Know a useful trick on your Lumia Windows Phone? Tweet it and you could win a Lumia 820!

Nokia has launched a competition on its US support Twitter account. In a tweet, which was published earlier today the company is asking consumers who own a Lumia Windows Phone to share their top tricks and / or tips for the smartphone. Should their entry be selected, a Lumia 820 will be sent their way. Not a bad prize!

All that's required is to fire out your trick or tip for a Lumia Windows Phone 8 device, using the #NokiaCareUSContest hashtag and sending it to @NokiaCareUS. The tweet cannot be more than 140 characters long - so keep 'em short! You'll then be entered into the competition with a chance of pocketing the Lumia 820. There will be six entry rounds, with each entry period spanning three days:

  • 04/02 - 07/02
  • 18/02 - 21/02
  • 04/03 - 07/03
  • 18/03 - 21/03
  • 01/04 - 04/ 04
  • 15/04 - 18/04

There are terms and conditions, so be sure to read up on the rules (opens in new tab) - US only. Winners will be notified five days after the closing period for that round.

Source: Twitter

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I don't really get why there's a contest to win a Lumia when you are supposed to have one already. Unless you're giving it to someone...
  • In case you have another model and want the 820 of course! Lol..
  • That's probably what they should've made clear.
  • They should give a way a JBL Powerup and a Purity headphone instead
  • And why should the 'tricks' be secret on the first place. :-). That's one of the bigger issues I've had with WP, a lot of excellent features that you just have to discover on your own.
  • You get it with all smart phones. I only learnt of "shake to undo" on iOS two years after getting my first iPhone. At least Microsoft has a "quick start" welcome page for WP8. 
  • Along with the disappearance of the stylus and keyboard we now have the disappearance of the Help menu. I don't understand these trends. Thanks for the shake to undo tip (I didn't know about that, either).
  • "shake to undo" ?.... When was this introduced? I shall have to check it out when I get back to work...
  • Wow all of you guys, WOW! ^^
  • Are you fing me?
  • What, is it so bad to ask for a guide? Like how too change your pictures background image, or that you can pinch your camera roll for quick review etc. Cool features shouldn't be undocumented.
  • US only... That sucks, even though I live in the us.
  • I have a 920, why would I want a miniscule piece of lowdown dirty rotten 820??? no offense 820 owners.
  • Saying 'no offence' after something offensive does never make it unoffensive.
    People who say that are just rude twats, no offence. - Proud owner of an 820 who chose it over a 920
  • Why would you chose an 820 over a 920? .. Lol
  • Cheaper, changeable back cover, expandable memory etc.. I own a 920 myself
  • Because it has a nicer screen, is smaller and lighter, has exchangeable covers, and cost only $600 as opposed to $800.
  • Nicer screen? No need to go into fantasyland to try to prove a point.
  • Yes, nicer screen. Better colours and deeper blacks. The pale LCD screen on the 920 sucks.
  • Some areas in the 820's screen are better. But if you play an HD video on your 820 next to a 920 (720p on MetroTube, which the 820 doesn't support), let me know how that goes.
  • I prefer the screen of my girlfriends 820 vs my 8X or work phone (920)
  • I am thinking of switching to the 820 from the 920 as well. Need extra memory. This blows!
  • More importantly , comfortable for one hand operating.
  • You have terrible taste in phones and fail to see the benefits of interchangeable battery covers/batteries, expandable storage, and smaller form factor. No offense!
  • Lmfao, that almost made me spit up! Man u are one pathetic offense hahaha classic
  • Let me guess. . . You own a 820
  • give it to someone you really care about ? introduce windows phone to more people ?
    move your mom/dad/sister/bro from iphone/android into windows phone ?
  • Play Words with Friends and wait for the phone to lock and reboot. It's like playing Russian roulette.
  • yeah, i am not sure why companies do this. show a great move on gears of war 3 and win...gears of war 3!!!! WTF?
  • what Edna responded I'm taken by surprise that anyone can get paid $7936 in a few weeks on the internet. have you seen this web site...
  • spam
  • You should check out our thread we posted about you spambots.
  • Oo where is this thread?
  • Maybe they were just trying to provide a fun environment for us to share some tricks as a community.
  • Since it's a US only contest, maybe you should post the dates in US format to lessen confusion.
  • I think it's high time 'mericans learned to use formats and measures that actually make sense.
  • 'merica LOL every time I hear this I think of a redneck NASCAR fan or one of the character voices from South Park. "They terk our jerbs!". Being from NC I hear these accents far too often.
  • Just because we're better at math, no need to be jealous. :-)
  • You listen to these tests. Yes, Europeans are better than average Americans, but not all Americans are dumb. In fact, lets look at Steve jobs and bill gates. Two amazing people who brought forth the way to use technology. Oh, and they are both Americans.
  • Yep! They're 1 of 3 countries still clinging to Imperial / non-metric measurements and they're the only country with arse-backwards dates :P Also, they say math instead of maths :P
  • How are the dates backwards? In the U.S. (at least in California) you would usually say "today is (insert month) (insert day), (insert year)". For example, today is February 5th, 2013. The way we label our dates follows that logically.
  • yes, the same logic would lead to saying, It's 5pm and 35 seconds after 40 minutes. LOL
  • Dates are traditionally said "The 5th of February 2013". This can be written "5th February 2013", "5 February 2013", "05/02/13" etc. It goes from smallest date unit (day) to largest (year)... so it's day/month/year. i.e. DD-MM-YYYY.
    According to Wikipedia the US is the only one to use MM-DD-YYYY exclusively, while some countries (e.g. Canada) mix between different formats.
    So yeah... flipping the month and day around is seen as "backwards" to the rest of the world ;)
  • It's a free phone and that's always a good thing.
  • I'll throw in $10 to anyone who figures out how to identify and delete individual items or groups of items in the "Other" memory block. Mine decided to double in the space of 30 min while in Airplane Mode. Damn near no storage left!
  • Try a soft reset?
  • No such luck. A Hard Reset might do it, but then I will have to spend a week setting up my phone again.  WinMo was like this - but with proper back up tools!
  • Other than game progresses nothing is lost! Restore takes about 20 mins on WiFi. Why does it take a week?
  • Same here. I have about 8gb of "other" taking up space, and I'm using like 4, and have 3.5 left, or something stupid like that...
  • Some of it is reserved space for apps... you could adjust the reservation amount in Zune for WP7. No idea for WP8. I think it was something like 10% of total space is reserved empty. I've reduced my own down to 1% as I hardly ever have any space for anything.
    BTW try deleting apps that you used during that period or clearing caches e.g. the WP Central app has a local cache of files that you can manually purge to see if it's using a lot of storage.
  • I tweeted and nothing happened.
    Edit: nvm i got in now. it can take sometime for them to manually reply to you.
  • Will they have a drawing for tweeting 'ditch your htc for a lumia' competition any time soon?
  • They should have that (8X to 920 and 8S to 820 or 620).
  • Here's a tip, you can use a separate phone to take screen shots of your phone... A good use for a 820 if you have a 920...
  • That would be so much more awesome than just the normal "power + windows" combo!
  • My Tip: In Internet Explorer select any word on a web page and press the search button -> Bing Search searching for the selected word.
  • US only, so I can't take part, so here's a tip:
    You can always get to "Now Playing" by pressing a volume key and then tapping the song info beneath the Play button.
    Before I discovered that, I always went opened Zune and tapped Now Playing.
  • Volume down and power button for ten seconds. You will need it for when the phone inevitably freezes.
  • Want to stop whatsapp notifications from vibrating your phone? Untick "all other notifications" under ringtones+sounds
  • Want to know the time or reception when in app without the top bar? Keep back button pressed for a couple of secs
  • Want music search charm under search (so you you can find out what you're listening to) in non qualifying country? (e.g. The Netherlands) Set "browser and search" language under Regional to English(UK)
  • Nokia drive: be sure to pre download maps of bordering countries you might get near to, because you can't download them while on the road!! "must have WiFi". Had me drive half way across Belgium because I missed 1 turn and it kept "recalculating" all the time instead of telling me to turn around (because it couldn't find *any* roads in Belgium without the map, so it decided to wait until it would find one, which would never happen, idiotssss)
  • I won the first round!