Leaked: AT&T Update Test ROM

We've heard about HTC's updated ROM for the Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro last week and not to be left out, we're seeing signs that AT&T won't be too far behind with an update for the HTC Fuze. FuzeMobility.com is reporting that a leaked copy of a Test Fuze ROM has surfaced over at XDA Developers. In the discussion over at XDA one member reports the new ROM has added the FM Radio Player to the Fuze, has a slide to answer canvas, video share's performance has improved, and you can remap the PTT button. Speculation has the "official" release of this update coming from AT&T in a few weeks.

Keep in mind that this will erase everything on your Fuze before it installs the new ROM so it is important you have your data backed up.  This is a test ROM and may/may not have issues internally or with other applications.  It is carrier specific and may conflict if loaded on a Touch Pro.

Follow the break for a list of the technical changes/fixes the test ROM presents.

GSM Radio:

Protocol version:

CE version: 5.08.502.1

OS build: Windows Mobile 6.1 AKU 1.4.6 Build 20771

Issues Fixed:

  • Default browser font overlaps characters and numerals
  • Call Reject Message -text message is not received
  • Message when deleting txt message on TouchFlo screen - Do you want to delete this ACCOUNT."
  • HTC P4600_Rom_1.65.502.3 IM :No IM notification sound setting available on device.
  • Call Waiting Indication not audible when on speakerphone
  •  Touch FLO3D SMS Screen
  •  HTC P4600 - Email tips and Ticks (Incorrect letter for shortcut)
  •  Top edge of webpage hidden by address bar
  • VSC: Sends QVGA video size for MPEG-4 instead of QCIF
  • HTC P4600 error - "problem with manila.exe"
  • Device Not Showing Correct AT&T Icons
  • HTC P4600 - Cannot see text you're typing
  • Went through the screen calibration setup, charge my device, after charging forabout 15 minutes the device reset.
  • Timezone Defaulting to Eastern
  • MID: HTC P4600: Trial 1.3.16: ShareID-10 Digit: User is unable to enter a 10-digit number.
  • When rejecting a call with text from someone in the contact list, the text message doesn't display the contact name, only their number.
  • HTC P4600_Rom_1.94.502.4 IM Win Live--Sometimes user received IM Notification, but it disappeared in 2 seconds, then user was directed to the IM list page.
  • Suspended MIDlets cause problems.
  • Will not connect to IMS when UE is powered up in flight mode then radio turned on.
  • GSM-BTR-1-0644:SS7 Rejection - Empty PLMN list - single set of rejections - 2 PLMNs - 2G Or 3G UE
  • GSM-BTR-1-0646:SS7 Rejection - Empty PLMN list - 2 sets of rejections - 3 PLMNs - 2G Or 3G UE
  • GSM-BTR-1-0650:SS7 Rejection - Populated PLMN list - Rejection from highest priority PLMN and lower priority PLMNs available - 2G Or 3G UE
  • DTMF tone not echoed when keys are pressed
  • Can't download FL protected content
  • Track Title Metadata
  • Artist Metadata
  • Album Metadata
  • genre Metadata
  • P4600 fails NI-SUPL
  • Windows Mobile Push SL Message Policy
  • Sends feature tag twice in 200 OK message
  • Remove BBC Stub App for Coke MR
  • Coke MR: Upgrade to latest WinMo AKU
  • Coke MR: Allow user to re-assign PTT.
  • Coke MR: UI Latency Improvements
  • Coke MR: Updated Opera Browser
  • Coke MR: Remove Billboard and add ReMix
  • Coke MR: Mobile Backup Fix
  • Coke MR: Add MobiVJ back into the lineup
  • Coke MR: Diner Dash 2 Installation
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