Kourtney Kardashian promotes Nokia Lumia 900 on Fox and Friends

We mentioned how Kourtney Kardashian will be in New York City today for the Free-Time Machine promotion going on in Bryant Park (more info on that here) and while she's in the city, she stopped by Fox and Friends for an interview.

In a smart move cross-promoting her ongoing reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians", Fox and Kourtney weaved the Lumia 900 into the conversation starting at around 1:20 in the interview.

Though it's somewhat forced (mostly because we're aware), she discusses how Twitter is built in and how easy it is to use the Lumia 900.

While some of you may be thinking "no big deal" we're actually quite excited about this as these little bits of celeb sighting and small, sneaky promotions will raise curiosity about Nokia's flagship phone. We can't help but think that this will create much more awareness of Windows Phone and just as importantly, Nokia.

PS Please keep comments on topic and non-inflammatory/non-political.

Source: Fox News; Thanks, @Nokia_Man_USA, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • That little promo will likely sell another 100k+ phones because of who she is.
  • That's exactly what I do with my phone too...show a photo of my 3 year-old son by just pressing the power button!
  • how much did that cost microsoft and nokia? No way she purchused a lumia 900 on launch day and was that excited about it.
  • Of course not. She's here in NYC to promote the phone so I'm sure she had one for the last week, at least.
  • shes a phone nerd and develops for android before wp7.
  • Lol :P
  • Hahaha!
  • Haha, I think the host guy wants a Lumia 900 too
  • Kardashian? Really? OMG. And I thought they want to sell these things...
  • I beg to differ. Someone like that, who has a huge fanbase, is exactly who you want pushing the phone (at least for a certain demographic). I don't watch her program, but millions do and with 5.7million Twitter followers, it's not a bad way to get the word out :)
  • Lol, her fanbase isn't the only thing that's huge if you know what I mean! Seriously look at that screen! That's some huge pure black AMOLED goodness!
  • I see what you did there ;)
  • Yeah.  They are what they are, but, do you not realize the extent of their celebrity?  The Kardashian branding has become huge...
    This has apparantly worked really well in Europe - using popular reality TV personalities to promote the phones...
  • You'd have to be REALLY thick to not know people always buy things based on celeb choices. Hence - Kardashian. They will sell because of her. Sad but good. 
  • ^^^THIS!!!!^^^
  • I don't know how americans think about this, but this ad does not make me excited about the device because you just kow that MS paid her (and probably also FOX) for saying all of this and she actually has no idea what she is talking about.
    Maybe that's just me...
  • Why would Fox pay her, sounds pretty lame. As for MS paying her, DUH!
  • Sorry, I meant that MS paid her and Fox
  • You don't think apple or Google pay people too? IDIOT!!!!!
  • Of course they do and there is nothing wrong about it in general but in this case it is just to obvious. Even my grandmother would notice that her enthusiasm for the 900 is fake.
  • Just like Apple pays millions of dollars to an ad agency to make them look like the bee's knees...superior to other smartphones.
  • Kind of a paradox of weird feeling I have where I really want WP to do well but a part of me also feels like I'll miss WP as a community of well researched insiders...
  • It's like rescuing an animal but knowing you'll have to release it back into the wild for its own good :D
  • The tsunami of adopters hasn't happened yet but I know what you mean. At least you were here before it became cool, if that helps.
  • We're.....we're....hipsters?!
  • Using WP before it was cool, so maybe.
  • I really hope the community doesn't dissolve into that kind of snobbish attitude.
  • Some people don't obsess over gadgets and software as much as us, doesn't mean they don't have a right to a quality smartphone for their hard earned dollars.
  • We will still have our community, but will also get the benefit of the expanded user base, if this marketing works.
  • This is fantastic marketing. For better or worse, there are lots of people that will buy it just because she has one.
  • All the iPhone & android trolls. Don't be jealous I heard nokia 900 was sold out over weekend due to many pre order sales and purchase over online. Yup windows phone is back and better than ever. Thank goodness a phone that works and no more lags, crashes and malware.viruses we get in iPhone or android
  • Love Fox and Friends, watch it every day. Too bad the mention was so short but publicity is publicity so every mention helps. Their was also a blurb on Stewart Varney's show on Fox Business Channel but the guy with the Lumia was a self described Apple fanatic. WTF? Go figure he had very little good to say about the phone. Not a bright spot.
  • Why would Fox news be a polarizing topic? I think more people are more opinionated about the kardashians...at least fox news has an official WP app =[
  • Well, I classify the Kardashians and Fox News in the same way.  But, I would be viewed as an "ignorant liberal moron", and want to respect Daniel's request to be civilized.  Besides, we should be happy the Lumia 900 is getting exposure.
  • In the past, when we posted anything on Fox News, it became an insult-fest about its merits as a channel/news source. I'm trying to avoid that as (a) I don't care (b) it's not relevant (c) it's disruptive
  • seems to be more of a problem on the left side of the equation than on the right. Left or Right you have to admit that Fox News dominates the ratings and if you want to sell product having a well known celebrity do one of these spots is a good thing. Millions of eyes just saw a cool phone. Too bad the mention was so short.
  • That's it, I'm getting rid of my Trophy now.....kidding but id rather not have that attention whore family associated with Windows Phones
  • forgot to add trashy family to that
  • I know. First Nicki Minaj and now this Kardashian moron. I guess the Lumia 900 is targeted at people without brains, aka the general American public. Like George Carlin once said, "Think of how dumb the average American is... and then realize that 50% of Americans are even dumber than THAT."
  • What an ignorant comment! Just be happy that WP is getting exposure, that's what this is about, dumbass
  • That attention getting chick will bring more users which will bring better apps remember when android was new the apps sucked hard once folks started buying the phones they caught up with quality apps I welcome the new users and her fans bring more users better apps and more phones
  • Seriously don't care what you personally think of the people chosen but I won't have the womyn bashing! Whatever their personal choices I know PLENTY of worse guys... #DoubleStandard =/
  • Did not even mention Lumia, just said Windows Phone
  • Niki manaj = Nokia, kardashian = Microsoft. There are strict contracts behind marketing
  • As much as I hate anything Kardashian, it's good to see Nokia and WP getting more recognition with those in that group. We all know they blindly buy iPhones for the image and what not. And we need those people to increase the popularity of WP.
  • Great promotion! Love seeing our beloved OS get some mainstream love.
  • Well, well, well....It finally looks like rolling thunder is actually starting to roll. With the event in NYC the other night and hopefully more endorsements like this (whether you like her or not she will draw attention to the platform). This should start to get interesting!
  • The collective IQ of the F&F hosts and the Kardashian sister is probably lower than that of the phone itself.
  • Ok, so I just followed her on twitter to see what she was really tweeting from, and she posted ONE tweet from the Lumia a couple of hours ago and that was it, right before that, she was still posting from Blackberry, I'm going to check tomorrow to see if she's still posting from the Lumia, but somehow I doubt she will, oh well, at least she pretended to use it for while, and I guess the exposure is good.
  • To be really honest, I dont tweet from my Lumia 800 either. I use my blackberry for many very simple reasons. 1. The twitter integration is half ass, as in there is no mentions list (i dont know everybody's twtiiter name of hand.) 2. the official twitter for WP app is bleh. 3. I prefer to use a tactile key pad to type. 4. Force of habit, i mean i been using uberSocial for sometime now im kind of used to what it does really well. 
    I say all that to say, she may really just be getting used to the phone, and the fact that she walks around with it is enough promotion for us. :)
  • I've got the Lumia 800. I want Nokia to do well, but I don't want the Lumias to become to common. In tech I prefer to be individual, not part of a huge crowd.
  • So you don't want Nokia to do well to uphold some kind of image?
  • I feel the same exact way, I hate everyone wanting the same thing
  • So that's where some of the promotional money is going on.. celebrities? I think word of mouth from her could get some girls to buy the Nokia lumia 900 & windows on the right track. I know for a fact bc my gf is a big fan if there show.
  • They went with Vernon Davis in san francisco, they had Ice T in the ad as well. I guess they're trying to figure out who can draw some people out in each location
  • Chris Parnell! =D
  • Honestly, I love the celebrity endorsements... no matter how small or subtle. I don't personally buy anything based on those endorsements, but it generates buzz and public interest, which means they're coming to IT guys like myself for advice. I'm always thrilled to promote the platform to anyone that will listen.
  • This site just went down a notch for putting up any news item for this celebwhore.
    <Engages Se1fcr3ation anti-moderation cloaking system>
  • Agreed
  • Would be great if she actually tweeted with it instead of a BB. I guess we'll see.
  • this is the ,like them or no, type of subtle mentions we need for brand awareness and did you note her main mention was it is "new" and "so easy to use" everything is intergrated. Now just get the store"Boys" to show some enthusiasim, and we still stand a chance of having the three screens we all would like to have with the next iteration windows 8 all synced together seamlessly as promised.
    p.s. would still like to have my overdue 8107 on my focus i917
  • I always try to keep in mind that people who visit wpcentral and similar web sites know everything about these devices. Normal people don't, but they do watch a lot of these reality shows. If during the next season of one of the many shows she's on they'll see her with that phone all the time, that could make a big difference.
    Her appearence today probably brought a lot of people who were not aware of the new Lumia 900.
    Most people didn't realize the iphone was released at the same time every year too. normal people just don't really care about that stuff. When a new phone is available, they see it on the news and in ads and they get the phone.
    I went to the two NYC free time machine locations today. They had about 40-50 people waiting in line the whole time. Everyone got muffins and some prize after a rep showed the phone (and those reps knew the details and how the OS works)
    One thing I did notice, since these were Microsoft events, they had the new HTC phone there as well, on the other side of the demo booth, but no one really showed it. they concentrated on the lumia (can't blame them, much sexier and for half the price, releasing the HTC TITAN II on the same day is a big mistake)
  • What promotion? She didn't say anything about it. Microsoft and Nokia should ask for their money back.
  • Once she cashes her check from Nokia she will ditch the 900 and go back to her crackberry.
  • What an air head bimbo. Makes dumb blondes looks good, I mean intelligent.
  • ill be following her on twitter to see what app or OS she's using.
  • Hey guys my lumia not charging its been on the charger 4 hours now
  • Is the switch on :)
  • my 2 hr nightmare is over. she still using her blackberry.
  • so is vernon davis. he's twitting from other devices as well, pretty much anything but a windows phone...
    It just means they did the small promotion for a bit of cash (I know, khardashians promoting a product they don't use just for the cash, shocking)
    People like us who check twit sources and find out these celebs don't use the product they promote are not the target audience for this promotion, so if they only paid her to make a couple of appearences today, it's not a big deal if she doesn't use the phone
  • Good god, this is awful. Is this what American TV is like? It's embarrassing. Great if it works (and it sounds like it will), but jeeez...
  • Unfortunately..... Which is exactly why I don't watch it... Oh well, whatever it takes to get the platform popular, I guess...