We mentioned how Kourtney Kardashian will be in New York City today for the Free-Time Machine promotion going on in Bryant Park (more info on that here) and while she's in the city, she stopped by Fox and Friends for an interview.

In a smart move cross-promoting her ongoing reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians", Fox and Kourtney weaved the Lumia 900 into the conversation starting at around 1:20 in the interview.

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Though it's somewhat forced (mostly because we're aware), she discusses how Twitter is built in and how easy it is to use the Lumia 900.

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While some of you may be thinking "no big deal" we're actually quite excited about this as these little bits of celeb sighting and small, sneaky promotions will raise curiosity about Nokia's flagship phone. We can't help but think that this will create much more awareness of Windows Phone and just as importantly, Nokia.

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Source: Fox News; Thanks, @Nokia_Man_USA, for the tip!