Bone up on your 50 states facts with Know Your States for Windows PC and Phone

Know Your States is a wonderful app available from both the Windows PC and Phone Stores to help you bone up on your trivia base of the fifty United States. The app is filled with information you can study on the States including their geography, mottos, flags, official birds and more.

The design of Know Your State isn't loaded down with bells and whistles, instead sporting a relatively simple and straightforward layout. The simplicity of the design lends itself to a broad range of users from school-aged children learning the States for the first time to the older crowd trying to brush up on their knowledge of the U.S.

Know Your States isn't going to appeal to everyone, but after trying the Windows PC version out it's definitely worth checking out if you need to study up on the facts and the geography of the United States.

Know Your States

The main screen for Know Your States includes a random fun fact about a State along with options to study up on the State information and test yourself on the States. You have the ability to study information by State, by category or by the map. Quiz choices include tests by State, category, a combination of the two or by map. The categories of questions include:

  • State Flower
  • State Tree
  • Admission Date to Statehood
  • Origin of State's Name
  • State Motto
  • State Capital
  • State Knick name
  • State Bird
  • State Flag

You can set the number of questions for the quizzes (5-50) and set the question mode to forward or backward styles. A forward question style would be "What is the State bird of Kansas?" and a backward question style would be "Which State has the Mockingbird as its State bird?"

Know Your States

Regardless of the style, questions are presented in multiple-choice format. The only exception is the map quizzes where some of the questions will ask you to tap on the map to locate a particular State. It should be noted that the map option is only available with the upgraded version of the app. The $1.99 upgrade is available through in-app purchase and will also remove the ad support.

Know Your States

The questions offer a nice range of difficulty that's suitable for all ages. The more difficult categories include the State mottos and admission dates. Should you get an answer wrong, the correct response will be highlighted to allow you to learn from your mistake.

Plenty of Content, Not much Glitz

If you have a need to learn about the 50 states of the Union, Know Your States can be a helpful educational app to add to your catalog. Being available for both Windows PC and Phones, the app is mobile and can be used just about anywhere.

I can remember our children using maps of the States printed on kitchen table placemats to help them learn about State capitals and the geography of the States. It was a simple way to study about the States during mealtime and in many ways, Know Your States shares that simplicity. It is not a very glitzy app, but it delivers a boatload of information on the States.

Know Your States

Speaking of which, I would not mind seeing the app have a little more pop with the graphics. You do have illustrations for the State flags, but it could have also had animations or graphics for the State birds and flowers. As is, Know Your States is an appealing educational app, but I think it could have had a little more pep in its step.

Know Your States is a free, ad-supported app available for both Windows PC and Phones. You can upgrade the app through a $1.99 in-app purchase that unlocks the map feature and removes the ad-support.

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