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Leaked screen shots of Windows 10 for phone build 10070 show some Live Tile changes

Some new screen shots have leaked claiming to be Windows 10 for phone build 10070, and they show some more changes coming to the layout of Live Tiles. In build 10070 the Live Tiles appear much closer together than they have in the past, with very little space between them. The leaked screen shots come from a Samsung ATIV S, and the build is said to be extremely buggy on the device.

The spacing changes could be a change coming to Windows 10 for phone, or it could be due to scaling issues on the device. Windows 10 for phone build 10052 recently rolled out to Windows Insiders, followed by a leaked video showing off new transparency settings and other changes as well.

At this time we are unable to validate the legitimacy of the leaked screen shot. With Windows 10 development continuing, we hope to find out more about what is to come at Build 2015.

Source: WindowsMania.PL; Via: WMPoweruser

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  • Hopefully its coming in May
  • Or it could be the new build coming at the end of the month
  • Man.!! I also want leaks comin up on new translucent or aero action center .!!! :/ need one to make the OS look more way cool
  • Thank you ivr been posting on the feed back for that feature its gna be a jilla
  • Good work mann awesome .! Mee to will download the insider after a more stable version .!! :) keep doin the awesome work ;) and I encourage more to do tooo :)
  • True story Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Who said the new build was coming at the end of this month?
  • New Store is needed for download the nee Office apps.
  • A new Build will very likely be released on 4/29 -  the BUILD 2015 openig day.
  • May? I thought the Insider Program is ending this April?
  • Why would it be ending so soon? Or ever?
  • Really? I've even heard that the Insider Program might even continue AFTER Windows 10 has it's official release this summer ;)
  • Yeah the Insider Program will continue but the Technical Preview will stop.
  • Where did u hear this I thought it was going to continue until the release of win 10
  • Bing it.
  • It'll be May !
    May in next year !!
  • same google windows insider and it says apirl will see the end of insider builds
  • Yeah..hopes are the most they should be releasing after the build (would be nothing less than a miracle)..still stuck on the first build because of the insane second build..
  • Is it worse than the first?
  • Yeah, the first build was at least usable to an extent, the second build though was so bugy that I reverted my Lumia 920 back (yes, I did do the "hack" to get the first build onto my Lumia 920, but it's back on 8.1 now).  
  • Funny, I had both and I find the second build to be far less buggy on my 925 than the first.
  • im running the 2nd build on my lumia 920... its much faster than the 1st build
  • yep ssecond build feels far more stable then the first build, and the third even more stable than the 2nd! :P
  • So did I. Both builds run like shit and are barely useable. Not looking good for WP so far.
  • Good summary. Currently W10fP is horrible. But a lot can happen in a few months. Hoping for the best.
  • Hopefully it looks like this
  • Seems elegant
  • Seriously...that is something beautiful and premium look...would love to have UI like that on my phone.
    nokia phones + this UI...speechless
  • Right? It looks seriously good.
  • Why do you keep spamming this?  
  • Maybe because his designs look so much better than what MS themselves come up with?  Maybe him 'spamming it' is VERY IMPORTANT because we want his designs to get as many votes as possible?  We NEED Microsoft to SEE those designs he came up with.
  • I just gave 3 votes to this
  • I don't like the design. Weird transparency and gradient stuff looks Mac-ish, and I personally find OSX to be badly beaten by the ugly brush.
  • While I think most of it looks nice it doesn't really look windows phone. It looks like iOS combined with WP
  • If you want Windows 10 to succeed on phones then vote for this beautiful concept, yeah it looks more like iOS, more colors and simplicity is THE thing to attract customers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe it looks fine for you, but an OS needs usability and speed before beauty.
  • Lol.
  • No thanks. I only use my phone with one hand and that upper left hamburger on everything would be a constant irritation and annoyance.
  • Boo boo. Its happening so deal with it
  • This looks really beautiful. I hope the peeps over at Microsoft see it. The music player in particular is just gorgeous! :)
  • i think the "look" is the last thing to worry about. The frist thing is to do something with the app gap. I know there are more than 500K apps, but apps like snpachat, youtube, instagram and other officials apps should be on windows phone ( i dont use any of them  except youtube), msft has to do something with this. Also add support for EAP-TTLS for eduroam!!!, its a must have feature for a student. I bought a 640 LTE DS and I spent hours trying to figure out how to access to eduroam but its seems impossible (fails in step 2 of verification)
  • How do you expect Microsoft to do this without a user base, if they make a flawless, functional, beautiful os the user base will come and so will the apps
  • Since Microsoft has no power to build these missing apps, the next best thing they can do is build a functional, fast, and beautiful OS that draws people to it... I don't judge a phone by its UI, otherwise I'd have an iPhone, but most people do.  So put the best dang looking UI on this phone and people will pick it up. The more people that pick a Windows Phone, the more likely a developer will build an app So yes, UI and performance are critical because it is always present, apps come and go, but the first thing you see on your phone will always be your start screen ( or home screen or whatever) ....I wouldn't buy this car even if it had the engine of a Lamborghini and the efficiency of a civic...  
  • How? I connect my lumia 720 on Eduroam every time I am in university, mostly 'cause UniMi wifi is "open" (you still need your personal pass, but wifi is marked as open) and not so speedy as Eduroam (7gbps vs 20) Idk, i had done something about the certificate but I don't remember what (at first I had problems, but now the phone connects automatically)
  • Other then the looks WP is a great OS
  • it's more sleake and modern than it's rivals... lollipop and ios8. To be honest it's the best ever lokking design i've ever saw. i wish that Microsoft will see that and make it happen without any problems.
  • Beautiful
  • Here for this. Adding interactive abilities with tiles would make this the best damn phone OS ever.
  • Awesome man..keep saying we want this design until they make this real
  • Awesome concept...the giant should implement it...but the music player and the store should be as same....coz shown in these pics...they are of android styling....many users (including me) chose wp cz of its an8mations and design of square...not like boring these 2 should be different..and the tiles shown in above pic...concept of 4..and other customizations..look's  freakily awesome....this should be another changes made my ms....guys wp is known for its little changed ui..and behavior...dont make it bad like is boring thing...wp guys know what is value of their phone...its far more amazing than ios and android....many users...including's me....purchased wp coz of its hold and square tiles interface....not for their curved icons of android.....wp is effect in action center....and lock screen curves will spoil wp.....its awesome style dude..but some changes need to be in accordance to wp....if gold is not selling in market...will it change its properties to make it silver so it could be sold na....everything has own has its time now....many ppl are bored with android....wp will also have its time ....i prsonally was in shock when i heard nokia dropped wp idea and took android yr.....i mean commin guys....wp is awsome....its unique and different...i bet coming yrs...ios and android will jo longer survive coz of their interface....wp will be a rocking phone......its interfwce is awsome ....
  • I notice Word Preview too in the photo. ;)
  • by seeing live tiles i firstly misunderstood it by interactive tiles...and got disappointed after reading the article.. troll happened with me
  • Right after Build please!
  • The store icon looks out of proportion!
  • Yeah..
  • Maybe they need to make the icons bigger to accomodate smaller tiles.
  • At last settings icon looks good :)
  • Yea way too big
  • My cock is bigger
  • Exactly, it looked perfect before.
  • Yep, they fixed settings icon but blew up the store icon. I hope this is just a bug.
  • Don't you understand what TP mean?
  • Do you? It wouldn't be out here if MS wasn't looking for feedback which is what he's doing.
  • it looks like the Store Beta from desktop 10 and the live tile is probably just straight up ported from W10
  • This, I just noticed the same thing having update to 10061. I guess if MS is selling this unified development platform, they are showing evidence that bugs are universal too ;)
  • Isn't the current build's Setting icon huge like that?
  • There aren't enough mainstream apps to fill a bag that large.
  • On the plus side, it should hold plenty of toilet paper for the countless fart apps that may follow with the unified store :P.
  • Winning
  • Lol, but sad & true.
  • Agree.
    And you can't see the background picture because of the tighter tiles !
    Thanks for the tighter tiles.
  • Probably just a scaling issue. But I hope this additonal tile column isn't scaling issue and is an optional feature in final releas.e
  • More elegant
  • That's what I thought. Elegant.
  • I agree. Elegant.
  • Yeah, looks similar to one of those Windows 10 concepts from before. Elegant.
  • As they said. Elegant.
  • Yeah, there's 4 medium size tiles across❗ The spacing, and tiles don't need to be so big... I like this... Although options are nice...
    Microsoft should let us "pinch to enlarge" tiles in W10, so that we can customize them to the size we want..... Options
  • I agree, 4 rows.. awesome! I love the spacing too. cuurious, what do you mean by pinch to enlarge?
  • Like literally placing two fingers on a live tile and pinching, or spreading, the tile larger, or smaller. They could give us more options like an extra wide tile that goes the entire width of the screen.... But, I'm actually talking about being able to pinch to enlarge to any size we choose.. That could yield spacing options, so that we could choose how much space is between tiles...
    Doesn't make any sense for MS to sit up there trying to fight out what the best configuration is when they could just make a lot of things user adjustable and be done with it.
  • Again, you want a setting for fucking everything every little thing, do you know anything about ux design? They're is in fact a thing called overwhelming people. A setting is useless if it's buried in a thousand little toggles that 90% of users won't understand..
  • I've been asking for this feature since 1520 came out, love it
  • And that Xbox app!
  • Yeah I guess its back in action
  • Same thought here too. As soon as I saw this image I immediately thought that my current start screen looked messy. Anyway hope its real rather than scaling issue as that store icon as mentioned above is way too big.
  • And by this way they can implement the 4x4 tile which would look elegantly nice!
  • So I am the only one who preferred the older look!? Looks somewhat cluttered, spacing was a good thing. Can barely see the background image with tile icons blocking image. :/
  • Well, it would make a background image easier to see with transparency, and less black spacing.
  • I wasn't talking about black spacing, the new option which lets you overlay tiles on the image. That way bits of images can be seen, with this it's a bit difficult, but It looks like there might be a toggle to add more tiles without spacing on big devices.
  • I think that you can set 2,3 or 4 columns as you wish.  Hopefully, we can set the gap size also.  The TileArt screen should look nicer with the narrow gap.
  • Im willing to bet 4 columns will be exclusive to 5.5" and higher devices
  • No, you're not alone !!
    I'm with you ! And I'm agree with you !!
    You can't barely see the background image on this fucking build 10070.
    And background image became useless because of the tighter tiles !
  • Hope there's a toggle switch for this! Or a feature just for phablets.
  • Me too. But I hope it's a buggy.
  • Seems elegant
  • Thanks for your "elegant".
    Now the background image became useless. And you can't see the background picture because the tighter tiles!
  • Make them transparent. Problem solved.
  • I think it will be available for 5" and higher screens
  • Yup.
  • What is that device?
  • Samsung Ativ S
  • You read the article or no?
  • What about 4.7" (My 730)
    Take back your words!!
  • So its 4.5" or higher
  • It wouldn't happen.
    It's just a buggy !
  • It can't be scaling issues. Otherwise you wouldn't be seeing another row of tiles, I hope?
  • Unless there's a new option for a fourth row.
  • There would be.
  • Or there could be a slider to change the gap between tiles upto certain limit
  • I like that idea
  • Hmm, maybe a slider to increase the size of the tiles diagonally?
  • Was obvious that this change is coming. The spacing is already different on non mobile preview.
  • Lets hope Lumia 930 will get it
  • Nope, sorry. :D
  • Icon Too lol..
  • Gabe already mentioned on his twitter that scalling bug on L930 is fixed. Let's hope they wouldn't find others and release a new build with L930 included  
  • Gabe already mentioned on his twitter that scalling bug on L930 is fixed. Let's hope they wouldn't find others and release a new build with L930 included.  
  • Ta didn't realise not on twitter lol
  • Yeah but the TP is a joke, its not ready for your daily driver at all yet. Why would you ruin your 930 with this?
  • Looks neat very compact and efficient use of the screen
  • Agree.
  • Yep, looks great!
  • So the question is when will it release?
  • Most likely during/after the Build.
  • How do you know that?
  • Well they said that the Office Preview would be out before the end of the month, and we need another build to enable the beta store that allows you to download the Office Previw apps, so ...
  • FOUR ROWS O.O me likey
  • you mean 4 columns? or.
  • Lol
  • Honestly looks a lot better than current implementation. I approve. Plus another column
  • Thank you for your honesty.
  • This looks nice
  • Interactive tiles please.
  • That's what I'm hoping for!
  • Yeah. The live tiles need to evolve and interactivity is the way to go.
  • They've already demonstrated this using just WP 8.0. Its only a matter of implementation unless there are other issues involved.
  • You mean MixView? I hope they implement it in Windows 10.
  • Mixview was more tailored for the rumored McLaren. Its interactive as well though. Its more of a flyout view to view contents within a tile for example your friends in people tile. True interactivity is when you can perform action like replying to a mail from the tile itself or play/pause music from the tile. All this was actually demonstrated by MS Research.
  • I concur with you sir
  • Yes! That and firmware included.
  • The store tile looks way bigg!
  • I hope this is a new option because that looks lovely
  • wow, consistancy flew out the window ! some tiles have tiny icons, others 4x scale, some are clear, some have metro colors, etc surely this isn't a real screenshot ? 
  • Welcome to windows 10
  • Haha
  • I think it is, and it's not a big deal, because you have to remember that this is still work in progress and far from official version. What you are describing gets done last when all the funcionality and everything else is in order. Right now the focus is on new features and making OS stable and without chrashes or big bugs. It's a process and we need to wait and see the finished product before we can say anything about consistency.
  • Which term in "Technical Preview! don't you understand?
  • How old are you? What do you not understand about preview? That article clearly day there's scaling issue on this artic ativ s
  • How old are you? What do you not understand about preview? That article clearly says there's scaling issue on this ativ s
  • Please tell me you're joking with this comment.How many times do people need to be reminded that this is 'work in progress' .This whining is getting too annoying.
  • it seems to me that they have a limited vocabulary. That or a lack of knowledge regarding technology.
  • I'm not sure I like the idea of 4 rows. Hopefully its an option like in win8.
  • 4 rows?
  • Most likely meant columns :Pm
  • It's a saturday, i hope it can be forgiven :)
  • We'll let you off this time ;) I like the idea of things being an option though. Customizing things is great.
  • Extremely buggy.. Yikes!
  • Looks elegant...
  • Windows been good in scaling. I believe this is also not a scaling issue.
  • Really? 4k and other higher resolutions always have been a problem.
  • This gonna look great on phablets. Not sure about small devices
  • Just like the option for more tiles on low res screens we have now.
  • Corey, raises a valid point the more tiles option reduces the size of tiles. So therefore on smaller phones like the 620, they would be pretty tiny with 4 med tile sized columns.
  • True. But I hope for an option. Just like we have now.
  • Yes! This is beautiful!
  • That is for rows of medium times, more than my 1520 supports!
  • I don't think it's fake, OneDrive is transparent...
    Anyway, looks good, but with too many transparent tiles things start to mesh together.
  • I don't like the whole Start Screen to be transparent, either. A bit of colors and a bit of transparency, that'd be perfect for me.
  • Would be nice if they could implement a colour picker like function under start + themes where you could select what should follow the accent colour, be transparent , retain the original tile colour or be translucent.
  • Really hope this is either not gonna happen or an option. It looks less like Windows Phone, even though it still is recognisable as it. Too squished. can't give a definite reason, but I just don't like it. Sorry.
  • You probably wasn't one of the complainers, but I remember when WP 7 was out and even 8, people were crying about tile spacing. MS appears to be working on it on a non-finalized product and the whining continues
  • I'm not complaining, crying or whining. I'm just saying that as it is now, as a first impression, I don't particularly like it. It may well grow on me. I'm not gonna threaten to leave Windows, or refuse to update, I'm just voicing an opinion. I'm well aware that it could be altered, its not set in stone. But just because something has changed doesn't mean everyone should instantly like it.
  • Not saying you were complaining or couldn't, just pointing out that people complained about the original spacing and once something is changed to accommodate their original complaints, they continued to complain even on a product that's clearly a preview and unfinished.
  • People always complain. Too many user's to keep happy.
  • The battery icon sucks ..
  • Agreed! Why can't they just use the one we have now in 8.1? Hopefully this UI improves over the next 5-6 months!!
  • Because Microsoft has an old habit of screwing up things which people don't complain about. Xbox music,, panoramas,,facebook messaging integration....etc
    I'm positive they'll change the icon in the final build though...
  • This a "Technical Preview"!.
  • Yeah got that. But still why show a shitty looking battery icon now and then improve it later when it already looked good previously? 
  • It's too tight! No Microsoft!
  • That's what she said.
  • <