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Leaked images of supposed Lumia 1030 prototype appear online (Updated)

Update: The Verge's Tom Warren has stated on Twitter that this is the cancelled McLaren prototype.

Photos of what is believed to be a Lumia 1030 prototype have been leaked online, showing off its large camera hump. Much like the Lumia 1020 available today, this unannounced device has an advanced shooter to produce high-quality results. Codenamed Nokia RM-1052, we have yet to determine whether or not this is a fake job.

According to leaked information, this prototype appears to sport an aluminium shell (similar to the Lumia 925 design), 2GB RAM and powers Windows Phone 8.1. The prototype could be anything, including the cancelled "McLaren" device Microsoft was working on, which would bring 3D gesture support to Windows Phone.

As noted above, we haven't confirmed the leaked images yet, so be sure to take everything we've said with a grain of salt. What are your thoughts on this apparent prototype?

Source: Taobao; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I'd buy it in a minute if it was a 1020 replacement.  
  • I would by in a minute if they had a 6"+ version.. They need two versions this time around.. 5.2", and 6.2"
  • I'd buy it in a minute if I had enough bucks.
  • You should buy a 735. Good for budget.
  • I'd buy it in a minute if I had time.
  • I'd buy it in a minute if I had a minute.
  • I would buy a minute if i didn´t have time.  
  • I'd buy it in a minute if that's all the longer it took to buy it.
  • I'd buy it in a minute, if I had not just bought 730, (also if had extra bucks) :P
  • lol.... hahahaha.. same here.. :D :P
  • I think two sizes of this type of phone is wishful thinking at this point in time for Windows phone flagship devices.
  • Agreed
  • I agree. They need another phablet.
  • Eww that word..
  • Why u dont buy a smartv and put in your pocket? Lol
  • Lol!!
  • Hahaha, I was laughing with that till my colleague at work (who happens to be a developer) said: "Oh, well, some smarTVs already run Android. I could maybe create an app to run both in a cellphone and on a smartTV.. In Windows' case, in the best scenario, I'd create an app for Windows Phone and that wouldn't necessarily work on the Xbox" Those are bad times for us.. :-/
  • 6.2" but with almost no bezel's.
  • I don't think that having no bezels is a good idea. They just end up iPhone fragile and cracking screens from even minor bumps. This the leads to cases which make phones bulky. Even a small bezel can improve a phone's ability to run naked.
  • I wrote almost no bezels (LG g3) not no bezels and the iPhone has huge bezels top and bottom and its fragile sorry didn't specify like which phone.
  • This⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
  • There wont be two versions, unfortunately. I think a 5.5 would be perfect!
  • My sentiment exactly!
  • I think that might be crossing the line for me. I think I want it to be like 5.2-5.5
  • 5.5" L1430?  It should outsell L1530.
  • If you want something over 5-6 inches just get a windows tab man bigger phone becomes harder to handle they should stick to phones 5 inch to because 6" phone's are impossible to use with one hand unless you're gorilla handed for example my hand is only capable of handling 5 inches the most one handed
  • I'm handling my 1520 one hand just fine for most jobs. So please let there be 6" in the future
  • Yeah, I'm hoping for a 1530 by mid to late December! Or this:
  • I don't think it is so much the size. Look at the Galaxy Note it's huge and i see plenty of people with them. What I think needs to happen is, MS has to introduce features that only the phablet size phones will have. A Surface type stylus and a updated One Note, with pen writing capabilities would be nice. Using fun apps like MS's paint would be fun to use, or even productive, if you're into that kind of thing. Being able to draw on pictures...just a few things that would make it worth getting for people who do not have large hands.
  • Exactly this. I always imagine, specially with the focus MS has on its Office Suite lately, that MS could introduce the Lumia 1530 with a stylus with similar capabilities as that on the Surface Pro 3. It could launch OneNote when you remove it from inside the phone (the stylus, I mean) and that would work wonders. 
  • Not even necessarily a built-in stylus like the Note; just stylus-enabled, so I could have one at my desk at work for jotting down notes at meetings and such...
  • If it responds to a stylus: Make it the same one that I'm using with the Surface Pro 3.
  • YES..
  • Have you ever heard of a period (.) when the sentence is a completed sentence?
  • Also menstrual cycles. 0.o
  • Why do everybody on here have to act like d#cks . If he dont use periods so what. You don't have to be rude like that. If you can't read it that's your stupidity. For not know when to pause. Come on this ain't English class.
  • I do hope that English isn't your native language.
  • This site is supposed to be about all thing windows. But people who like windows cant comment here. With out bullies always ridiculing. Them about there grammar or punctuation's. Instead of bulling them why not use your brain. And add the pause were you know they should go. And then answer them about what they wrote and not make them feel bad. Cuz instead of spending all day making sure there text was grammar and punctuation perfect the just did it gas with the hope the the read would have some respect and brain power.
  • If Microsoft takes your advice and sticks to only 5-inch devices, then they'll lose me and others as customers. Anything smaller than my Lumia 1520 is a toy at this point. 
  • I saw a 1520 for the first time yesterday - it looked so ridiculously big!!
    I know everyone loves the 1520....but I really hope these phablet phones are a fad and that things draw back towards the 5-5.5" mark.
  • No offense to you, spinzeroWL, but I hope these phablets aren't just a fad. Looking at a 1520 and using one as a daily driver are two completely different things. Once you've used it, everything smaller seems almost unusable. When I switched from the Note 3 to the 1520 earlier in the year, the Note 3 looked and felt like a toy compared to it. You definitely have to use it to appreciate its size.
  • Huh??? You do know that people buy bigger phones because either you are getting old(bad eyes) and you want big screens or you watch movies alot right? I mean size got nothing to do with being a toy?
  • Yes... Its like cars lots of different sizes for different consumers some sell beter than others and thats fine as the form factors are about choice.
  • Couldn't agree with mercdroid more...i use to laugh at these huge phones and it felt completely weird holding one. And since there's no new WP flagship I decided to go with the 1520 and feel it out a bit. Man was I wrong. Reading books and comics with this thing is amazing. People say this phone is huge but I will be completely honest and say I can even go bigger. I surely will try a 6.5" phone if they tighten the bezel a bit. I have a small hands and I don't have a problem with using it one handed...once you put on a invisible shield on the back preventing it from slipping.
  • I thought the 1520 was huge until I started using it everyday. Now when I pick up my girlfriends 1020 it feels like a baby's toy. I will never go smaller than a 6" phone if I can help it. What I really want it a 1520 styled phone with the 1020 camera tech updated to one device.
  • This!
  • Agred, I'm on my second 1520, and still love it. It's so much better than the 920 I had for things like email and websites. I do so much emailing throughout the day as well as having to access things online, people that haven't used one won't fully understand. Yes, it looks mammoth compared to the smaller phones, but your mind calms down about it once you become familiar with. Then it's not huge, it's normal, and all smaller phones are miniature. I pair mine with my MS Band so I can see txts and emails and only pull out my phone if one is important enough to warrant a reply. And for meetings I write notes on my surface pro 3 via stylus. So a larger phone really fits in when it's about productivity. If MS never makes another phone this size I'm not going to say I'm switching to Android or iPhone, because Windows Phone for my needs, is far superior. I'll just cry a lot when I have to replace my 1520. Now if they make a 1520 size with the monster powerful camera, that'd change things up a bit.
  • Once you try the big screen you'll never go back...! :-)
  • Once you get used to the 41MP sensor, you will never want anything less.  You want more.  :-(
  • The only problem about this phone is that we have to wait 3 more months till MWC 2015 (March 2nd).
  • I will pay a thousand bucks right now for a seriously high end Lumia with 50mp camera primary camera and at least 8mp front camera. Try to beat the iPhone camera quality for the love of God! Please!!!!!!
  • Wrong I wouldn't want anything larger than my m8 now. I had the 1520 When you have to work with the 1520 in a hip holster as I have to, it's just to big and gets in the way. It's a nice phone, but for many myself included a 5-5.5" phone is optimum Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not ridiculously big. Once you start using it it's fine. You adapt to it in a hurry and you don't want anything smaller unless its like lgg3 size
  • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.. I could see you asking for a 5.5" device, but to hope MS takes away our 6" devices is just selfish, irresponsible, and extremely closed minded.. What kind of person would make a comment like yours?
  • Yes.. For us who love our 1520's anything smaller really is pathetic to us... Not saying smaller devices are pathetic, but in our eyes, and hands, they are kind of stupid when you can enjoy bigger... That's why we need the next flagship in two sizes.
  • Gorilla handed, oh, oh ,midget man.
  • Apparently my 1520 gets smaller day by day, I do most of the things single handedly including typing this so 6" is no big for a phone. I went to a store and played with 930 and I can frankly say it felt like I am holding a 4" phone. To cut the long story short 5" is quickly became small for a smartphone!
  • Why do they become harder to handle❓... I've been using my 1520 for over a year now, and I would never FIDDLE with anything smaller... Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks..
  • Only 5 inches...
  • I would buy it , but with the lack proper support from MS and developers, I choose stay with my Iphone, although I recognize the power of Lumia's camera.
  • I agree whole-heartedly, Windows Central! Can we start a petition to get Microsoft to produce a 5" and 6" version of it's two top flagship products?
  • We can"t even get them to produce any size flagship phone, much less one with two different screen sizes.
  • Great idea.
  • Or 5.2" and 6.2"
  • Those are the exactly specifications I mentioned above, and MS would be foolish to not did this.
  • Any company can make a 6" windows phone, it doesn't have to be Microsoft, they have full OEM program. That being said, the people at Microsoft aren't dumb, if the 1520 is selling well, we'll see another 6" phone.
  • They should just attach the 1020's camera to the surface 4. That should take care of everything
  • Exactly!!!!!!!!
  • If it's a 1020 successor, I highly doubt it would be phablet size, since it is camera centric. They wouldn't want it that big with a camera grip attachment and sitting on a tripod.
  • Camera grips were for a miniscule minority, and half bought it for the QI charging. Size? Much, much larger DSLRs are put on tripods every day - can't see the problem...
  • That's why we're saying they need two version's... Actually, larger devices are easier to hold steady for picture taking..
  • I think a 4.5" version would be perfect.
  • You may as well buy a tablet if you want a screen bigger than 6"
  • Why, is there something wrong with wanting options? People are getting all butthurt and downvoting as if phablets are a bad thing. 
  • People are idiots..
  • That's dumb... I use a 1520, and I could go bigger... Nevertheless, call it want you want.. If it could make phone calls, send messages, the way my 1520 does, then you could call it a big screen TV as far as I'm concerned... Quit being so stuck on names..
  • Funny..... That's exactly what my coworkers said I was carrying around when I had one.. Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This. I'd be pretty glad if they merge 1520 successor with 1020 successor with moonshot specs like 6" IPS LCD @2k with glance, gorilla glass 4 or latest, less gap between screen so it should seem to pop. thin bezels, capacitive keys.
    41MP 1/1.3" Rear sensor with zeiss, pure view, supersampling, haac mics, dual led + xeon and ability to use them simultaneously like a 3 point lighting system.
    13MP 1/2.3" front sensor with dual led and xeon flash, zeiss and pureview.
    720p @240fps, 1080p @120fps, 4k @60fps for both front and rear cameras video recording with surround sound and directional haac mic recording.
    Dedicated camera button. Stylus/Digital pen integration and inclusion in the body.
    SD 810, Adreno 440.
    4GB RAM
    128/256Gb storage
    Micro SD Card slot
    4000+mah removable battery and removable back cover.
    Finger print scanner.
    Dual Stereo Front Speakers with Dolby audio.
    Micro sim slot.
    Thin metallic sides with curved removable metallic back in gold, silver, white, grey, black, crimson, navy blue, lime, orange, yellow, pink, cyan, mauve, steel, chocolate colours, Qi wireless charging, turbo charging.
  • Wow man we need this ASAP!!! I need to replace my L920! Still waiting!
  • Price: $1,599.99 USD off contract.
  • or $400 with 4 years contract
  • This will be possible in about 2 years time. Only problem is battery tech is not keeping up with processor demands, so we'll get worse battery life...
  • What? The SD 805 uses less power than the 801 uses less power than the 800 uses less power than the 600. The idiotic display resolution race that makes people feel like they need a 1440p screen on a 5.5" phone is what's responsible for ruining battery life.
    CPUs get more powerful, not power hungry. It hasn't been like that for a while now. Edit: I agree these speeds aren't currently possible though.
  • You've got it spot on I have a 1520 & aside from the incredibly annoying major screen touch/sensitivity issues that plagues my usage (well-known but Nokia did nothing to sort it which is awful!!) its by far the best phone i've ever owned. It wil take a merge of 1520 & 1020 to get me upgrading!
  • No issues like that with my 1520 nl. Maybe you should send it in for repair.
  • You're one of the lucky ones, it's a well known occurrence that the 1520 has an overly sensitive touch screen at times. Basically when wanting to scroll it selects a link instead. Again, you are very lucky not to experience it, but it is the only flaw in an otherwise flawless device.
  • Yep!!
  • LOL rattling all those specs off looked silly at first but if it combined all of what made past Lumias great individually into one modern device like you are suggesting I'd drop $299 on contract and 600-750 off readily.
  • And it'll only cost $1800 USD off-contract, $1400 on a 2-year. And sell exactly one unit.
  • Sign me up for this. I hate the hump on the 41MP phones.
  • It might as well be equipped with a 55MP rear camera (Max. Limit of SD805) for even better Lossless zooming.  The display size should be 5.5" instead of 6" to satisfy larger crowd.
  • Perfect.
  • This is the only thing that would bring me back to WP from Android which I just switched to... but, I hate to say it, I don't believe it will ever happen. MS isn't focusing on flagship phones, just cheap and sort of cheap phones...   I've had the Samsung Flash, Samsung Flash Focus, Lumia 520, Lumia 920, Lumia 1020 but MS didn't do enough to keep me around... This would do it but MS won't make it happen. I'd love for them to prove me wrong.
  • This phone would cost 1200$ and wouldn't be bought by more than 10.000 people. This is not what MS wants.
  • I would gladly pay a thousand bucks for this with 50mp primary camera
  • Two flagships won't happen. Exclusives aside, look at the mess the Icon/930 and 1520 caused. Both flagships one with limited availability (Verizon), the other niche. Even on ios, 6" represents something like 10% of sales. 6" IS niche in US and Europe. In Asia they are more popular, it appears. If the make new flagship 6" I think that will doom its adoption. 5-5.5" is the sweet spot. My humble opinion, of course.
  • 5" was niche 1,5 years ago; it's standard flagship now, with 6" getting more exposure by the day... I think 6" will make sense in a mainstream context in half a year, which is the earliest I'd expect to see this device on the streets.
  • I totally agree!!! +1520!!!!!
  • I don't want anything bigger than 5", 4.5" being ideal for me. You know, not everyone wants a phablet... and risk being ridiculous while actually putting such a thing close the ear! Thank you very much.
  • Are you crazy?
  • It's not an iphone
  • I do hope no-one from Microsoft is reading these comments. They'd get frustrated quite quickly. No matter what phone they release it will never be enough for commenting a-holes at windowscentral.
  • I'd buy it in a minute if it was in minute buyable...
  • Meat who (me too)
  • This will probably be declared fake later
  • Sadly no xenon flash
  • yeah, this is huge. no xenon, no dice. I hope they don't leave the 1020 as the greatest camera phone of this generation as well. 
  • What's the deal with no Xenon flash? The 928 camera was more usable in low light because if that flash and less noise, in general, than the Icon. Hope ut us for VZ, but I doubt it. You can't buy a Lumia from VZ right now. No Lumia for Christmas. What a mistake.
  • It's a prototype and there's obviously a pill shape where the xenon will be fitted. Same with hardware buttons you can see there's a place for them under the actual screen..
  • Well since it states its a prototype so I hope this is far from final. They should not forget to inlude Xenon flash, this is a camerapowerhouse smartphone after all. Instead of removing nice essential features that others phone don't have, they should actually add more for photography usage. Laser focusing is one of them, larger sensor and maybe adding camera co-processor for faster/instantaneous shooting and processing.
  • Hope is not the successor of 1020 ! One of the best futures that 1020 has, is the xenon flash!!
    If you look closely at the third picture you can see the "eye" of the camera ! In 1020 you can't see it unless if it's open cause there's a protector !!
  • You mean "shutter" :P
  • The protection cover in the 1020 isn't a shutter, that would only open and close during a shot. The 1020 uses an electronic shutter most likely.
  • The 1020 has a mechanical shutter that opens and closes during a shot. I've owned two of them and witnessed this in action!
  • Yeah, two sizes is just not going to happen... they're leery enough of even making a 1030, no reason to double down on the risk. 5" is plenty... Here's what I DON'T like about these pics, just in case anyone is listening. I would much prefer an 830-like removable back, with removable battery and sdcard, and Qi charging. Switchable polycarbonate colors. Dump the scratchable high gloss camera surround. Personally, I suspect this is an old design... or hope. It doesn't seem to include any of the cool ideas from the 830. Lets not go backwards.
  • Sorry, I disagree... In my view the design of the 930 and 830 are a kowtow to the iPhone and M8; they're Nokia/MS not daring to be themselves and bastardizing the Fabula design language with lesser materials - sorry, but metal is crap for a phone; weakens signal, susceptible to scratches and easily breakable...
  • I actually agree with most of what you say. I just love the functionality of the 830 design. If they could do polycarbonate with switchable shells, removable battery, sdcard, and Qi that would be my preference. I really love the 635 design... where you can swap out the entire back. I would love a higher quality version of that with polycarbonate.
  • Definitely agree that it's delusional to even hope that they'll make 2 sizes. Phablets (no matter how hard their users love them) are a niche market and super camera phones are more niche. Hoping that they'll put out a niche and doubled niche is like hoping all iPhone and Android app developers will pull their apps in those stores and make and update better quality apps to the WP store tonight.
  • the IMEI give us Lumia 925, it is LUMIA 935!!!! and most of the thing meets to 925, the ram, the spec that are almost the same to 920, here the camera upgraded and get a 830 look, and it is metallic design.
  • I'd buy it in a minute if there was: Micro SD, xenon flash, phablet with larger sensor, Snapdragon 810 with Lumia imaging chip, 8 GB of ram, and designed for Windows phone 8.1 gdr3 (upgradeable to Windows 10)
  • Only problem with that is even 32bit arm can only address 4gb ram the only way for it to go beyond is to drop a 410 in it
  • 810 is 64-bit.
  • With the way their going we wont see it till q4 2015
  • 8GB of RAM? buy a pc.
  • you want dual os(windows + windows phone) dont you?
  • No xenon flash??
  • Microsoft should bring lumia 1020 successor in 2 sizes- 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. In this way, they dont need to bring Lumia 1520 successor in near future. They should increase the sensor size to 1 inches. The color reproduction should be as natural as possible (muted colors are the natural colors that 808 produces). Rest of things can be kept from lumia 1020. Also, since 830 allows for 4 times lossless zoom, 41mp sensor can provide upto 16 times zoom  
  • well thats how life goes... in 1 phone cant have everything... when its a photo phone then they put better camera on it... if ppl want size then they will put bigger screen on it... when ppl wants to listening music they will make a phone with better speakers... for games then better processor and etc etc
  • I would but it in a minute if it wasn't a fake ;)
  • "heavy breathing"
  • Yes please!
  • Omg I would throw my money at them
  • hope it has the xenon flash like 1020 has... and the shiny black isnt cool... i like the matt black more
  • I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  • But that hump...
  • I would buy it in a minute if it comes with a 50MP sensor camera.  It looks like that it will.  
  • Wow! Great news
  • Nice, I am waiting for this!
  • This is something everyone is waiting for
  • Yes! Just in time for my upgrade. Hoping the extra ram will make native picture taking smooth and fast
  • 1020 also had 2gb of RAM, so no extra RAM on this one
  • The lack of a dedicated image processor is what handicapped the 1020.
  • The 1020 has a custom image processor. The S4 just can handle up 20MP, but the 1020 has a 41MP sensor. So they needed a custom Chip to make that device possible.
  • It did not have a custom chip. They did some software trick to make it process so many pixels (hence the delay).
  • The 1020 was slow , very slow and thats what killed it. Theres no reason why a 2015 plag shit should have 3 gigs of ram. The iphone 6 has the standard of a camera. It takes beauitful images, it shoots instantly omg its so fast. And the colors are perfect. All ms has to do is copy the iphones camera and throw in a little lumia love to it. Theres no reason why all these phone camera are trail the iphones each year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hope you are being sarcastic because all Lumia phones always had better cameras then the iPhone since the days of the 3GS and 4.
  • @Heavens_Angel26, I use both Lumia 1520 (with 20MP) & iPhone 5S (with 8MP) and the later's camera performs way much better. It's way faster and colour reproduction of the pics is much better. Lumia should improve so much os speed, which I'm made to believe Denim will take care of
  • Huge step backwards copying the iPhone camera. We have done side by side photos and the 1020 kills the iPhone 6. Get your facts straight.
  • First no. I have been using the 1020 since launch and have had no problem with speed. The M8 also has a fast camera but I go to converts and with virtually 0 zoom, no thanks. A friend has the iPhone 6 and hates the camera, its been that way forever. People still buy the 1020 just for the camera,
  • Despite your personal experience and the vague opinion of your friend, there's still far more evidence for the 1020's camera being ponderous and the iPhone 6's being quick and great.
  • The only thing that the iPhone camera has is speed... It's quality is similar to the 830 na can't hope to compete with the 1020 with regards to quality, zoom or freezing motion.
  • The 1020 is 2 years old. The iPhone 6 is brand new and the camera is still inferior.
  • No, the 1020 is not 2 yeras old. It's from last year.
  • Copy the iPhone my ass.
  • No, the Lumia 735/830 allready take instant beautifull pics. The mentioning of an ifoney has no use what so ever in a Windows phone topic. All the phones you know? Then please post somewhere else. The Lumia 1020 is in another league. Only needs to take pictures faster and of course a 1030 will take pictures faster.
  • The 1020 already has 2GB RAM.
  • He needs to amend his statement to "modern CPU" :P
  • Seems legit, but better to wait till M$ officially announces it.
    Doesn't hurt to hope~
  • It's 2014, no one says M'$' anymore. It's NOT cool.
  • Yould be surprised my young grasshopper. Regardless, as long as they charge for gold I will always use M$, thankfully I personally dont have to pay because of Bing Rewards. ^-^
  • Whats wrong with charging for Live. You dont have to pay for Netflix, Amazon, etc. Only for mulitplayer. PS charges for PS Online Plus. I guess we have to start doing P$4 to be cool
  • ^^^^ This
  • But you don't need PlayStation plus to use Netflix, Amazon videos, etc..., which require paid subscriptions by themselves.
  • That got changed recently on Xbox One. No longer need gold to watch Netflix.
  • +620
  • I don't now, for me is fake
  • What about a new Icon.... 935 or whatever... Grr
  • Wow
  • At last! Something resembling a flagship! I'll take it with a grain of salt but there's a lot of optimism here! Hope it has the curved metal sides of the 925. Not too fond of the flat metal sides of the newer phones...
  • Looks like NO Qi-Wireless Charging and no SD Card Extension :(
  • How did you come to that conclusion?
  • Cause it's metal body and no slot.
  • Perhaps the polycarbonate bottom could be removed
  • you don't have Qi wireless charging in a totally metallic body because of physical limitations. And it mentioned (in Chinese) no expandable slot for micro-SD
  • it might be the user didnt put in SD card too
  • Fail and fail, presumably won't make it to Verizon... 3xs fail
  • This picture shows some kind of slot, but it could be the sim-tray.
  • Yes, I won't upgrade my Lunia 920 for something without wireless charging. It is my very favorite feature. Can't have more cords in my life than I already have,
  • Hopefully, it'll be Microsoft's next flagship, but I'd prefer it to have touch-enabled keys instead of on-screen buttons.
  • +920
  • i don't think you'll have to worry about that. MS seems to be putting capacitive buttons and dedicated camera button on high-ends only to lower costs. 530, 630, 730: low and mid end, none of these buttons 830, 930: high end, all buttons   this sucks though, i really think that all x30 series should have camera button, like the entire x20 series had.
  • I would buy in heart ❤ beat
  • Seems like fake.
  • On one of the pictures it says Nokia prototype or so .. That's why I think it is the cancelled McLaren cuz they were working on it before buying Nokia .. Anyway, fingers crossed :D
  • ....seems fake. There isn't any xenon flash.
  • Look closely, there is a xenon flash, vertically on the right side.
  • You're right! Good eye!
  • According to Gizmodo, it's not xenon but lcd flash
  • I don't have to "look closely" to see anything. There are things to the left and the right, but neither of those are xenon flashes. 
  • Look again.  There is a black oval strip on the right side of the camera bump.  Hell, even the camera lens is hard to make out in those pics.  It's easier to see in the original pics posted elsewhere on the web.
  • There is.
    You can see it has the camera is on the bottom part, instead upper one.
    It gives more space for the grip. With 1020 sometimes finger go over, if they paid not attention.
    And the xenon seems to be on the right instead of left.
  • Wouldn't surprise me to be an Icon with the new cam, just like they did with the 920.
  • I like big rear but this is not the kind of rear I like to look at or put my hands on. It needs to be smooth and seamless...
  • Thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot. ;-)
  • I just can't deny...
  • Not optimistic that this will be the next camera-centric phone (ie Pureview 808, 1020) The xenon flash is missing!!!
  • Wondering the same...
  • On the verge site its written that the xenon will be added , its just a prototype
  • If you look closely, the Xenon flash is there! (to the right hand side)
  • sir, those are LED flashs
  • Translation of the source article which is written in terrible Mandarin - trust me, i'm a Chinese (btw is an amazon-like marketplace for 2nd hand goods): Those who love the LUMIA series should like this too, with this phone, you may not see another one on the streen, Microsoft may not be producing this phone at all, but althought this is a working unit, but this should be already abandoned and stopped, origin, from Nokia China R&D Department, in Bejing, a prototype, typically speaking, unit of this kind will not be circulated, only obtains one by chance, on the exterior looks to be 1020's upgrade, besides cosmetcis similarity with 1020, specially the camera, there are no other clue, model code is not known, further detail on the inside do not have it too, even checking on the 'RM', and nothing on the internet, called '57811' within the R&D unit, system is 'WP8.1', I've compared the screen size, larger than 5 inch, smaller than 6 inch, actual size unknown, resolution 1920X1080, should be IPS panel, no use with the finger, but if close to the screen, finger not touching the screen, is able to operate, not sure is it hover controlled, used '360' to detail the spec shows quad core, model number unknown, RAM 2GB, ROM 32GB, expandable memory, uses Micro SIM?, Chinese system, after reset by default is Chinese, NFC present, camera mega pixel unknown, can't be found, and there is no option to change the resolution of photo, not sure how many thousands, looking at the CPU and RAM not much difference from 1520, benchmark almost same as 1520, no capacitive button, in the display, no other features? worth a mention, looking at the displayed photos, if not meticulous, can't see anything special, sees nothing when switching on, after playing with it for a while, is enough, if you want take it for exploration, not interested in collecting LUMIA series, condition of the unit refer to the photo, no problem with the condition, those who need please contact, selling 1588RMB, including shipping, single unit, on the whole market this might as well be the only one, perfect as your accessory gadget, keke, all because no one will know what is this, even if they have the money to buy....... LOCATION: BEJING TAKEN OFF THE SHELF
  • Terrific information. Thank you for the translation! Sounds like the reference to being able to hover over the screen without touching it means that this was McLaren.
  • There's a spot for it on the camera bump. Right side. Look closely.
  • you mean to the right of the LED flashes, a faint vertical line? doesn't that mean the flash will be on the bottom of the camera when held horizontally? interesting
  • Yes
  • Looks very ugly and thick!!!
  • I've heard that it's the cancelled McLaren.
  • Source?
  • I would buy that asap!!! I would sell off my Lumia 1520 in a heart beat provided this new one packs better specs. But then again the camera would make me buy that like rite now... Can't wait to see what's going on.
  • lol im certain this is not a fake, likely a prototype, mclaren maybe?
  • If it was McLaren it would have 4,5 cameras , idk just for the 3D thing
  • You know the 3D thing isn't like Amazon's phone, right? It was meant to be built into the screen.
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! :D :D
    Idk if I like t the design
  • The sky looks really so this must be real
  • Only if there is a xenon flash.
  • There is! There's a slot for the xenon flash on the right side, zoom and look!!
  • There is an Xenon Flash too(on the right side) with the Big LED Flash. Its not that Visible in these Pic's but there is an Xenon Flash on the right side. If you play with the contrast,lighting and shadows of this pic, then you can clearly see that there is a Xenon Flash.
  • That design is so bad-ass
    Man, awesome look
  • Wtf! 2 GB ram, and the Windows and search button in The Screen! Very ugly, especially where empty under the screen
  • i want it
  • This could be my next phone. I plan to buy new phone mid 2015. Hope 1030 is out by that time
  • i'm i'm thinking the same thin. i'm due for an upgrade on AT&T but am gonna wait to replace my 1020 to see what replaces it. my wife has a 1520 i love that phone but i love my camera over hers that's why i'm waiting but would like to see the same size screen as hers.
  • :yeahsure: Although its camera bump seams bigger than the one in the L1020. I think they are reducing that, like in the L830. Anyway, I'm eagerly waiting for the L1020 successor :D
  • Looking like metallic finish
  • From RM value it seems like a lower end handset
  • Lumia 535 was called RM 1090, so it says nothing
  • It's 1052. So, maybe a low to mid range
  • RM number doesn't show the price.
  • They should put 3 GB of ram in it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed. If not 4. 1020 had 2GB - it would be a mistake, without knowing more, not to upgrade that.
  • 1020 only had 2GB as a part to solve the limitation of the motherboard. Otherwise its the 2 year old 920.
  • YES! 2GB shoundn't be considered for new Lumia flagship phones, it should be at least 3GB or hope 4GB. Lumia 1030 needs more extra memory for apps while still perform photography prowness much better from 1020. Heck since seems like we won't have any flagships within this year or early next year, they should rather have Snapdragon 810 processor for any new flagships, compensation for the gap from last flagships. Before we forget, MicroSD we need that for 1030.
  • It's fake. There is only LED flash, the bump is made up of glass, and the sensor is very small like 830.
  • I'm mixed on this one. I like it, but something doesn't seem right with it. I'm skeptical
  • this has to be real, because i just bought the M8 less than a week ago when it looked like MS wasn't bringing a flagship phone out anytime soon.
  • 82 megapixel???? carl zeiss pureview cannon lens!!!!
  • Wtf ?
    The snapdragon 805 supports of to 55 mpxl , just that , don't dream so far
  • How bout the 810?
  • For Saudis only, Nokia Lumia 925 available for 900 SR only at Banda
    900 equals about 240 dollars
  • Terrorist! D:
  • What nonsense!
  • Wtf? I hope that was a very dumb and tacky joke
  • Yea I saw it in a store for 1050 Riyals a few days ago
  • Any news about the 730 pleeeeaaaase!!
  • I'm afraid not, I didn't see one.
  • Also found the 930 for 1800 (No Qi charger though) & the 830 for 1200 (dude wasn't sure) ... Xtra still have the 1520 for 1450
  • WTH, 1520 for 1450 impossible
  • I know right! I can't believe it either
  • still has the bulge, no fun. i'd pass this one then meanwhile i am back to iP6. no latest high end phones from redmond.
  • Not worth the comment.
  • My contract is up for renewal in a week but I'm not upgrading until this device is released! This is the one I have been waiting for!
  • Personally doubt any flagships will be announced or released before Windows 10. Wouldn't make sense.
  • Its prototype ! This will be released at least in MWC2015 or build 2015 , it needs so much time !
  • I fully agree
  • Dunno about that, W10 is likely 10 months away from availability.
  • The phones should be upgradable to Win10. I don't see Microsoft commiting another WP7 mistake like that.
  • I'd totally buy it
  • I REALLY hope its at least the screen is 5" and should have more than 2GB :-/
  • How did you come to the conclusion that 2gb ram aren't enough?
  • Excellent , but 3 GB ram , and 801 snapdragon is better , with GLANCE , water proof , finger print scanner ! At least two of those !
  • Water proof, awesome
  • 801? I think while that chip is still powerful, it'll be disappointing if it had that in 2015! And 808/810 or 805 Snapdragon would be better with maybe 3-4 Gig of RAM. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft hasn't that courage to put a 805/808 in this because one of those chips will be for the 940
  • It's ugly...
  • It's a genuine model phone. If you can see the original report, you'll agree. Here: At least you can see something from the pictures in the original report.
  • When I buy the 1030 Im going to hapilly retire my Iphone 6 Plus!!! Sorry friends and family no more Facetime audio and video :D
  • +1030
  • Alright! Now show us the 1520 upgrade! This gives me hope!
  • Ugly as hell. I own a Lumia 1020 and I don't bother to wait a few months more to see something lighter and thinner, like a 830. This prototype looks like some steps backward.
  • i'm with u there bro, feel the same way
  • That is why it is called a prototype, they do not mass produce this one, they make changes on the mass produced one. Also you will not see this phone until 2015 with windows 10.
  • But the second pic has Nokia name in it ?
  • I'll believe it when its confirmed. No more Mclaren let downs.
  • Purdy sexy
  • That sensor is giant
  • Just scan the QR
  • M in!
  • I'm going to buy it from Taobao. Will update again once I get the device.
  • Lol
  • The table cloth is not working
  • no xenon flash!!! Are they kidding me. Without xenon flash you can throw it in the trash
  • Zoom it and look closely
  • I want to believe...
  • Guys I think there is a xenon flash , look closely in the picture
  • I think you're right!
  • Extremely ugly. Where are my colors? I hate aluminum. And its fat as hell.
  • Remember the 925 leaked pics that looked like garbage?
  • I just want a newer version of the 1520 to come! Idc what the specs are. Im buying it! I hate small phones! :)
  • Ugly! That's only for photographers! 1520 is the best
  • Meh, I already own the 1020 so I'm gonna give it a pass.
  • No rum-o-meter? Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Hope this is true!!!
  • Finally! Some interesting news this week.
  • I was hoping 3GB of RAM. Hopefully it's an early prototype because I only see dual LED flash, where's the xenon flash? Besides they should've learnt already and include microSD card support on every device.
    I love my 1020 but 32GB is not enough to me and OneDrive is not very useful to me. Even the carrier exclusive 64GB version wouldn't be enough space to me.
    I also expect it to come with a Snapdragon 801 or 805 minimum (although 810 would be nice).
    The Lumia 1030 should be a true flagship!
  • Quad core, 32gb internal memory with no expandable SD card support, not again. Is that really difficult to built a flagship with SD card.
  • Its not, thats why the 1520 has it.
  • I see lots of people complaining about the lack of Xenon flash, but to me thats not an issue as I never use the flash except in a few mid-high light situations, so if its just a better spec'd 1020 then I'll totally buy it. Low light doesn't require flash and would ruin most shots.
  • I use flash quite a lot with my 1020. Very few of my shots look bad.
  • If this indeed becomes the reality, Windows will get a flagship but the market would have moved on to the SD810 which already is running on prototype devices. They need to ensure the absolute latest and time it with Windows 10 announcement during Build.
  • Yes, please! I love my 1020, and would love an updated version even more.
  • I think it's a genuine prototype device. If you go to and enter the imei printed on back of the device (004402478791225), it verifies it as a genuine imei. I don't think it will release in production in it's current form.
  • IDK, the back says property of Microsoft Mobile, yet the website listed is When entered the site redirects to 
  • Maybe its an old prototype that just surfaced now.
  • and it has begun...
  • I only see two differences. 1 is the lack of xenon flash and 2 is that it now has a full 1080 screen.... Oh and 3 on the cpu it has a 4... Maybe its quad core now.
  • 1080p,4-core,2 RAM,32G ROM,SD Card,nano SIM card.that's all i know so far.
  • What will be the expected price of 1030
  • Eh, my 1020 is likely my last Windows phone device. Planning on getting the 128gb iphone 6 Plus during the week around my job in Manhattan. Kind of done with the WP platform, but hey, I still come here for general Microsoft news.
  • No surprise here. I did the same. I have a gold 128gb iPhone 6 +. But I also have a HTC one M8 for windows. I kind of use one every other week because I can't find myself to let go completely of windows phone.
  • Guys It isn't 1020 successor, its either a Lumia 940 or Its 1525-30( if its having a 5.7 screen) because many websites have already claimed that Lumia 940 as well as 1525 are in the works and also earlier too some leaked images had confirmed that Lumia 940 is in works.....
  • Its a fake !!! Look like an older design of Nokia, not like the new style i mean the Lumia 930/830, but more like the 920/925
  • Dual LED flash, I doubt they'd drop the xenon for their flagship camera phone.
  • Zoom it, the hump!
  • The camera looks larger than the 1020s. And I'm starting to think these devices need a lens cover to protect them.
  • It already looks too big. Please no more large phones. 4.0 - 4.7 should be the focus. IMO.
  • Nope. 5" is perfect. 4 is way too small
  • 4"? you and the I phone are perfect for each other
  • Haha lol!
  • Is it using software buttons at the bottom, like the 635? I certainly hope not.
  • Won't be surprised if battery will be terrible and camera will be worse than on 1020. In reality, it's fake or (even more likely) a prototype that will never see the light of the day.
  • Time to save some £££££
  • My heart throbs for thee!
  • Not sure why they still have that huge hump. No Lytra yet? And Windows Phone 8.1? Not Windows 10? Seems it would be tested with an early build of W10 if it was going to be released after the start of the new year.
  • Doubtful that they would release the 1020 successor without a xenon flash more ram and memory slot..
  • wish it had rounded corners like the lumia 625,535,630 , hope it comes in 32gb and 64 gb variants or just add sd card slot also.sorry still have such a big bump
  • Nooo!! Never!!! Say "no" to rounded corners. 920, 925, 1020, 1520 style design looks far better. Stands out from the crowd of generic phone design.
  • Pointed corners are great!
  • Pointed corner plastic body- I have 1020, the edges has more damages than anywhere else and also its the weakest point when you drop it. So no to pointed corners
  • not really windows 10 for phones video but assumed ui and features. ui isnt like metro tiles but features are good.
  • How about this one?
  • So someone in China got ahold of one of the discontinued "McLaren" prototypes, posted some pics of it, and we're all supposed to get excited? For all we know, looking at those specs, this could be one of the early prototypes of the original 1020... and it wouldn't take much skill to PhotoShop "property of Microsoft Mobile" on the back of it.
  • WoW, finally hot news about WP flagship, I hope it will have WP 10, ,,,,,, My next flagship , En shaa Allah(God welling).
  • Wow..... I wish a stylus with this.,., then it will be a galaxy note killer..
  • A lumia with a stylus would buy it in heart beat
  • Yes
  • This has almost the exact same look as the 1020. MS is moving away from the unibody polycarbonate. Plus no capacitive buttons, for a flagship? No Xenon flash?
    This is a prototype that will never leave the cutting room floor. Though, it does mean they are working on a 1030, so that is definitely something to excited about.
  • As a Nokia 1020 user. I kinda dislike the design. Although, the camera should probably better but the camera hump with its glossy surface like the 830 is ugly for me. About the xenon flash, although that is quite outdated nowadays, I do agree that it still performs really well so I'd like to see that.
  • Xenon flash is not outdated. We rarely see them, cos very few phone makers is able to put it into their phones.
  • Please help me. What means McLaren 3D gesture support ? What It'll bring us?
  • Thank you dude ;)
  • That camera bump tho...and the glass that covers the lens on the back is huge...hope it wont scratch very easy.
    My lumia 930 is the best for me. My mother got a moto g the 16GB versión in july when i got my lumia. Guess what! The lumia is as snappy as day one with half of the memory full and my mothers moto g is buggy and crashes the apps very often and she doesnt use her smartphone as often as i do. Windows (Phone) is the only way to go for me.
  • As long as its not carrier exclusive in the US, I'm all set.
  • Carrier exclusivity is terrible IMO.  That's my only fear that Microsoft is going to release an awesome phone, I'm going to be ready for my upgrade, but the phone will be exclusive to AT&T.   
  • I'd buy it in a sec if it has the following specs.
    • 1080p AMOLED ClearBlack Display.
    • 3GB RAM (2GB is really not enough to take pictures quickly, with this monstrous camera)
    • 52 MP PureView Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics lens.
    • 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 processor.
    • 5 MP Front facing camera.
    • 4400 mAH Battery.
    • Dual Xenon-Flash.
    • 1080p@60 fps video recording capability.
    • Dolby Sound Chip.
    • Dedicated Camera button.
    • 32/64 GB internal memory.
    • SD Card Slot.
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
    • 5.2" Screen.
    • Wireless Charging.
  • Seems like a lumia 930 with huge cameras.
  • Nah.. It's all down to optimising and powerful GPU.. The Nokia 808 has only 512 RAM and yet it's pretty fast at taking pictures
  • Qi, stylus, and in Verizon ;)
    This is a flagship right, why make any compromises?
  • Verizon is a compromise... CDMA = bad for consumers and carrier has all the power. Wake up and smell the overcharge.
  • I facepalm'd at 52 MP, dual xenon flash, Dolby sound chip, and (only) Full HD@60fps video recording flash -_-
  • Looks beautiful
  • No xenon flash that's 100% fake
  • Not liking the design.. 1020 was better looking.
  • just for clarification: this isn't a current prototype, this is a former prototype of a cancelled device, right?    
  • Hope its fake ..
  • I wish these features,
    Full HD 5.3 inches
    +20 MP camera
    5 MP front camera
    Ram 3 GB
    Internal memory 32
    SD card to 128
    Operating system WP 10
    Removable battery 3200
    Snapsragon 805 2.7 ghz quad core
  • Where's the sim slot? Why is it telling both Nokia as well as Microsoft Mobile? Quadcore? More pixels means more size of images and no increase in internal memory? Why not SD card upto 128GB like MS 535?
  • Probably fake
  • No xenon flash? Suspicious...
  • I agree.  No mechanical shutter either.   I'm also wondering what that secondary sensor is on the camera.
  • No, there is a camera button. You can see it in the last picture. As for the other sensor, you got me there :P
  • perhaps THAT is the Xenon flash?
  • Doubt it. Otherwise it'd have the same colour as the LED flash seen in the image.
  • Not impressed, we need a totally new innovative design to capture attention
  • Agree
  • in all honesty, the innovation would be to put the 41MP camera with xenon flash into the form factor of the L830's flush backed design.
  • Expecting 5 to 5.5 inches.. Which is sweet spot right now
  • 925's body + 1020's camera specs = hit product guaranteed
  • Why is Nokia\ Microsoft hell bent on making HUGE camera housings for the back of their phones? It looks really bad. 1020, 830, 1030.
  • Because those are camera-centric phones?
  • You could win the Nobel prize if you can make a 41 megapixel camera, big ass sensor, Optical Image Stabilization module, AND mechanical shutter in an iPhone's camera size
  • *throws credit card at my screen as I read this...
    It would be about 1030th of a second for me to own a 1020 successor
  • MICROSOFT PLEASE, PLEASE.... Make your top camera phone in 5" and 6" variants......
    Windows Central! Can we start a petition to get Microsoft to produce a 5" and 6" version of it's two top flagship products? I have been begging for this for ages and Apple got it right.
  • 930 and 1520
  • Lol
  • finally., YES!
  • Why would it have reference to if it's a Microsoft device ?
  • Bet it wouldn't be on Verizon
  • Guys its a proto type...iam sure 1030 will rock it with 5 inc screen better specs..better camera...light...wireless charging....mmc slot...when 830 is soo good...i can imagine...cant wait for 1030..hope its launched by feb 2015...i love my lumia 1020...1030 will come with windows 10
  • I sure hope that the 1030 doesn't have on screen buttons like this prototype does.
  • wait did they get rid of the xenon flash? :|
  • I call bull. At this point why would a prototype have "Nokia" in it's name after MS took such great pains to eliminate it from everything else?
  • Because it coil be the cancelled McLaren phone, before changing the name into Microsoft?
  • Are you serious trying to tell me that a giant corporation full of programmers might not be able to find one person who is capable of changing the device name in the firmware? Especially after they can no longer legally use the Nokia name? Nope. I don't buy it.
  • dude, the proto is an old and probably abandoned one!
  • Bears Nokia in details... That means its development started long before so it cold be McLaren... Microsoft may intentionally hided this device with cancellation news... But its just me...
  • Interesting, hope the camera won't be as slow as the 1020's.
  • Aluminum case means no Qi charging. No sale for me.
  • The edges only I guess, wireless charging is a selling point for Lumias
  • He has a better battery? Lol... The 1020 battery's sucks....
  • have anyone checked the leaked specs from these two websites, they both have quite similar specs    
  • The image of the phone in your second link is beautiful.  That edge to edge display is what I want.
  • Ewww... those look like on screen buttons. I hate onscreen buttons so much.
  • +720
  • -720
  • Maybe a surface phone to compete with the Samsung galaxy?
  • No.
  • Just add wireless charging, bring ti Verizon, and you've got a sale.
  • No. Verizon will just abandon it and endlessly delay updates.
  • Old design. I love the 930 design much more.
  • I love 830' more
  • I love 1020 design better.
  • Wow.. That looks ugly
  • could the sensor on the right actually be the xenon flash?  dual LED and Xenon flash would be nice options.
  • 840??
  • Not sure where you guys get off saying the iPhone 6 camera is inferior. I had the 920, 1020 and now the 830. The iPhone 6 colors are just as accurate as the lumias. The clarity is usually a toss up. The biggest difference is the 1020 is super slow and I was never happy with the flash on that model, I prefered my 920. I have done dozens of side by side comparisons, sad to say but I prefer the iPhone 6 camera for its speed. I could understand liking one more than the other but there is no clear winner in fact I'm a bit disappointed with the sports mode on the 830 compared to the iPhone 6. Try to be impartial rather than sounding like a fan boy of either device.
  • Never seen a Lumia so ugly design..i expected a lot from MS... Can MS avoid such huge bump
  • Its a prototype...designs are gonna change
  • i've heard people saying the 1020 design was ugly before its release, and yet they still bought it. lol!
  • Windows 10 and massive cam? sold
  • I just orgasm'd
  • Windows claims to be a secured os... But is there any way to lock galleries and other apps?? I mean everytym its not possible to lock the phone. Sometyms u hv to gv it to others...
  • Yes there's, have you tried opening the store and using the search feature?
    + with 8.1.1 there's app corner where you can give your phone to others to use your phone with personalized apps and games
  • That's what App Corner and Kids Corner are made for..
  • Go to settings. Apps corner for people, kids corner for kids. Pick the apps u want them to use only.
  • App corner doesnt always serve our purposes.. I want a lock app which locks an app.. Just like in android or ios
  • If u uninstall locker app on Android,all apps will be of no android app lock is also useless
  • Why do you want WP to mimic Android/iOS?
  • Doesn't look like aluminium; looks like polycarbonate, which is what I'd prefer anyway... A 1030 would be great news! A 1530 with the 41 mp camera even more so!!! B-)
  • I'll take 2, please
  • IMEI Number visible. If its true that guy is in trouble
  • Damn, if it's 6" I'm so getting it! :)
  • Looks legit...
  • Why do they skip wireless charging on these phones!!
  • It was looking good til I saw that fugly lump on the back. Another nice phone with a silly sized camera in it.
  • If I can't send it to the store to get a pizza that's gonna be a deal breaker for me.
  • Somebody please help
  • Checked the source, Taobao is not reliable. So better not to believe it.
  • For me, this is most likely an early prototype (probably the McLaren) rather than a forthcoming device, not saying there won't be a Windows 10 device next year based around this, but the fact that the case and the software all use the name Nokia to me suggests this is old as MS are doing their best to remove all reference to Nokia from the Lumia line so would be surprised if there's even a mention on current prototypes.
  • For me to buy it, it should have:
    • bigger battery
    • better processor (3gb ram, snapdragon 801/805 and adreno 330/420, etc.)
    • 1080p or quad hd display
    • 5.5" screen
    • reduced camera hump size and 4k recording
    • expandable memory
    • dust and water resistance?
    hopefully T-Mobile will get it.
  • Looks good to me! Just hope its 5"! No more no less
  • Wait till i see the real thing.. Hoping for 1020 successor
  • Looks nice! Hopefully it has a big screen! (5-6 inch)
  • Fake or not, when the 1020 successor comes out, I'm buying it! Til then I'm happy with my 830...very happy.
  • Isn't there any way to reduce the huge bump? It's kinda unnecessary though since the camera components hasn't taken all the space inside the bump. Lets hope it has a processor just for image and video processing, removable battery and memory card slot since its focused on mobile photography and videography.
  • That's the OIS module which I'd that big in the 1020. So no problem. :)
  • Uhm OIS you say? I actually have iPhone 6 which I can say beats my L1020 in stability with less space taken.
  • They put an enormous camera sensor (for phones and point & shoot cameras) which taken a lot of space. Less bump means smaller sensor size, so the image quality will be degraded for sure with that high resolution. And not to forget, the Xenon Flash component is quite big.. That's why most OEM doesn't use it.
  • What about this huge size of the camera bump and also no xenon??
    Maybe it is so bigg we could screw a lens on it, but for that the camera isn't in the middle is it?
  • if its 5" i would buy it. but 6"? no. pocketable size is what matters for me. and also one handed use maneuverability
  • You know why this happened....? Right.....? Because I just yesterday, only yesterday, broke down and went out to buy an 830. You are all welcome! Ugggggh!
  • Other sites (such as Engadget and The Verge) seem to suggest that this -was- a prototype rather than -is- a prototype i.e. it's an old one and they're not working on it anymore.
  • Please Verizon!!!
  • You please Verizon when you stay quite, take the phones they want to give to you and pay, pay, pay.
  • Where is the xenon flash? It is expected, MS not doing the thing that is expected of Nokia camera phones
  • Ugh, looks so much worse than the 1020. Of course, I need to get to fondle it before being sure.
  • Verizon?? Can it be on Verizon??
  • No xenon flash mmmmm.....!
  • I think MS has a contract with Canon for optic in the future.So no more Zeiss.But I am not shure...
  • The font on the back of the device is sketchy to me. I've had many prototypes and none looked like that.
  • Agree.
  • No changes in RAM and display.
  • I hope this is fake.
  • Id buy in a second... .have a 1020 and need a replacement.... Its getting a bit tired a slow. A high end with a top class shooter is needed... Ideally with slow mo video / 60fps etc to compete with iphone camera/ video
  • Take my money now! Hopefully it's 5+ inches... super excited for this phone.
  • It's nothing but a leak so Il take it with a grain of salt...
  • I think with the operating systems convergence MSFT has a chance to produce something incredible. Will they is the question....
  • That is one ugly phone.
  • Aw man, I need physical navigation buttons in this one.. 
  • Hope it's true. My 920 has been acting up & I'm waiting for a worthy replacement
  • I'm intrigued buuut I'll wait until its actually set in stone with specs in tow
  • My next phone will not be Lumia... but Xiaomi (with 3GB RAM, Quad Core Snapdragon 801 2,5GHz & Adreno 330)
  • Nah, 6" phone are too overrated . .5" are much comportable.
  • 4.5 inch led 1080p 0r 720 display
    Extended card slot whatever
    Internal memory 8 gb
    Front 5mp and back 10 mp pure viewcamera dual led flash
    Quad core
    1 or 2 gig ram
    2500 battery
    Windows 10
    All sensors involved
    I will buy this instant and i am waiting for that type mobile
  • I guess some wishful thinking would suggest a card reader on this device :)
  • Phones with 4.5" to 5" screen size are perfect!! & can be used single handed.
  • Microsoft should just pay LG to put WP8.1 on a G3 till they get their ducks in a row already
  • I was at Disneyland on Friday, waiting for the fireworks to start. Saw a guy standing next to me with a red 920. Told him great phone, he mentioned his work phone was a 1520. More chatting, and come to find out he is one of the VPs for their IT department, told mw his whole staff had Windows phones and he was testing a new 10 series Windows Phone with a 30 mega pixel camera and HD screen, but that is all he would say. So, that said, I think we'll hear more about this phone at MWC.
  • amazing story bro.
  • I'd buy it of came to Verizon which it won't
  • You're right, it won't. Change your carrier.
  • I would leave Verizon if AT&T coverage didn't suck so bad in my area.  
  • I'll buy IF there is SD memory expansion
  • Man this is an ugly phone. The 1020 was far better looking.
  • My question is, wait till Dec next year to get the new Lumia phones or get the 930 / 830 x_x I'm so undecided  
  • Whenever i see fight... *Grabs popcorn*
  • Wow!
  • Its beautiful!!.. Make it at least 5" and a killer battery life and I'm into it
  • I thought 1030 would come with lytro cam....
  • I think it's the cancelled 'McLaren', cuz it still has Nokia on it's back as ''...
    Gonna wait for the 930 successor!
  • Very unlikely.
  • No way in hell is that the McLaren. Or if it was, good riddance it was cancelled. UNLESS they planned to release it as a niche test balloon device. This seems highly unlikely though as one would think they would have released another "non-3D" high end device as well in such a scenario.
  • Me want one come on Microsoft released the kraken
  • Any new flagship that does not have the same body specs as the 830 - removable back and battery, micro SD, wireless charging, etc., will be an instant FAIL!
  • I guess it wont be removable battery because the aluminum body but micro SD and NFC are a no brainer, no worries on that.
  • Man, I just got like finally got me a Lumia 1020 and I'm using it on T-Mobile network... So if a successor to the Lumia 1020 is coming I'd eventually get it, but for now as camera is important for to me I'm fine with the Lumia 1020... And aluminum like the Lumia 925 (which is what I previously was using) is slippery on the sides, I love the aluminum look on some phones but it's not all that, and I rarely use cases as I hate hiding the beauty of a phone
  • If this is a flagship on att ill leave Verizon the day it comes out.
  • No xenon?
  • It's real because I replaced my 928 with an M8 yesterday :/
    I would actually bet on it being a McLaren prototype unless my tinfoil hat theory of them having a backup version without the 3D touch was right all along. The more I think about it the less I think it was cancelled because the tech "wasn't ready" but rather Microsoft and Nokia were both developing different implementations of the same concept and Microsoft decided they didn't want to release a device that could be rendered obsolete if they either favored their own implementation over Nokia's or wanted to converge them into a unified system.
  • Why would they have a link to Nokia's site on the back of a prototype. I'm calling fake.
  • Needs a change in Design.. Almost all Lumias now look similar :(
  • My heart skipped a beat when I saw this headline! FINALLY some 1020 successor news! Still lovin my 41mp cameraphone every day but can't wait to get the newer (and hopefully better) incarnation! Disappointed that this supposed prototype has done away with the xenon flash though! Really hope the final product keeps the awesome xenon flash and improves dramatically on the overall focus accuracy and processing speed. The two main disappointments I have with my 1020. 82 megapixels would ofcourse be very welcome also :)
  • Lol. Cartoon phone.
  • Is not just that the link days Nokia, why would there be a link on a prototype at all?
  • Microsoft Mobile Lumia 1030. 41MP Rear Camera Carl Zeiss Optics (OIS), Xenon Flash, Dual Led Video Light, 5MP Front Camera Carl Zeiss Optics (OIS),  3GB LPDDR4 1600Mhz Dual-Channel 64-bit, 64bit QuadCore 2.7Ghz CPU, Adreno 430 GPU, 4.5 inch Display with 1600x900 Resolution, 64GB Internal Memory with SD upgrade to 128GB, 3.400mAh Battery, Solar and Wireless Charging Back Cover, 2x Big High Quality Stereo Speakers, FM Transmiter, BlueTooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11n/ac with MU-MIMO, Micro HDMI, USB3 On-The-Go, Nano SIM, WaterProof. Released Date 20 February 2015.
  • Where did you see this? Sounds about perfect to me, though I'd prefer a 5 inch display over a 4.5.  Also, would like it to have USB type C.
  • I know the camera bump became an iconic feature of the 1020 but it would be nice if the 1030's camera was flush with the body. Also, wasn't there leaked shots of an aluminium body just before the 1020 came out? Perhaps they were experimenting with polycarbonate & aluminium shells before settling with the polycarbonate one.
  • Hopefully a 1530 doesn't release soon... I literally just bought my 1520, if a new one comes out that will suck lol...
  • Yes! Yes! Celebrating already!!
  • A thread to generate traffic!
  • Do I see dual front facing speakers? If this is real It has to come un yellow.
  • My money is ready Microsoft! thats all I'm going to say 
  • Class love it
  • If they don't come out with a 1030, I'm worried I might switch to iPhone or Android :(
  • Seriously, no one wants to shoot photos on flagship phablet phone. 1020 size is fine.
  • All these remarks are about size but there are more important factors that need to be addressed on a 1020 successor.
    Like fast shot to shot time, micro SD support, USB otg, ability to create and move photos between folders on the phone not from PC access, viewing high rez photos on phone, shooting in more high rez modes not just 5mp and 34mp, battery life, etc..
  • Let's just hope the final version doesn't look like that. Check the back!
  • This is real and it's running early Windows 10 BY THE WAY. When I day this things( and after 4 years in Wp world ) I can tell I'm 100% accurate!
  • Same here. I have a 1520, she has a 1020 lol
  • Please be real. Please be real. My 920 is nice, but I really want to get a new device
  • I think is one of 830 branches. Can't bellieve in 1030 without xenon flash
  • Remember when the previous Lumia 1030 leak turned out to be the Lumia 1520? It could just be an 835, 935, 1530, etc.
  • Pretty much anyone who purchased a 1020 will buy the successor device, if it comes with specs on par with the best 2015 devices. Come on MSFT, release a worthy successor to the L1020. You have an opportunity to be the best, to be remarkable, to be market leading... And, release across all carriers, not just special deals for special carriers.
  • I really hope they don't keep the tubular design. The Lumia 1020 is the last phone to have this horrible design with its unergonomic sharp corners.
  • "-when pigs fly"
  • Please not larger than 5.2"...
    I don't like big ass phones...
  • They'll screw it up somehow. Also what's up with this aluminuim, it bends, it's slippery and it dents easily, it's really terrible. And (at least on my 925) the hole between aluminum frame and plastic back is very big. I'd much rather have the polycarbonate like on 720 (matte, unibody). That feels solid.
  • No xenon? Aluminium? No SD?
    I'll stick with my 1020...
  • Updated: Take a closer look at the back... It has dual led and xenon flash. The shutter looked to be mechanical just like the 1020.. With that being said,I guess this is the successor to the 1020..i hope it has 3gb ram and that memory slot for those large pics
  • No more xenon flash?
  • I want!
  • No Xenon blitz? No way this is a 1020 successor, it would in that case be a huge downgrade in some aspects.
  • I'm ready to buy NOW.
  • Here we go.. More holiday hype.. Carrot and stick marketing 101
  • This must come with 128Gb storage, and SD card slot too.
  • Whatever it is it should have expandable storage.
  • I thought Windows Central doesn't post stuff about non-confirmed leaks/rumors.  Please stick to that motto!  Basically if I don't see it on WC I don't take it seriously.   If you guys start adding these articles then I can't even take you guys seriously even if you tell us to take it with a grain of salt. I use you guys as my most reliable source of confirmed WP stuff!
  • Led flash by the looks of it?
  • It's fake. They will not release a high end phone until Windows 10 is released.
  • THANK GOD there's no capacitive buttons!! Can't stand triggering those stupid things accidentally.
  • I hope they add an xenon flash and not a stupid dual led
  • 1. Front cam positioned closer to the speaker? (perhaps swapped with the ambient sensor) 2. Dual LED flash + xenon flash? (look carefully at the right side) 3. Aluminum body?
  • Excited about this! The only bummer for me right now is that it seems to have no SD card support...AGAIN :( They really need to add external storage support for the high-end devices. That's the only thing SAMSUNG is doing right with their phones
  • Check the IMEI at and see how its verified with a green checkmark...
  • It could be the McLaren because its still with code name "Nokia".
  • Possibly an abandoned prototype definitely not '1030' and will not be released by MS. The 1020 was a massive failure for Nokia and MS.
  • They removed xenon?? Dual led replaces xenon?,why?
  • Hmmm, I hvae the 1020 and there are scary things about this prototype. Some of the things need to be upgraded fast. Here are my thoughts: 1) 2Gb ram is not enough, specially when you save shots as Raw and JPG, My 1020 is unbelievebly slow when it is saving the photos. I have missed some interesting shots... (3 gb would be faster, but 4 would make it a very fast camera). 2) Needs much bigger battery battery when you hug the shutter  3) SD card is an absolute must for this phone. The beauty of a DSLR is that you can change the cards when you are on a long trip and you want to have RAW pictures. 4) The virtual keys take real state from the screen, bad for when you want to take a picture.  5) Capturing 4k is a must for this phone... For the price that they are going to charge for it (1020 new on at&t was 300) then it should have all the above. They can't compromise on these things because they are absolutely necessary...    
  • Im going to post this again, again.    If microsoft wants this phone, the gimmick that it is(i own one), a best seller; 1) get rid of the bump by flushing the back with the sensor thus giving more than double the space for the battery 2) advertise the phone being able to go almost 2 days on a charge, cause it will at that point 3) advertise it as a CAMERA and a phone 4) ignore the bitching about weight. this will add a minimal amount of weight to it. 5) give it the best of the best specs and no less than 64gb storage since it shoots raw 6) by going after a target market, news will spread. give it so some celebs too. The Mindy Project on FOX has nothing buy Lumias on it. Or so ive been told ;)
  • no xenon flash?
  • If this comes in a 6+ inch top of the line phablet, I will replace my 1520 in a hearbeat. I do not want 5" toy phones!
  • No Xenon flash, tiny camera aperture. Also, ugly. Not believing it.
  • It says Nokia instead Microsoft Mobile, it looks fake.
  • Lumia 1030 rumor, 500+ comments. Lol That said, TAKE MY MONEY TAKE MY MONEYYY!!
  • Is this what everones looking for? this would be the right phone.
  • I don't know about you guys, but I am really digging the design. :D
  • Let Microsoft decide what size phone to come out with. Complaining Ain't going to solve the issues. If the Lumia doesn't have this or that then stop buying their products if it doesn't fit your personal needs. They will do whatever it takes to make a great device. Everytime Microsoft comes out with a phone it miss this feature and that feature. What you think Apple and Android is Plan A or Plan B if Plan C doesn't go right. I am grateful for the Lumia 1520 that I have, at first I was like this phone is huge but I got use to it. It does not feel big anymore in my hands. Coming from a Lumia 822, a Lumia 920, and a Lumia 635. Whatever phone they come out with next I will be buying it. I careless about the app gap it isn't that serious.
  • True fan of Microsoft. Keep it coming Lumia.
  • Lumia 1030.. Ok.. But wherez the Xenon Flash... Doubt it,
  • Gold colour please :')
  • Thought nokias were done? Article says its a Nokia
  • I thought Nokia was axed. Why would lumia names be under Nokia still? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • If I was Microsoft, I would bundle that with W10.
  • ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Seriously.... With dual led not xenon? Meh.
  • Lets hope its a genuine story and not a fake, I need a replacement for my 1020 soon and don't want to lose the high spec camera as I would with all current Lumia's in market. Only the 930 / Icon comes close with a 20Mpix snapper....
  • Looks like a phone
  • 1530 w 1020 camera!!!!!!!!
  • If this is real, when can I preorder? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • MS should add SD card to 1030.
  • There is an Xenon Flash too(on the right side) with the Big LED Flash. Its not that Visible in these Pic's but there is an Xenon Flash on the right side.      
  • If you play with the contrast,lighting and shadows of this pic, then you can clearly see that there is a Xenon Flash.  
  • Interesting. If it has an SD card and a beefy cpu and battery... I'll have one!
  • Micorosft need 2 new high end device... for holidays!!!
  • I'd buy one if, there are places for an micro SD card
  • No huge phone for me , happy with my L925
  • No Qi. Must be real. And for AT&T, Go f yourselves.
  • meh. needs to be larger. That small screen on the 1020 is a waste for such awesome camera.