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Killer Instinct's new character Kilgore is now available, Ultimate finishing moves on the way

The free-to-play Xbox Play Anywhere fighting game has received its latest character: Kilgore!

Kilgore is available for $10 (opens in new tab), with half of the proceeds going towards the Killer Instinct 2017 tournament prize pools. In addition to Kilgore, Iron Galaxy also teased Ultimate finishing moves, which remains one of the game's most requested features.

Similar to Fulgore, Kilgore is an outdated Ultratech war machine returned from being decommissioned. Its actions are glitchy, and he even has the propensity to overheat, which forms part of his move set. Chaingun attacks deal explosive damage at a shorter range when Kilgore is overheating, allowing players to mix up their playstyles on the fly. The vast majority of Kilgore's abilities are similar to Fulgore's.

Iron Galaxy also posted the below video of Jago performing a Dragon Ball Z-like ender on Kilgore, confirming that Ultimate finishing moves are on the way.

Ultimate enders are a way to add some flair to your victories, similar to Ultra combos. It remains to be seen whether Ultimates will be added to all characters in a single update, or be pushed out continuously over the course of the year.

With season 3 wrapped up, the future of Killer Instinct is up in the air. Clearly, Iron Galaxy are hard at work on updates, but in an age where games are perpetually renewed with DLC, it's hard to say when (or even, if) Killer Instinct will reach end-of-life status, or perhaps even pick up a sequel.

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  • ...and not to be confused with Ed Kilgore of WGRZ News in Buffalo, N.Y.
  • The Rock says : "Finally....Ultimates have come back to Killer Instinct!!!" I say : "I think Ultimates should..." The Rock says: "I DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!!!" Oh well....Ultimates it is.
  • Yes, Killer Instinct has gotten all my money. At my age, I feel that fighting games gives me the quick fix I need for video games. I can get in and get out. I can't invest the large amounts of time anymore.
  • Good point, they're great for that.
  • That was my reasoning too. Until I got too old and slow.
  • Same here; probably why I'll get the game.
  • I'm more of a Tekken guy(easier on my thumbs), but KI is my second favorite. I still play it once in a while. But those guys online are real good...they be doing that...CCCCCCCOMBO breaker too much to me and then countering me. Still haven't mastered those two things yet.
  • Ultimate finishing moves? PERFECTTTTT
  • Need more Microsoft characters. They have one from halo and gears, now they need Joanna dark and or quantum break, the monster that can move in stopped time
  • Age of Empires wololo priest
  • Best fighter on the market.
  • Finally finishing moves ! Its about time. I hope they will develop a real ki 3. With better graphics like mortal kombat. The sounds, musics, fighting engine are all great. We only need more serious and darker graphics
  • Forgot to mention. Although the games are quick, when I get my butt kicked, I get frustrated and play until I win one match.