simple in concept, but has a few technical tricks that make it fun and unique. After you log in with your Twitter account the app connects to a cloud-powered Windows Azure backend. From there the Live Tile is updated with push from the cloud. So no background agent is running or impacting your device. Here’s what you currently get with TweeCoMinder:

  • Maintain your tweet count
  • Live Tile and Toast Notifications, updated every 15 minutes
  • Setting up custom tweet counts
  • Tweet Count Bug correction mode (website and API counts are different sometimes)
  • #WinPhan mode for promo tweets

Like I said, its current form is simple and straight to the point. But the team is hard at work on some updates that will make this app twice as fun. Here’s what is currently being worked on for a near update:

  • Unification support
  • Custom promo Tweet option
  • Translation in other languages (German and Italian first, others to come)
  • Themes
  • Achievements and more

What I’m really stoked about are the achievements coming soon. Just like on Xbox Live or Foursquare you’ll get fun badges for completing certain tasks. For example, follow the staff of Windows Phone Central to unlock the hypothetical “I <3 WPC” badge. The devs are open to ideas on future achievements, so be sure to sound off below with certain scenarios and badge names. Another example would be to send a tweet at 3 A.M. in your local time to unlock the “Night Owl” badge on TweeCoMinder.

The devs are very open to suggestions. So sound off below what other features you’d want to see an app like this.

Since this app is partly powered by Azure you’ll need to part way with some cash to help support the service. Right now the app has a promo price of $0.99 before it jumps to $1.49 later this week. But you try out the five day free trial to see if you like the app. I like it and so might you.

Grab it in the Store for Windows Phone 8, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Sam Sabri