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Meet the latest Windows Phone incarnation, iOS 7

Today has been an exciting day for both video gamers at E3 and Apple fans at WWDC. Despite what you may think, I actually followed Apple’s event just as closely as Microsoft’s press releases on the Xbox One.

As I sat on our sister site,, and watched the WWDC Live blog I realized that I absolutely loved the updates to iOS7. Apple decided to go for a “flat” design and get rid of faux textures for a completely modern approach. As I watched on and became more excited I realized something; flat design, no faux textures, and Bing integration – this was Windows Phone.

I personally don’t like to claim that one company stole an idea from another company; I have this stance, because I encourage companies to become better by implementing their variations of what is already available on the market. A personal motto of “let the best implementation prevail”!

That being said, it is hard for a Windows Phone user to look at iOS7 and not see some striking resemblances to Microsoft’s current mobile operating system. Of course it wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t say it was theirs: “The mobile OS from a whole new perspective.”

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer, had been previously cited for wanting to drop the use of “heavy textures” in iOS, stating that “software design filled with physical metaphors do not stand the test of time”.

Apple hasn’t dropped the rounded edges on its icons or buttons, but there is no longer any evidence of drop shadow or 3D imagery. The new operating system is bright white with simplicity all over.

If my last statement is to be true, and Apple is implementing their own variation of what is already available on the market – then what changes have been made that Windows Phone hasn’t taken advantage of with its modern UI? The answer is transparency; Apple has added transparency to certain buttons and menus, such as the new Control Center. While Windows Phone does embrace flat design, it does not take use of transparency; the addition of which, I believe adds a hint of sophistication to its design.

The new changes to iOS7 are the largest design changes ever seen on Apple’s mobile platform and hints that Microsoft’s latest design initiative has been heading in the right direction. As always though, we have to wonder if Apple will get all the credit for “flat design”.

The operating system’s design isn’t the only change to Apple’s latest creation, a collection of new features include Control Center, Airdrop, and more. The feature we are interested in, is the company’s decision to now bundle Bing instead of Google into its virtual assistant, Siri.


It is no secret that Apple has been trying to pull away from the claws of Google, if you weren’t aware of the Apple Maps fiasco – you were living under a rock. The company has decided to take it one step further and drop Google search from Siri’s collection of data. Apple's virtual assistant now pulls in data from Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

We shall end on a closing note from Steve Jobs himself:

What do you think of Apple’s latest change to iOS7 – did they take a design cue from the boys in Redmond, Washington?

  • I'm sorry, but this iOS7 is a joke.. I would of gave it to Apple if they actually made something great and newish....but this could if been done with a Jailbreak, its sad and plain.
  • All I can think of in my head, over and over, is the time Steve Jobs invited Bill Gates over for a private meeting, so he could tantrum and shout obsceneties at Bill for "stealing" the Windows GUI from Apple. I'm pretty sure Jobs rolled over in his grave today.
  • All I can think of in my head, over and over, is the time Steve Jobs invited Bill Gates over for a private meeting, so he could tantrum and shout obsceneties at Bill for "stealing" the Windows GUI from Apple. I'm pretty sure Jobs rolled over in his grave today.
    But you do remember the rest of that story don't you? Bill Gates great reply to Jobs tantrum: "We both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke in to steal the TV set and found out you had already stolen it."
  • Didn't Apple buy it from Xerox for like 10k because Xerox didn't want it to take away from their paper division?
  • NOPE
    Xerox sued Apple alleging that Mac's GUI was heavily based on Xerox's. The district court dismissed Xerox's claims without addressing whether Apple's GUI infringed Xerox's.
    The judge agreed with Apple that "the proper place for such an action would be the Copyright Office, not the courts"  Ironically the judge also questioned whether ideas & design were copyrightable (ironic as Apple is all about design lawsuites)
    Life's not fair is it? Poor Xerox :(
  • wow, that's some revisionist history. Xerox sued apple YEARS after they licensed a ton of technolgy to them. 
    the dates in these  articles don't tip you off? I know this is a MS circle jerk, but don't lie to yourselfs. That's just a whole new layer of totally pathetic. 
  • First of all, look at my name. I am not a windows Phone fan. I love my BB's & can't stand "Tiles" 2ndly I'm not sure your post even deserves a response, seeing as you don't seem to be able to discuss things maturely. If you had bothered to read the NYtimes articles that I posted, you will see the Xerox sued Apple, only after they started suing M$ for using the GUI they had stolen from Xerox, and we're now claiming as their own. Also, court cases take years to sort out. BTW Degenerate, why are you even here at a Windows phone fan site if you don't want to discuss. Windows phone?...another lost iSheep
  • Looks like you clicked the wrong button at the top of the page, the one you want is to the left of this one labelled iPhone/iPad.
  • Looks like someone watched Pirates of Silicon Valley!!!!
  • Unbelievable.
  • Before we blame APPLE for stealing ideas, remember, WP7 (and android) stole plenty from APPLE including the concept of apps (as we know them), marketplace, front-camera, high resolution screens....APPLE deserves credit for creating the modern smartphone as we know it.  In this game of thrones, you either steal well or you die trying.
  • I'll give Apple the concept of an app store.
    But everything else you list is just inevitible progress of technology and/or obvious.  I also give Apple the magic of finger-touch UI.  Though part of that was also technology, they showed the world that the humble and impricise finger was the secret to intuitive UI.
    The iPhone was 5 years ahead if its time.  Trouble is, those 5 years have been up for a while now.  WP and it's live-tiles, people hub, and many more features are fresh and innovative.  Even with the fresh coat of paint in iOS7, it's STILL a grid of static icons.  That's so 1980's man.
    Android has brought cool innovations to the market as well.  The Control Center in iOS7 is clearly a knockoff of the pull-down quick-toggles from Android.
  • I can't agree with the app store, just because it was taken from Linux... Way before the iPhone Linux distributions had had similar "stores", although in those were/are only free programs...
  • Apple store concept came from Cydia... Cydia existed before there was App store... App store wasn't magical
  • im not too sure if they should have the appstore either. didnt sidekicks have something like that first?
  • I think they have even less "original" stuff than that. LG put out a dumbphone with a capacitive touchscreen before the iphone was released. The first year the iphone existed their appstore (or the ability to add apps) did not exist, so WM and BB still were ahead in terms of being able to add apps (though they did not have an app "store" -- you had to aquire them the old fashioned way). I suppose in terms of high resolution screens it very much depends. They may have been the first to a 480x360 screen (though I'm not familiar with that specifically). Then Android was the first to a 800x454 screen (while iphone was still 480x360 until the next summer). At that time Android also had started down the route of having much larger screens (3.5" vs 3.7" -- soon moving to 4.3"). Then Apple went to 960x640 summer of 2010 (half a year or so later). Another half year or so later Android started coming out with qHD phones (960x540). The Galaxy Nexus in 2011 then had a 1280x720 resolution screen. A year later the iphone 5 came out a 4" screen with 1136x640 resolution. Not long after that the Droid DNA launched with a 5" 1080p screen. All of that being said, I agree, I don't think anyone can rightly claim the "high resolution" innovation card.
    Obviously WP7/8 belong in there too, but the WP development hasbeen more of a jump every once in a while, since the hardware requirements for WP7 kept things pretty static.
  • You really believe Apple invinted apps, and smartphones (as we know them)? The things people just believe. As far as front camers etc. That came from consumer demand.
  • No, let´s blame them...
    Panorama + Notification Bar + Folders = Android
    Reject calls with SMS = Android
    iMaps = Google Maps (Opps)
    Ping = Facebook, Twitter
    iPad = Samsung´s Photoframe
    iPad Mini = Dell Streak
    iPod = Creative Technology and Walkman
    ‘iPhone’ name = Linksys’ iPhone®
    Original iPhone = Samsung’s S700 Mp3 Player
    iPhone 4 & 4S = LG’s Prada
    iMessage = BlackBerry Messenger
    Siri = Xiaoi Bot + Nuance
    App Store = Ubuntu Software Center
    Bigger Screen = Everybody else
    MacBook Air = HP’s Sojourn
    Macsafe = Asian Crockery
    Thunderbolt = Intel
    OSX, iOS = Unix
    Newton = Psion Series 3, HP 95LX
    Apple Logo = Genesis 1:6, 3:6
    Aluminum = Cheapest Metal
    Plastic = ($$$ Reinforced Polymers)
    Security = Buy a new one...
  • You and your comments are a waste of cyber space
  • Truth hurts doesn't it? And I forgot, iOS7 = WP. Even if you don't like it!
  • well done   LIKE
  • Pretty Good list... you did forget smartphone = Nokia+HP and first real smartphone OS = Pocket PC/Windows CE. I even believe they stole the "i" from iPaq another early smartphone. Many of these had thier own app store for thier product. Windows Mobile already had panarama and folders and notifications screen, go check out a HTC HD2, Touch Pro 2, or even T-Mobile Dash... all had folders and ran the 5th generation up to 6.5 before they switched from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone 7.
    The only thing iPhone ever really brought to the market was... a very good touchscreen.
    Now that all phones have them or better (like Nokia where you can wear gloves) the edge is gone.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again the other two phone makers just stole from Microsoft.
    Think of your Desktop...
    Apple = Windows XP apps to open a program, old, outdated, thousands of programs for it, and still mildly useful.
    Android = Vista. Newer than XP but a huge Memory and CPU hog and "has improved" by adding "Widgets"... Oh Yeah?
    Windows 8 = Windows Phone 8 built on the same Kernal. Yes I can tell who is innovating here!
    Of course iOS was built  from OSX which is just about as old as XP but remember which company used icons to open programs/apps... savy?
    And it could be said that Android is moving into Windows 7 territory now as it is more popular and getting the memory and cpu usage under control but then again we got 8 core phones. Windows Phone can run on half that and be less laggy! And we are talking where the idea came from not where it is going!
    So with that in perspective I see Apple/Android "borrowing" heavily off Windows for the foreseeable future. As they don't really offer any new ideas. I mean even Siri was Microsoft "Tell Me".
    The fanboys and trolls will howl but the truth is the truth and eventually you'll see.
  • Cool!
  • They stole a whole letter? and the letter i of all letters the audacity!
    Not like they didnt have an ipod before that or anything, or the fact that ipaq's came out after the ipod. 
    just wow......
  • Let’s see: “Infogear released a telephone with an integrated web browser under the name iPhone in 1998”. “On December 18, 2006, they (Linksys) released a range of re-branded Voice over IP (VoIP) sets under the name iPhone”.
    Infogear became part of Linksys, thay had a line of IP Phones called “iPhone”, and later became part of Cisco. But “iPhone” was registered in 1998.
    “The first line (iPod) was released on January 9, 2001, the same day when iTunes was released”.
    So 1998 vs 2001 just for the “i” names, and 2006 Cisco had VoIP Phones still before the Apple copied name “iPhone” was even announced. So they settle, but it was not original so it is a copy, quite simple.
  • Hahahahahaha your joking, right?  You havn't the slightest clue what your talking about.
    Ping does not equal facebook or twitter.  If you're referring to the old Ping music social network, then yes, its a social network like any other.  Facebook and twitter=friendster, so if anything you should say Ping = Friendster, but nice try.  The new Ping, a email organization app, is ENTIRELY different from any social network.  So that point is invalid
    Samsung Photoframe = a picture frame with storage.  Nothing new, nothing innovative.  Now you really want to compare an electronic picture frame to a full on tablet?  Give me a break, kid.  You could have at least tried to pull the "Microsoft came out with it first" card, even though this is blantantly incorrect.  Not to say Apple was the first, but they began tablet development in 1987, and released the Newton in 1993.  In 1999, INTEL created the "Intel Web Tablet".  A year later, Microsoft tried to "re-invent" dated techonology, and failed miserably with the "Microsft Tablet PC". You know why it failed?  It was too heavy, not enough tablet applications, their attempt to integrate desktop applications was a joke, and basic features such as FINGER TOUCH and KEYBOARD were not always available.  Then, in 2006 Samsung came up with the completely unrelated PhotoFrame.  In 2010, Apple showed EVERYONE, but most importantly Microsoft, how its done.  It  was light enough for one handed use, all features and applications worked seamlessly as Apple products always do, and within no time had hundreds of thousands of Apps to choose from.  Again, your point is invalid, go learn your facts.  Another point for Apple.
    Siri=every other voice recognition software, Apple made no claims of being the first voice recognition software
    App Store=Ubuntu Software center...that's a joke.  I'm not even going to waste my time with this one
    Bigger Screen is not an inovation for anyone.  Apple has chosen the size because it is easy for one handed use.  These 5-6" phablets are hideous and a hassle to manage, Apple isn't stupid enough to fall into the "bigger screen and better specs" craze, when it clearly is a backwards step in usuability.
    The HP Sojourn was a joke...again, not going to waste my time
    Dell Streak = smaller iPad.  Good try though
    Original iPhone = Samsung's S700 MP3 player?!?!?! What are you smoking kid?  You sound like some Samsung fanboy from 1990.  How, in any way, shape, or form, does the S700 compare to the iPhone.  The undisputed founder of the entire smartphone market.  This is probably the worst one in this list.  If anyone seriously believes that, go take a look at the S700.  Actually VHMP01, you should go take a look yourself, because you clearly have no clue what it is
    WTF is Macsafe? Your making up new words now? That's cute
    Thunderbolt is clearly Intel, Apple makes no claims that they created the thunderbolt technology, only that they are one of the few who were smart enough to implement it.  I'm guessing your still using USB 3.0 on your PC? Hahah, sucks to be you
    Apple Logo = Genesis 1:6, 3:6??? What are you on about?  Are you referring to the original logo, of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree? or the apple with a bite out of it?  Either way, the logo is original.  Provide a source if your just going to make stuff up as you go.
    OS X/iOS is Unix based.  Correct.  Which is why it is far more stable and secure than Windows will ever hope to be.  But thanks for pointing that out.
    Aluminum = lightest and strongest widely available metal, also has a very low heat capacity, making it the ideal metal for electronic devices
    Plastic = cheaper than aluminum!!  Do you even know what reinforced polymers are?  Or even a polymer?  These have been around for a longggggg time and are much cheaper to produce than aluminum cases. 
    Security = Most secure phone there is.  What is your point here?
    Seriously, at least pretend like you know what your talking about before making an erroneous post such as this.  This is embarassing.  I really didn't feel like writing all this, but I can't have casual readers thinking any of this nonsense is fact.
    Truth hurts, doesn't it?
  • The Nokia n95 from 2007 or 2006 had a front facing camera and You Can t say high red displays are an invention from apple that's just evolution of technology
    (sorry for my bad English)
  • Actually, most of this stuff was brought to market by Nokia way before apple, and I bet someone else thought of all of these even before that. But, as stated in the article, its about each company's own implementation.
  • Apps, Oh common.. even symbian had apps.. Marketplace (or app store) is not invented by Apple.. Read the history man..
    There are many phones had front camera before iphone..
    Nokia had high resolution phones with thier N series, way before iphone..
  • Symbian had apps way before apple even started planning iphone, linux and some other platforms had "stores" before apple, front camera wasn't invented by apple, phones had them years before, only they weren't called "facetime" and you could call anyone and not just people with the same phone as yours, if your carrier supported it. Apple also did not invent high resolution screens in smartphones, they were designed and invented by companies like LG, Samsung, Sharp etc... apple buys screens from them and puts them in iphone. They even stole the name "iPhone". Only original thing they did was to design mobile OS optimised for finger control, but even that first version of iOS was really a "dumbphone" OS, no apps, no bluetooth, no multitasking, no mms, no group sms, no video recording, phone itself had crappy camera even for camera standards in those days and it din NOT have front facing camera...... Everything they added to iOS and iphone itself later to make it "smartphone" was ripped off from android, symbian, BB and from windows phone lately.....
  • I agree, it doesn't look very good, extreme colors, inconsistent, especially the still rounded icons, and overall childish. But something Microsoft need to learn/change with WP is the lack of depth which makes you get tired of the UI quite quickly, also the one color tone is getting boring aswell.
  • And let's not foget that newly invented Airdrop is exactly what the first generation Zune was capable of doing with those around you that had a zune.
  • Although, Airdrop sounds much more appealing than Squirt
  • airdrop has been around for years. Kids on this blog are fucking stupid.
  • You're right, it has been around for years. Bluetooth for sharing between phones and WiFi for sharing between computers across a network. Oh and how's NFC working out for you iPhone users ... oh, sorry .... I forgot the iPhone doesn't have NFC.
  • So true, They called Squirt which def wasn't a good name.
  • Because the idiots cannot come up with any new ideas, so they steal windows ideas. I bet Jobs is doing cartwheels in his grave. lol
  • Steal or showing them how it's done?!
    Didn't MS have tablets of some form or another for 10 years before they were shown what works?
    Didn't MS's vaunted CEO laugh at the original iPhone and liked what they were doing.  He liked it a lot!  Er, before WP...
    Didn't MS Vista OS come out having a lot of Appleesque feel to things like Calendar, Explorer, "Spotlight" Search,  even their Apple "Aqua" Logo?
    Apple is just returning the favor AND showing what WP interface should be "wink"!
  • I really don't think that's how it should be done, it's very inconsistent. Worst of all is the control panel, way too transparent.
  • Apple isn't returning a favor. Apple and Microsoft just don't sue each other because of agreements of using each others patents and design factors made in years past, when they were both a starting company.
    You can laugh about Microsoft, but you also have to to give them some credits about being innovative. That is just something Apple lacks. Apple is about using other company's ideas, improve them on the feel good factor and sell them as Apple-innovation.
    Which is something really different.
  • Apple wouldn't even exist right now if it weren't for Windows. Bill Gates bailed Apple out just before they were about ot file for bankruptcy and go under. Apple owes everything they are to Windows (The operating system that sold enough to keep Microsoft AND Apple afloat).
  • -Tablet parts were a lot more expensive and a lot less capable at the time, power and battery wise.
    -Patents show MS had an iPhone like all in one phone in the 90s, but it was deemed too expensive for consumers to purchase at the time, also there was windows mobile.
    -I'll give you the third point only because I never used Vista and don't know much about it, but I know search and Calendar (even the one in outlook) have been around before vista.
    I don't believe your name is very fitting, InformedNow.
  • It looks like b@stard son of wp and android. I mean some aspects are good but I didn't like most. Look at the Phone icon, it's horrible and maps icon reminds me here maps.
  • Daylife:
  • oh really? @DayLife, time for some actual knowledge (lacking in this article) 
    Show me the iOS jailbreak tweak that adds the Game pad api. 
    Show me the jailbreak tweak that lets the operating system watch the apps you use and when you use them, so it can pre-emptively update you only when you need it, saving battery life. (hint, no other OS does this) 
    show me the jailbreak tweak for activation lock, which should be on EVERY PHONE OUT THERE, and could end all iphone theft. 
    I get that this site is a giant microsoft circle jerk, but you guys are extra pathetic. 
  • Then WTF are you doing still here, we ALL get it, you don't like ANYTHING Microsoft!!!!
  • How about stop taking the comments of one person and aiming at the entire community. Also, grow up and learn how to talk to people.
  • Nothing new here. Microsft abd Bill Gates were showing off tablets in the 90s, yet we're to believe they didn't see this "revolution" coming. Even though I recall Bill Gates saying back then that 15 years or so tablets would out-sell PCs. He was only off a few years.
    You do have to give to Apple though. That first pic they use a much more attractive woman than Microsoft's.
  • You also got to look at Steve jobs problem with Adobe, Why? Because they wouldn't rewrite a driver, so from that point onward all Apple devices didn't have Adobe. Steve really had a long memory. I mean Flash is great and for him to say its too big of a program thats bullshit, but now since Adobe has pulled the plug for MDM devices.
  • Go Microsoft.. Lead and people follow
  • I love how all my friends who said Metro is ugly are now praising this kind of design!
  • It does look pretty, I'll give them that. I'm still not a fan of the static icons, though. The iOS7 font is really sexy, I sure wouldn't mind seeing a font option on WP8 with that particular one available. It's very sleek.
  • It looks pretty? Are you serious? It's very bad copy of WP7/8. There is no design ethos to be seen anywhere. There is no consistency anywhere. All screens looks different, I have noticed at least 3 different styles of buttons on one single screen. If that is pretty than I have to ask oxford dictionary writers to find us a new word to describe WP7/8.
  • +1000
  • It is a bad mash up of WP and Android. This version they seem to have thrown caution to the wind and just blatantly copied from both.
  • And Windows Vista's Aero
  • I think it's a pretty good mashup of WP and Android. Definitely the best iOS has looked EVER.
  • They haven't thrown anything, they didn't have the guts to go with any direction, so they just ran head first into the sign between the crossroads, while dragging their icon grid with them.
  • +10000
  • Agreed - I think it's hideous.
  • Agreed x1000000000
  • Not sure that it is a copy of WP per say but it does borrow from it. That being said it also borrows from other places like Android, and the G apps. But look beyond the traditional tech places and into advertising and other places of Art and the minimalist design is well reflected in iOS7, but was also some of the inspiration behind WP, but as others have said the missing pice is depth WP has no depth no layers, so it gets boring quick.  
  • there are some really dumb kids on this blog.
  • Say's the dumbass Apple dipshit who can't tell the difference between WINDOWS PHONE Central and
  • I'll apparently be the one person who agrees with you. I generally prefer lighter and thinner text on my phones.
    But more importantly im a +1 for font choices. 
  • That font is just freaking Helvetica, it's so overused everywhere... i never imagine of so many fonts they pull this font instead, its like back to
  • Well ... maybe what he meant is just those thinner font. We can still use Segoe-WP with a thinner lines (Segoe-WP-light or whatever you name it). This way, we still have the WP feel and the delight of thin font.
  • Thinner fonts, especially in the low-contrast backgrounds shown in iOS7, can be MUCH harder to read. I have good eyes, and some of that thin white text is pretty squint-ariffic.
  • Well. We are talking about thinner fonts on WP here. Thinner fonts should be readable enough since we have enough contrast level. But I agree that way to thin can make is harder to read.
  • Many apps on Windows Phone are following the trend of light fonts, including Microsoft's own Youtube app. Would be nice to have it dotted around the OS too.
  • I don't see any difference between wp8 and iOS7 fonts.
  • I agree, it does look pretty...(again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). and let's be honest, WP OS is behind in what it has to offer (not design) I love the ideas of Notification center and Control Center. I do not find it easy in WP to turn on and off  WiFi, GPS, etc; I have to go to Settings, then scroll up and down for each one (since they are not in a logical order).
    So, MSFT must move faster in implementing these changes and updating their WP OS. I've never had an iPhone. I had Android and now WP, but if the next iPhone is anything like my Lumia 920...then I would be tempted. 
  • there is 1button to on/off wifi and other it
  • True, but Apple has made it more beautiful imho. I think metro is too flat, with no depth. iOS looks more alive with the background and the transparency. 
    I hope MS will make some design changes with WP8.1.
  • Have you seen the moving backgrounds for the start screen in 8.1?  I'd love to see something like that for WP8.
  • Yeah I agree, MS made it a bit too flat and simple! It get's boring sometimes. But I still love my windows phone!
  • What does that even mean "boring"? Should the main draw be the icons or what happens once you open them? The fact that WP has live tiles means it will never be boring to me cause there is always something new to see.
  • Why not both?
  • Exactly, how can a smart phone be boring. iOS and Android have no motions on home screens. That may be an appropriate use for the term boring.
  • "iOS and Android have no motions on home screens."
    Wait what?
    Have you ever even used Android?
    We've had widgets longer than Metro even existed. Android was the first relevant OS to actually implement this.
    When you think about it - Android gets all the latest gimmicks three to four years before everyone else.
    Enjoy your inferior platform I guess.
  • This is a pretty strange criticism, however constructive.  Windows Phone has always been marketed as a "Get In(fo) and Get Out."  WP interface accomplishes that precisely.  I'll admit, transparent GUI elements, fancy scrolling matrix wall papers and swimming fish are a nice touches, but they detract from the whole point of the platform.  These are all design choices.  That being said, people like what they will - Microsoft will not receive credit for inspiring a movement towards less chrome and simplification.
  • Agree, I think the transparency wouldn't fit MS's design philosphy of less chrome. While it might look nice, I'm not sure if it's necesary.
    Edit: I actually find the transparency very distracting, esp. when you look at the systems center. The colorfulness of the tiles are a bit distracting too, for me.
  • When I held the back button down for the first time to see the open apps in Windows Phone... I really hated the solid color background.  Still do, actually... just not as much as when it first appeared. Even if we weren't allowed to have our own background, they could at least allow us to choose some background illustrations of their making.  I'm a right brain kind of guy, so too simple of a design can sometimes be a bit disappointing... like AT&T's bland packaging.
  • Right!! .. I think its completely ridiculous that Apple sues the crap out of Samsung but then rips off windows phone damn near 100% .. And then they say they created this look just like they said they created the touch screen or the smart phone or the tablet PC and people just eat it up and worship Apple for being so innovative. Yeah right eat it it
  • +everything I've got
  • One important difference is that MS & Apple have a cross-licensing deal while Apple & Samsung or Google do not. That's why Samsung gets sued.
  • A 'Copy' is a 'Copy', being legal or not is another matter. Apple 'Copies' and complains about being copied, cry babies. So then that license cross thing makes it a 'No Copy', no way! Now, let´s hear all the legal stuff you want.
  • My 30 month-old Windows Phone 710 has some features that are only arriving on iPhones with iOS7?  Bwah ha ha ha. Love it.
  • And my Lumia 920 is missing features that my iPhone 3GS had; what's your point?
  • Jajajajaja yes I'm on same situation :D
  • To be honest, judging by those screenshots, Apple have improved the design, especially the first two.
    So will you be leaving now??
  • +1
    same here
  • So will you be leaving now??
  • Those would be iSheep... :-)
  • I like the call screen better on ios. Full screen pic of person calling is how it should be. Other than that....meh.
  • +1
  • ;)
  • They need to make their own path and stop traversing other companies' paths!
  • <