Kinect for Windows v2 gets updated SDK with Kinect Fusion tool kit

Microsoft has released a new version of its SDK to developers that are making applications that work with the recently launched Kinect for Windows v2 motion gesture hardware sensor. The update includes the addition of the Kinect Fusion tools.

Microsoft says the new tools will provide Kinect for Windows v2 developers with "higher resolution camera tracking and performance." Overall, the new version of the SDK has over 200 improvements, according to Microsoft. It added:

"The updated SDK also includes substantial improvements in the tooling, specifically around Visual Gesture Builder (VGB) and Kinect Studio, and it offers 10 new samples (such as Discrete Gestures Basics, Face, and HD Face Basics) to get you coding faster. All of this adds up to a substantially more stable, more feature-rich product that lets you to get serious about finalizing your applications for commercial deployment and, later this year, for availability in the Windows Store."

That last bit is interesting as it sounds like Microsoft will soon allow people who have Windows 8.1 and the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware to install and run apps made for the add-on directly from the Windows Store in the near future. What do you think about the prospects of Kinect for Windows v2?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham