The latest update of Vivaldi browser introduces theme scheduling

Vivaldi (Image credit: Windows Central)

Vivaldi browser is focused on power users and offers a ton of features as well as customization options. The browser has just been updated to version 1.4 and lets you take charge of scheduling themes along with improved web panels.

Theme scheduling allows you to set your favorite theme to your preferred time. After enabling a Theme in the Settings, you can set its scheduling. A timeline visualization explains clearly when the changes will take place. Vivaldi allows you to switch your favorite theme according to your schedule as many times as you want during the day like when you leave for or arrive at work, or when it's time to call it a day or night.

In the latest update, one of the Vivaldi's signature features, Web panels, has also been greatly improved. With web panels, you can add individual websites to Vivaldi's side panels to browse alongside your main browser window. Like when you want to give a quick glance to your social channel or sports score without switching tabs. The latest update adds more controls and offers customized widths for different web panels for greater flexibility.

Vivaldi also lets you restore the last closed tab by middle-clicking on the trash bin icon – a useful feature especially when you close a tab by accident.

Theme scheduling makes Vivaldi the only browser which changes the theme automatically. The browser also packs in a myriad of features that makes it an interesting package. Give it a whirl, and tell us how you like it.

Download Vivaldi

  • is it universal?
  • As if, it's Win32.
  • unfortunately not. Ms really needs to open the api up for competitors and figure out how to keep them from messing up security
  • Too bad Vivaldi doesn't support high-DPI displays yet. It also needs an Android version with bookmark and tab sync. Oh well, I'm sure it'll get there eventually.
  • it still consumes lots of RAM like G-chrome or more.
    No intension to move from firefox
  • That's because it's based on Chromium.
  • Still no tab drag. 
  • I installed it and coming from Firefox it is really nice. Was an easy transition, and some features are really nice. It is faster too. Will keep both and see how things go.
  • Is it starting to become slow and buggy yet?
  • I recently switched to Cent Browser because it has the disable directwrite flag.