HTC updates Touch Diamond ROM

HTC has released an update for the Touch Diamond for users with the following ROM versions: English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

The fixes:

  • When you launch the Camera while the system is working on other programs, the preview screen may become black.
  • When playing a video, sometimes a portion of the video will be cut off a little bit.
  • Fixes Audio playback problem with the speaker. Specific issues: sometimes the music will turn off and on after 10 minutes, or there is a buzzing sound or no sound at all.
  • Fixes the problem of not being able to receive MMS when in standby mode.
  • When launching music via the Music tab on TouchFLO 3D, the sound may intermittently turn off for a second and come back on.

HTC notes that users who applied this upgrade before Feb. 27 need to apply it again. As always, make sure your phone meets the upgrade requirements, and back up all of your contacts and other information before trying to upgrade anything.

Via Pocketnow

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