Ladbrokes Betting

Ladbrokes has released a new app on Windows Phone for those who enjoy betting with the UK based gambling company. Downloading the app to your Windows Phone will allow you to bet anywhere on favorite sports with automatic login and easy-to-use betslips. The development team has added a few features to make the process seamless and it's a sweet little tool.

A neat feature of the Ladbrokes app is "Quickbet", which allows you to place bets in a matter of seconds. This is a useful addition to the experience since this is a mobile app with many only have a handful of minutes to spare on smartphones while out and about. Monitoring how placed bets are performing is easy with in-play scoreboards and everything's secured with PayPal support.

Ladbrokes Betting

Lastly, there's the personalized homepage to welcome you to your own Ladbrokes hub, matching the customization levels of Windows Phone perfectly. If you do not yet have a Ladbrokes account, one can be created from within the app with the opportunity to take advantage of available new account offers.

The app listing states the team is working on more features for future updates are are looking at any suggestions offered by the community. Do note that this is real betting and should be approached with care.

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