You can now order pizza from Domino's with Cortana, at least in the UK and Ireland

Domino's has updated the official Windows Phone app for those who reside in the UK and Ireland. This latest release enables customers to order their pizza using Cortana, or SmartGlass to connect to their Xbox One (should they own one). Just in case you thought ordering the hearty meals proved too difficult, it's now even easier to get the ordering done.

As touched on above, it's possible to have Cortana not onyl show you your pizzas, but also highlight any available deals too. If you'd rather go through your Xbox One, SmartGlass will now be able to carry out similar tasks on the console – perfect for those who are hosting an evening in.

Here's the full changelog for version

Cortana Commands:

  • "Domino's, show me deals."
  • "Domino's, where's my stuff?"
  • "Domino's, show me pizzas."
  • "Domino's, show my basket." (if items are in your basket)
  • "Domino's, show me store details."

Smart Glass support:

  • Navigate your Xbox One Domino's Pizza app using your device's keyboard and button.

Please note (as mentioned above) that this update is going live for the UK and Ireland. We've been informed that both the iOS and Android Domino's UK + IE apps will receive similar treatment to connect to Xbox through SmartGlass.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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