Kodi is a full on Windows Store success story


In late 2016, popular media center, Kodi, decided to launch through the Windows Store. With help from Microsoft and the Desktop Bridge, the existing Win32 app was deployed through the Store and its success has been incredible in a short space of time.

That success was recently detailed at Build 2017, along with the journey towards a full UWP release.

One of the Kodi team delivered a session which you can view in the video above. The highlights from a Windows Store perspective, however, are the numbers since it launched in September 2016:

  • 1.6 million active users
  • Over 1 billion user minutes
  • One of the top ten most popular Windows Store apps

Other benefits to the Store release include automatic updates, something that the existing app doesn't deliver, as well as automated crash reporting stats and usage metrics for the developer.

The numbers are impressive, especially since Kodi is still probably something of a niche app, despite its popularity. The additional tools available to the developers makes it easier for them to make it better for us.

With this success already, the next stage is a full UWP application which will find its way back to Kodi's roots on the Xbox. Again, with Microsoft support, the work is already underway and the UWP release will just be another branch. The existing Win32 app won't be going away, UWP will become another release just as if it were Android or Mac.

It's easy to bash the Windows Store, and there are still many things we'd all like to see done better, but it's also important to highlight the successes. In a fairly short space of time, Kodi has amassed a large user base through the Windows Store, which ultimately ends up benefitting us, the folks that use it.

UWP or not, Store success is hugely important for the Windows platform, so lets hope many more developers see such wins.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • I'd never even heard of it prior to a week ago.
  • Kodi is well known, but not for what it was produced for.  If I go to windows 10, I would still get the wiun32 version if I was going to use Kodi or any other software for that matter. the last time I used the store on my computer it kept asking me to log in with a MS account, something I have not got and do nto want.  I also tried it on a mates machine and it just failed to work full stop.    
  • That's just silliness. I can attest to the stability and usefulness of Kodi from the app store, as I've installed it on literally DOZENS of PC's, all problem free. Whining about a digital storefront asking you to sign in with an appropriate account is, in a word, DUMB. Do you ***** because Amazon wants you to login? Netflix? Your utility company? Apple? Xbox? Grow up. A Microsoft account is free and offers a lot of benefits even if you don't use it to sign into the PC itself. Jesus.
  • jasongw, you are correct.  I use an outlook account as my login.  Never had a problem.  Outlook provides many positive layers of security.  Windows hello being the best in my opinion.  I use my windows wallet with my lumia 950.  Iris scanner a bit cumbersome (the phone has to be close to your face, 12 inches, which is aukward.  This past week, I hopped in my truck to fix a HVAC problem.  Realized I should grab some lunch, which for me is a constant problem given my time pressures.  Half way to the store, I realized I did not have my wallet.  But I did have my phone.  It was the first time in my life where I fully recognized that I did not need my wallet to function in society.  Now I know why my son has a sleeve on his phone to carry his ID.  My phone allowed me to pay for my lunch.  The Windows ecosystem is strong and not likely to impload.  So having the outlook account gives me a secure path into a more mobile life, free of alot of crap we lug around (my satchel for instance).
  • I wish i could do this with my 950xl. I don't live in the US. :(
  • so you use a mobile phone OS that is dead?   Do not need your wallet er?  Try doing that where I live, while a lot of the stores here do support contactless, so will accept Android and Apple Pay ( no Microsoft here) There are still many places that don't. My local chip shop ( fries) do not support any card payment system at all, so if I wanted lunch there I would be stumped. the only places would be larger places, like Mucky D and subways and other stuff like that, whihc I would not touch if you paid me.  Smaller stores still do not have contactless.  Android pay is not on my phone and yes my bank do support it, but I just not interested in it, I prefer to pay by cash. Oh I have seen some people taking out their Iphones and Android phones and l.ooking around to see if people are watcting them as if it is a big thing to pay with a phone. The windows eco system almost failed, it is only the fact that Ms decided to push windows 10 onto people and then try to force them to have a MS account that it is where it is now. Even with the forcing of windows 10 onto peoples machines usage is still a lot lower than MS wants it to be. The only way Ms can get people to use their eco system apart from the fans is by forcing them, just like supermarkts try to force people to use self scan checkouts and to be honest I am getting fed up of being pushed into things.        
  • I'll be the first to say that Microsoft has done a LOT of very stupid things over the years. The virtual abandonment of Windows mobile, of their 7 billion dollar phone business investment, their idiotic decision to remove placeholders from OneDrive only to add them back three YEARS later, their sudden buildup of the excellent unified messaging app only to almost immediately abandon it to a mediocre Skype integration. The list goes on. But what they don't do is FORCE anyone to do anything. Sure, some people installed Windows 10 who didn't necessarily want it, but that was a consequence of both user error and MS doing a poor job communicating--not "force". It's about time we stop calling anything we don't like or agree with "force". There is no force involved. Microsoft has no authority or power to force ANYONE to do ANYTHING.
  • They made an "X" the install button in a Window! That isn't user error, that is malware tactics and worse than force.
  • Not malware tactics at all. It was a programming error that was fixed a few weeks later. And really, you're honestly going to stand there with a straight face and say that an accident, or let's even go ahead and say it was purposeful misdirection, is worse than FORCE? Do you even know what the word FORCE means? You're literally saying that making a button behave in ways other than normally expected is worse than being made to do something under threat of physical violence. Are you really that stupid?
  • Not malware tactics?! I guess you are right. Even popups aren't that deceptive. Being honest and informing the user that the update is required​ is better than deception. I guess it would be worse if they threatened to blow up your PC and physically harm you. I do agree with you there.
  • The update was never required. You are the dishonest party.
  • I never said it was required. You are the one who was saying "forced". You don't understand that "required" is just a nicer way to say forced?
  • I never said it was forced (it wasn't), and you LITERALLY said it was "required" in your previous comment.
  • Read it again. No one is saying the update was required. You said force was worse than deception for some reason, like that even mattered. I was just countering your nonsense point. Being honest and requiring an update isn't as bad as being dishonest. Wether they meant to be deceptive or not, they were deceptive. No getting around that.
  • Actually, meaning to vs doing it by accident is a HUGE difference. DUH.
  • The update wasn't/isn't required and the window had that information together with a link to cancel or postpone the update.
  • Wow, do you believe everything that MS says? Programming eorror my foot, I call that BS. Programmingh error like Googles excuse for picking up wi-fis when they was going around with their camera car.      
  • Yes, I'm sure I'll take the word of a halfwit conspiracy theorist over a team of well educated, highly skilled engineers who not only admitted their mistake, but corrected it.
    Jesus, did you even go past third grade? And two questions for you, hillbilly: First, is playing the banjo hard? And second, how *is* sex with your sister, anyway? Is it better eatin' than fresh-shot squirrel?
  • wow, you have just lost the argument, you really have.  i suggest you take the blinkers off and see what Ms is doing.   
  • No, you lost the argument before it red started, courtesy of your dimwitted conspiracy nonsense.
  • You really should take the blinkers of, this is how Hitler got into Germany and how other loons got into running different countries because people could not see what was happening. but  if you want to be control via MS, then carry on as you are doing. I can see how how some of the stuff can be useful, I set up one drive for my brother, so he got documents available on both his laptop and his desktop, but I can and did do that with Drop box.       
  • HAHAHA, oh how comically predictable, ROFLMAO. So now installing software is tantamount to a socialist getting power, going full on fascist and systematically wiping out an assortment of undesireables, huh? Oh, man, your stupidity just keeps getting better. Tell me, Captain Tinfoil, where do the illuminati meet with the aliens to read our thoughts and plan tomorrow's takeover of the NYSE? Hahaha, this is rich 😂
  • When i said control, I meant control of the OS, telling you how you should use the Os and that is what they are doing. Look at what they have done with Windows 10.  How many times have they pushed their own apps as defaults on updates? do not forget the you will will install windows 10 app that they pushed onto peoples computers. Look at how Windows is going with Ms pushing more and more to their store.  
  • Exactly.  
  • No they didn't... And I guess you haven't even seen the window that popped up. It said: "Your computer has been scheduled for an update..." What should the X button do other than close that information window? I guess if you're a google-employee you would expect the closing function to do something other than close the window.
  • Force, trick, what ever you like to call it, I still had to roll back windows to older versions for people who got tricked/forced into updating Windows 10. You say Ms do not force people, maybe you should look at windows ten, they force their telemetry on peoploe, they force updates, they try to force bing and edge on you with Cortana and  they do not allow Cortana to be disabled. Yes I know Google does the same thing with Andropid with their search engine, but Android is a phone and tablet Os, not a computer OS. If Ms forced the same things onto their phone only I would have no problem with that. Oh I forgot they do not have a phone market.    
  • Sorry, still not force.
  • you have it so bad, you can not even see where Ms have tricked people and where MS have been, ok I will say it dishonest.       
  • Nope. You're the only dishonest one here
  • I am dishonest because i do not trust Microtrash?  wow, people on here have gopt it bad, I feel really sorry for you all when MS  takes mopre controkl over your computer and it will happen. i think you are brianwashed by Ms to be honest,  The fun of computers have gone, saying that the fun had gone years ago, but as time goes by and Ms take more and more control from us it just becomes another work tool.   I can understand why some people go for Linux.  
  • How were they forced/tricket? They got a window saying their computer was scheduled for an update and information on how to postpone/cancel it... That's more than most companies tell their customers before updating their devices.
  • People clicked on the X that was suppose to close the windows endd up installing windows 10, that is dishonest and trickery. Also Windows 10 update files was downloaded without peoples permission. then Ms wants us to trust it with our data, How can you trust a company like that?
  • Ponder this: I send you an invitation/book a meeting with investors that will bring you millions of dollars. You get a popup saying a meeting has been booked. You click the X. Who'se fault is it that you miss the meeting? Should the meeting not happen because you clicked the X to close the window?
  • The X is means close, not,i will do the oppisite of what you want.  
  • No, that was a programming error to which they admitted and which was shortly corrected. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, halfwit. Your parents, for example.
  • Oh dickhead, you keep my parents out of this.  If you believ Ms made a mistake, then I have a bridge to sell you.      
  • Tablet/phone/PC OS? The terms and usage are always evolving. Is Android a tablet or PC OS? Not that it matters, it's the ecosystem, i.e. Google sign-in which is common across Chrome/PC/Android that matters. The same with Microsoft and Apple. Which makes your justification pointless and says a lot about yourself actually. Maybe just don't use any kind of device that requires an internet connection?
  • Android is not used for important stuff that is the difference. most people us it to play some music, watch a video and send some message to someone.,  
  • Why are you even on this website then. You obviously HATE everything Microsoft does. You don't even see me on iMore or Android Central spewing hate! GET THE **** OFF MY FAVORITE WEBSITE TROLL!!!!
  • i like annoying the MS fanboys :)   That was a joke, I am on here because I have to use windows, so I find outr what Ms is trying to force onto us next.  
  • Nothing. They force NOTHING, because they're a business, not a government. They have zero authority to force anyone to do anything. Might as well claim taco bell forces you to cram chalupa after chalupa into your fat piehole.
  • See.. This is what happens when WC welcomes in non Windows fans.. Only the trolls from iDroid sites come, not the quality fans from iDroid sites... So, basically WC welcomed in trash just to get a few extra clicks.. In the long run, it won't be worth it.
  • FYI: Apple Pay runs on Windows Azure.
  • i do not care, I do not use Apple products.  
  • So are you saying that Kodi win 32 bit version is not stable or useful? The difference with Amazon is that thew do not insist on my computer bering signed into their network when ever I am using it, the same with my utitlity company, I just sing in when I require it. i do not use Apple or Xbox. As for netflix again I only need to log in when I am using it . A MS account will give me no benifit what so ever.  
  • No, I didn't say anything at all about Kodi Win32. I said Kodi from the store (which is in fact Kodi Win32, simply ported to the store, it's not true UWP yet). But your point still fails because Microsoft DOES NOT force or even insist on you being signed into your computer with their account. They SUGGEST it, and it's a good idea, but you can easily make a local account and go about your day just like you've always been able to on Windows. As for benefits, a Microsoft account offers several:
    1. Your settings, favorites, bookmarks, etc automatically get saved to OneDrive. If you need to restore or move to a new PC, just sign in and boom, they're waiting for you.
    2. OneDrive integration that lets you simply save your documents into a folder just like always, and that folder is automatically backed up to the cloud. That's HUGE.
    3. Complete tracking of your purchases from Microsoft app store. Movies, music, apps, etc. You can use that same sign on to get your paid content onto a bunch of other PC's you own. That's a big deal. So there we have it: your argument about "no benefit whatsoever" fails on its face.
  • The way you put it is was as if the Win 32 version of KKodi was not stablke and the only way to get it stable was to go for UWP.  Maybe Ms have changed things, but to get software from the store you had to have a MS account. Again, A MS account will give me no benifit what so ever, notice i siad ME. I will reply to spazinvader to say why.  
  • Nope. I never said one word claiming the regular download method was unstable. You, sir, are a liar.
  • Then it must be the way you put it,    So what would be the advantage of me getting it from the store?   
  • Man, just ignore this guy. He's not worth your time.
  • "A MS account will give me no benefit what so ever"
    Seriously? With a free MS account, I can get my settings and app list backed up so that I can get a system up and running with my settings without me manually doing all in no time. With a free MS account, I can install apps with a confidence that a single app will not crash my system nor have a possibility of a malware instead of original app. With a free MS account, I get more storage space than I have with my system. And also put things that I always wanted with me. There are an umpteen number of things a free MS account is useful for.
  • You said you, I said A MS account will give me no benifit what so ever, ME. since I am not using Windows apps, backing up a list is not relavent to me, Ido not want my settings backed up on the cloud. I have not crashed my system for years by installing software, but then I do not get software from dubius sites. i do not use One drive, I have no need for it, I do use drop box, but then I only have two documents in there, both spreadsheets and both encrypted, not that they are tyhat imnportant. i only used drobox so I could acess the documents on desktop and laptop, but I do not use the laptop, so  i could get away with not using drop box now. I have email, so I do not need email, I do not need to use Ms  oonline office, I use Libre office on my computer.  In fact the only service of Ms I use is  Skype and  I use my old skype user name for that.      
  • You know, I was going to reply, but your level of honesty is so low and your grammar skills so...well, nonexistent, really--that I just can't be bothered. Please put down the keyboard and return to huntin' varmints.
  • And these are Ms fanboys, no wonder MS is failing with Windows 10.  
  • Ok. So all you need is Skype from Microsoft. You can very well use a Linux or Chromium or even Android as your choice because Libre office and Skype are available there as well. Why bother with a Windows 8/10 and thus a MS account? Isn't the other options too good for you rather than Windows, if you don't want an MS account? Even then, you can get away with a local account in both OS for your need so why bother with a MS account at all?
  • Because I do video editing and where there are som ok video editors in linux there is nothing that like what is on windows.  i would go for a Mac, but Apple went the same way MS is going a while back, also not being able to update the machine and they are flipping expensive. TBH, i am fine with windows 8.1, it does what I need, but i am looking at updating my computer and Micrsoft  being Micrsoft decided not to support new processors with windows 7 and 8, even if these operation systems are in support. This is what i mean about MS using dirty tactics yet the fanboys just go up in arms when anyone says about it. I do not understand this fanboy thing myself, I use what works for me and what I like, but I do not get hot and bothered because someone else do not like it. I like Canon printers, because they have worked for me, a mate of mine likes HP, I can not stand HP printers, but it do not bother me and if he have a problem with his printer I will help him out.  
  • Amazon will insist that you sign in to order things. So...?
  • But they are useful  
  • You've been provided more than one brief list of useful functions you get by signing in with a MS account. Your dishonesty (or stupidity. Hard to tell, really) doesn't make those things not useful.
  • We shouldn't be so quick to turn disaraging of others merely because out experience was different from their's. 1. The comment isn't silly at all. His experiences were different from yours in using the same app. Does that mean one must be right and the other wron? Nope. Reality isn't binary.  All it means is that another person had a different experience than you did. If we listen to that, we would be learning a lot more a lot easily. Softwares don't run in a vacuum, they run next to other softwares and on different hardwares, all of which affects that software's mileau, which influences its characteristics to varying extent. Just because a software runs great on a set of machines, even if the set is millions big, doesn't mean it'll run as well on all systems. I used the Kodi app a couple months ago and it would crash randonly and frequently. Since there were few complaints about the app, and Kodi is historically a good product, I assumed some driver(s) or software(s) installed on my system was interfering with Kodi, but it's very difficult to diagnose which or why. More bug testing and fixing based on the data from automatically genertaed and submitted crash report will hopefully help the developers figure out what was going on and fix it. 2. At the time of posting this comment, there's no information to indicate whether or not he does have other accounts. Maybe he doesn't use Amazon or Netflix. Yes plenty of people like that, especially outside North America & Western Europe. People using electronic services has become widespread now, yet there are more people in the worl who don't use them than the ones who do. I'm not talking about illiterate or poor either. For example,(that's an example, not the entirety of my point) online shopping didn't take off in India for a decade because of the credit card policies in that country. That changed a few years back. 3. Windows is not iOS or Android or Amazon. Windows as a history, and expectations attached with it. I have always thought of Windows as doing an excellent balancing act between power and user-friendliness. I don't really care if I don't have control over iOS or Android devices because- Well They have been that way since Day 1, I don't expect them to change much. But that's not true for windows. Everytime MS has restricted anything on it in anyway, I have felt pangs of anger and annoyance. 4. Everyone has their comfort zone about what they are willing to give to get. MS account is not 'free' one just doesn't have to directly pay money for it. One pays with their data. Many people, like me are happy to for the convenience, but many are not. This is not right or wrong or smart or dumb. This is on'e personal preference, and their is lots of objective data to support both perspectives. 5. You ended your post with Jesus, indicating you think it's incredibly stupid of the poster you replied to. Yet, you have such a strong reaction to an innocuous post which doesn't do any harm to you or yours or anyone at all. 6. Yes I spent a lot of time and effort commenting someone else's comment. I happen to enjoy doing that on occasion.
  • *sigh*
  • I ain't going to lie to you, if you have an issue with a Microsoft account, you are probably on the wrong site.
  • i know this site is full of fanboys.  
  • I mean, it is a Microsoft News site
  • Yes, I realise that, but just because it is a MS news site do nto mean people have to agree with on here with everything MS does and surly people still got a right to their opinion?    
  • No, and I can assure you that the are plenty of instances where I have called Microsoft out on their stupidity, this just, to me, seems like an odd choice of thing to get riled up about.
  • the thing is how long will it be before Ms decides to force everyone to have a MS account to use Windows?  they want us all to use Windows 10 S and you know it.  
  • And once that happens, I'll be one of those to say it's a bit of a **** move, I'll still use it because I benefit from my microsoft account, but I will understand the frustration from people who don't have a need being effectively forced to create one in order to continue using their computer. I honestly don't think it will get to that though, but if it did EVERYONE will be doing the same thing, you won't have a choice anyway.
  • The problem is it will be too late then, we will be stuck into that system.  A friend of mine  use Macs and she did not think that Apple would do what they do now, which is what MS is trying to do. Try using a MAc without a apple Id.  
  • Cucu, cucu, cucu.
  • That will show you how dumb these trolls are... That's like me going to iMore, and expecting to not find fans of Apple products... Trolls are weird.
  • It is, and that's a fact. But it's also full of asshat trolls like yourself who piss and moan about EVERYTHING Microsoft does. I'm on board with criticizing Microsoft when they deserve it. They do a lot of perplexing, stupid things that simply make no logical sense at all. They innovate one day and shoot themselves in the foot the next, and it happens over and over again. But not EVERYTHING they do is wrong. There's plenty legitimate to criticize, but you're seizing on nonsense.
  • Out of curiosity, why do you feel that you HAVE to use Windows, there are other operating systems available?
  • i do video editing as a hobby, as much as i would love to use Linux, there is no software out there that youches hitfilm and I can not justify the price of a MAc and anyway the MAc went the same way as Windows is going.  
  • What services do you use that do not want you to log on?
  • None of them want my computer to stay connected.  
  • Does Microsoft Account requires your PC to stay connected?
  • Ms would love you to. No it don't require you to keep your computer connected, but in the context of this article, to get products from the windows store having your computer is a local account would be a pain. We all know that this is the way MS wants ut ot go, one of the reasonfor windows 10 s is because not enough people is using the Windows store and this is just another way way of Ms trying to force people to use it, also Edge and Bing. Windows 10 S is the way Ms wants us all to go.    
  • Actually, it's easy to buy things from the store if your Windows 10 account is local. You simply launch the store app and sign in with a Microsoft account. Boom, done. Easy. No worse than signing in to Amazon, google play, iTunes, Netflix or a thousand other services.
  • But I do not want an MS account, I do nto need one, but we are getting to the stage where MS will force one on us.  
  • Technically I could argue that if you want to use a program from the Windows Store then you do need one. But that isn't Microsoft's fault if a company only provide their software in the Windows Store. Currently that isn't the case though, everything is available outside.
    It just feels like you are kind of making a mountain out of a molehill.
    On a kind of related note, I'm really annoyed this conversation is attached to my post as my email is going nuts with notifications.
  • Nope. Microsoft can't force you to do anything. They're not a government.
  • I get it. You don't feel you should be required to have an MS account to login to your machine. This is a totally separate issue from having to sign into a store to buy something. As it currently stands, you don't need an MS account to use a Windows 10 machine. We don't even know if that will be the case when Windows 10 S comes along. However, Windows 10 S will mean that the only way you can install apps/programs is by way of the store, so in theory, you probably will need an MS account to actually make your machine useful. That being said, Microsoft has already stated you can upgrade a Windows 10 S installation to Windows 10 Pro, which would mean that you could install apps/programs from other sources (i.e. exe's.). No idea if there will be a cost associated with that or not. Most likely a nominal fee. Windows 10 S is not intended to be and will not be an upgrade for Windows 10 machines. It will only be for new installations and will most likely only be for a certain type of machine such as low end laptops and 2-in-1 style machines. I seriously doubt manufactures like Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, etc. will make it standard on their higher end gear. And if they do, you will probably be given the option when buying a new machine. I will say this. Microsoft going to an account authentication of this manner is no different than any other mainstream OS manufacturer (Apple or Android). It's just the way it is and I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner. You can either choose to accept it, or you can find something else that works for you. You have other options. If nothing else, you can view account creation just to use their store no differently than account creation for using Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, your utility company, etc. It's a method that authenticates you and saves your payment details. You are not required to use any of the other benefits such as email, OneDrive access, automatic settings backup, etc. that come with it. In closing, complaining about it on here and insulting people will do you no good and will gain you no sympathy.
  • I am not doing the insulting,   
  • Your tinfoil hat is showing.
  • Another question, what is the difference between your PC being always connected and your phone being always connected?
  • Sure they do, they would love to since most companies biggest source of revenue is mining your data. That is not the case of Microsoft however.
  • And you believ that?  
  • It is the Win32 version
  • a) That much is obvious b) Who the hell cares?
  • I bet you have a google account Ana Kodi works just fine, not only on my desktop and laptop, but also on my nuvision 8" tablet, so I suspect something not right
  • The difference ius when I got my phone I knew what what I was getting with Android and that is the only reason I have a google account. I do not expect to have to have an account toi use m,y computer.   
  • Oh, let get the insults out of the way and then maybe you can have a conversation. Oh I forgot you can't.   One dasy you will need a MS account to use Windows, Windows 10 S is just the start and if you can't see that, then I feel for you. what the hell is wrong with people on here that they can not see pas the blinkers, Ms go you lot under control not just your Os.  
  • http://precursorblog.com/?q=content/googles-top-35-privacy-scandals   Yeah, clearly you know what you get when you trust Google with your data.
  • I was your -39 downvote, you're welcome 😊
  • lol!!!!!!! i'm crying
  • I use Kodi from the Store daily and I see no difference from the win32 legacy app. It works as it should, stable as it should. No complains.
  • got yourself a windows central account but a ms one is too cumbersome for you? downvote #47. here you go
  • Who cares about your silly down votes? It is going to make zero difference in my life. Also I am still useing wijndows 8.1 anyway.    
  • And who cares about your moronic comments, troll
  • Technically you do.
  • Windows Central should have some system of giving badges to people who comment, that always show against their names. For example, if someone is downvoted 100 times, he may get the Troll badge. If he's downvoted 100 times for one comment, then Super Troll. :D 
  • wow all ready have 1.6 million active user 
  • So one needs Microsoft support to get a UWP app going?
  • desktop brige was easy. there getting help to turn it to uwp for xbox and pc
  • The article specifically says they got help from microsoft itself for both the bridge app and the conversion to native UWP. So I'm asking if the UWP is so difficult that they need help from MS. And another question is if all developers will get help from MS porting their apps or just the "blessed" ones
  • Sounds to me like they (Kodi) wanted to make it happen, and Microsoft saw an opportunity to both help and get a high profile app in the store. I'm sure they offer support to all devs, just not sure to what extent.
  • Microsoft actively will help most developers that want to get apps into the Store.  It's not that Kodi needed the help, but having MS likely helped make system notifications, etc easier to implement.
  • They've already offered their help and why wouldn't developed use the free help as opposed to paying other developed if you can help it?
  • You would turn Microsoft down if they offered their support in getting your app through from start to end?
  • I think it's a case of the support was there, so let's use it, rather than requiring the help. Or they're just lazy and figured the Microsoft minions could do their work for them.
  • That's a solid success.
  • I can't wait for the xbox One app.
  • Been using Kodi daily before it was called that. All those years there has never been a better alternative and congrats to them. The only issue I ever had was a couple beta builds and the first that was on the windows store but at least the last couple months even the windows store version is almost perfect. Couldn't love without Kodi. Best option for all around media, for those that care about subs, add one or whatever you could ask from a multimedia app. Been praying for an Xbox version!
  • Kudos. Been using win store version of Kodi for a few months. No problem at all.
  • Hey Richard Devine, put up more tutorials please!
  • Yeah the store app is IMO better. It's got a very clean layout, all the same settings. Hopefully the UWP will work on phone, HoloLens, mixed reality etc as well.
  • It's exactly the same as the desktop app. It is better but not because of the layout, which is the same. Because it is automatically updated, containerised to protect windows and all backed up to the cloud. Then there are a few developer benefits mentioned as well.
  • Is kodi available for windows 10 mobile device?
  • No, it is not.
  • But could be once they have finished developing the UWP version mentioned
  • Perhaps, but if W10M doesn't start showing some life soon, they may not even bother. I think they're mostly concerned with getting back on Xbox.
  • Nothing is available for WM devices.. Lol. But , things like this could make a "Surface Phone" a very nice device to have, running full Windows... I just hope that's MS's plan.
  • I watch anime on Kodi, and only started using it after it came to the Store. Because yeah, I'm all in on the Store, and win32 is cumbersome... 😁
  • Is 1.6 million users only the store app or does it also include the legacy app? How many use the legacy app? Is 1.6 million really a success when their are 500 million W10 users?
  • Numbers are since they launched in the store. Yes, since most people do not use media centers. Getting 1.6 million users in less than a year in this niche is pretty good. I think Plex has somewhere around 10 million users in total.
  • But the fact that an app with 1.6 million users is in top ten in the store is actually very not impressive. It shows clearly that the store currently is not being used by people. Assuming even that it's the last of the top ten, the penetration for the 11th is less than 0.32%. It's really, really low. Compare that to android or ios stores and it looks pathetic. And what about "regular" developers? Not everyone is in top ten, their apps are practically not used. They HAVE to take some steps to popularize the store among USERS, not just developers. As a developer I don't see a point in putting an effort into developing an app that most users won't see because they don't use the store.
  • Well... There were some reports last year about the top 100 android apps/games getting 90% of the downloads on the Android market, so the rest of the market is pretty much a wasteland.
  • That sounds reasonable. 100 isn't that small​ of a number. I would believe that the top 100 apps are the vast majority of downloads. I also believe that #100 has way more than 1.6 million users.
  • Exactly my point. It's not about how many apps are downloaded by everyone but how many downloads does a 100th or 1000th app have. And Windows Store record is less than stellar in that regard.