Latest f.lux beta gets a bedtime mode and app specific disabling

If you use f.lux on your PC to help look after your eyes, you'll be most interested in the latest beta release. The new bedtime mode is one of the key features that will work with your schedule to gradually alter the light to get you better prepared for going to sleep.

The full list of new features looks a little like this:

What's new:

  • Bedtime mode: warmer light before bed gets you ready for sleep, and works with all kinds of schedules
  • Disable by app (so you don't forget Photoshop)
  • Backwards alarm clock: reminder not to stay up late
  • Presets to help adjust your settings
  • Color filters for eyestrain and other uses
  • A wider range of color settings
  • New hotkeys to adjust color (alt+shift+PgUp and alt+shift+PgDn)


  • Reduced impact on game framerates
  • Resolution independent interface, for high DPI displays
  • DisplayLink monitors (connected by USB) work in a lot more cases now

Smart Lighting:

  • Hue integration now supports more light types
  • LAN API with support for telling other devices when f.lux changes

The ability to disable f.lux on an app-by-app basis is also most welcome for anyone doing work that relies on accurate colors, and is a much slicker way to do things than just manually disabling f.lux for those times.

To download the latest beta and leave any feedback for the developers, hit up the official f.lux forums.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • We don't need it anymore 😊 Creators Update has it and it's more clean and fast
  • The Creators Update may sport automatic color changing and game mode, but does it have all the features the new version of f.lux has?
  • Yeah, even though it's quite awesome, I would have used if it came out earlier, but now, windows 10 has built-in feature.. no need for additional software.
  • f.lux has been around for ages.
  • Yea I know, I used it. But I mean, they took really REALLY long time to upgrade this app.
  • f.lux should submit it as app via Desktop Bridge. Win10 has these options, but pretty bare bone. f.lux provides more options.
  • No wonder they're improving the app. They're trying to stay relevant after MS basically built the same thing right into Windows.
  • The changes are welcome though, the Windows features are very limited, would wish they enhance them a bit.
  • not everybody uses spyware called W10 :)
  • Oh god, you pineapple again 😂 Go back to using another spyware called android 😜
  • Apple also built the same thing into MacOS
  • It's finally on par with the Mac version! (Never expected that I would ever say that.)
  • Apparently will need to wait dor RS3 or RS4 to get this sort of functionality native.
  • F.lux should be available for W10M!!
  • Installed, however, can't see where it can be disabled by app?
  • UWP please
  • I love f.lux. I tried the night light mode as soon as it came it on fast ring, great addition to Windows 10, but it needs to add a lot of features before it replaces f.lux for me.
  • build it for mobile please :) Also I haven't experienced it yet cause I've always turned on my rs2 tablet at night lol, but does the rs2 night light gradually change over time or is it just on/off?
  • It should definitely be included in the next WM10 update.
  • Been using f.lux for ages and love it. For me, it was a bit of a memory hog while transitioning but made a huge improvement after years of sleeping problems. Love the simplicity of Creators Night Light but have to give f.lux another try just for the new features.
  • Yes, love f.lux, but I hope this version fixes the flickering issue I experience when viewing animated gifs/gifv.
  • Very cool! I perfer f.lux to the Windows version due to it's more advanced features and the ability to dim the screen even more. So happy for these changes! 
  • I might actually use it now! I like the similar feature on Android, but I could never use f.lux because I'm often doing graphic design work late at night, and I need to know my colors are accurate. App specific disabling is a fantastic addition.