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Latest Age of Empires: Castle Siege update improves gameplay balance and more

Microsoft has updated its action-strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Like the last version released in April, this new update is a minor one with no new content or features, but it does contain some gameplay changes and improvements.

Here's the lengthy change log on what's changed and fixed in the new 1.7 version:

  • Some heroes that attempted to pursue targets at unreasonable ranges will no longer do so
  • Charles Martel's Taunt ability will now draw fire from targets for the entire duration of the ability. As Charles moves around, any new targets that enter its range will attempt to target Charles. In addition, the damage reduction that it provides has been dramatically increased
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad and his squad have received health and damage increases. Field of Fire has also received a slight damage increase
  • Edward the Black Prince's "Dismantle" ability now treats the Watch Signal Tower as an applicable target
  • Spearman Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 400,000 to 700,000 Food
  • Infantry Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 350,000 to 750,000 Food
  • Ram Level 6 upgrade cost increased from 350,000 to 700,000 Lumber
  • Caltrops Level 7 upgrade cost increased from 40,000 to 60,000 Food
  • Fixed the exploit where units could travel to the edge of the map where they could not be attacked while distracting defending melee troops
  • Addressed several stability and connectivity issues, including server reload connection error
  • Increased storage capacity of Farm and Mill Level 10 from 30,000 to 50,000; and Quarry Level 7 from 14,000 to 25,000
  • The difficulty of Thessalonica, Acre, Aleppo, and Constantinople historical challenges has been decreased
  • 'Damage' was changed to 'Damage Per Second' on all information cards
  • Peace Treaty times are now displayed when visiting other castles
  • Sometimes health and damage when upgrading the Keep would not increase across upgrades. These have been increased accordingly
  • Sometimes players were inaccurately notified that they were vulnerable attack while being online. This notification should now only appear when they have in fact been online too long
  • Notifications that have been disabled will now properly disable
  • We added chat functionality that allows players to report flaming, trolling, cheating and other inappropriate behavior
  • The top navigation buttons have been condensed to not overlap the screen on its outro
  • The button for accessing chat has been moved up to not interfere with phone functionality
  • Blocking button has been added
  • Muting / Unmuting options were added to the context menu. Selecting this will hide the player's messages in the chat
  • Alliance chat will no longer jump to the top new entry while trying to read older Alliance chat entries

Thanks to Miyuru for the tip!

Download Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone (Free/In-app purchases)

Download Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab) (Free/In-app purchases)

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Source: Microsoft

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  • Yes, CoC is more beautiful. At least on HD display devices. The graphics of AoE looks trash on phone. I love the gameplay nevertheless.
  • MS should bring AoE to other devices so the user base grows, even having it on Windows 8 hasn't secured a large user base
  • And you know how big the userbase is?
  • theefman, CoC has 13.4 million ratings on Android alone. AoE has 11,506 ratings on WP and Windows 8 combined. In general, number of ratings has a direct relationship to the number of downloads (perhaps 1 rating to every 20 downloads, but that ratio might be way off). At any rate, it's obvious that CoC has a significantly higher user base.
  • I''m new to Android ( Got a LG GPad Tablet) but you don't have to go on ratings, In the play store it lists how many times an app has been downloaded. CoC has been download over 100 million times. I wish WP had this, but not holding my breath.
  • I guess the ratio is closer to 1:10 :) I didn't know the Play store listed number of downloads
    Edit: Apparently download count is pretty much front-and-center in the app but not from the web.
  • That's interesting if the ratio is 1:10 on Android. That seems very high. Developers on WP have indicated only about 1-2% of downloads result in a store rating.
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  • An Xbox icon shows up by names now. I don't know if it applies to everyone, but everyone who has recently sent a message in my alliance has that icon.
  • I saw that too. It's new but isn't in the changelog.
  • This update blows!
  • Update had a bug that caused everyone's pennant count to go to zero.  I had a lot of freaking pennants.  They are supposed to be working on a fix.  Don't know if pennants will be returned or lost to history.
  • They had filled pennets.. Now I have 18k each
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  • I am only a virtual warrior as this is a video game.  Can I still join?
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  • I mean, this is a war game.
  • But it's just frustrating from Age 7. I gave up on playing it.
  • Yeah, it's frustrating, I gave up on playing it too
  • Your defense sucks! ^^
  • Your defense can be the best you can afford at level 7, but you get level 8 attacks that will steal your resources no matter what. Sure, they'd lose crowns, but very few give a shit about it.
  • I think it's a little too hard too. I think the problem is that the game doesn't really teach you how to improve your setup. It would be nice if you could watch invasion attempts to see where your defense broke down (there is possibly like a 1-second glimpse of this when the game first loads's not clear...but something more in-depth would be nice).
  • To see defensive lapses, see your defense replays. And the real essence of this game is the strategy, the tower and wall placement, and your attack plan.
  • Hahah
  • I have only been attacked once, the whole time and I am at almost level five. Good game otherwise
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  • You have to lure attackers. A lot of people probably skip your castle because it looks too well defended.
  • Also, I found when I got to age 6, the rate of attacks on my castle went way up
  • So basically those who already upgraded their shit at 350,000 can keep their level while some of us trying to upgrade have to work even harder to upgrade units?! Fuckin kidding me?!
  • Worse update ever.... Lost 35k pennants.... Chat keep saying invalid msg.
  • Omit "." from end of your messages, maybe it helps.
  • Sorry to hear that... I gained about 20k lol. Trying to use them asap in case they try to take the pennants away lol
  • "Connectivity errors addressed" I wish
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  • What! People still play that shit CoC?
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  • Join BHARAT KING alliance no conditions and you can add me in FB friend list for communication
  • My phone is heating up after this update
  • The game still sucks. Every time I give troops a specific target the'll run up near it but then stand around attacking other stuff until they're dead.