Astroneer launched in Xbox Game Preview many months ago, and has since received a steady stream of updates. While many of them have introduced important features, yesterday's Update 0.9.0 has to be one of the most significant ones.

Update 0.9.0 contains a new gameplay mechanic and module, as well as tons of new elements to discover while exploring planets. You can read about the main changes below. There are also a number of bug and crash fixes in this update.

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  • Players can now find new types of discoveries while exploring. From small crashed ships to abandoned outposts, these discoveries await you on the surface of all planets across the solar system.
  • The "Small Shredder" and "Medium Shredder" have been added to the game. Shredding is a new gameplay mechanic that allows players to create "Scrap", a new resource. The trade platform has been updated to be the primary source of trading for Scrap.
  • "Power" and "Oxygen" indicators have been changed to icons and notification tags.
  • "Harvestables" now appear on "Radiated", "Arid", and cave areas.
  • All "Rovers" now have tighter turn radii.

The developer promised more changes in the future. Astroneer is a good game so far, but needs a lot of work. Hopefully it will continue to improve in the coming months as we approach a proper release.

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