Leaked video of Windows 10 for phone reveals transparency slider, Lumia Camera 5.5

Although many Insiders are now using build 10052 for Windows 10 on phone, WPXAP has shown version 12544 in a new hands-on video.

The jump in version number implies many changes, and indeed there are. We have the video for you to watch, but we have broken down the important parts since you may not understand everything that is being shown in the video.

Background transparency, new Accent colors

Perhaps the biggest features a slider control for transparency of the background image. As expected for Windows 10 desktop, users will be able to manipulate the opaqueness of their preferred background image.

Additionally, Microsoft has bumped the number of Accent color choices from 20 (plus an optional OEM color choice) to 48, giving users a much more fine-grained control over their device colors.

Lumia Camera 5.5

Evidently, Microsoft has a Lumia Camera 5.5 in the works, a significant bump from the current 5.0 version. Devices like the Lumia 1020 can evidently get the super-quick camera launching found on the Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. This app is a rather big deal.

Unfortunately, Rich Capture was not revealed to be in this build. This feature, however, is likely a limitation of the Lumia 1020's hardware, something that Microsoft has always maintained as not being possible (due to the need for quad-core processors for background processing).

New Word and OneNote apps, Store Beta, etc.

A good segment of the video reveals the new Word and OneNote apps in detail. Additionally, the Store beta app is shown as is the new build of Spartan, which matches the PC version.

The Video and Chapters

  • 0:35 – Transparency controls for background images
  • 0:57 – New accent color choices, up to 48 (previous was 21)
  • 1:07 – New Spartan build 10061
  • 1:27 – New Lumia Camera 5.5 including quick-launch on Lumia 1020. However, there does not appear to be support for Rich Capture (likely due to older S4 processor)
  • 1:55 – New Windows Store Beta
  • 2:22 – New call screening and contacts
  • 2:55 – New Word and OneNote apps for Windows 10

No word when Microsoft will discuss these new features. We should remind users that some of this is experimental and may not even make it to the final version of Windows 10 for release. Nonetheless, it should give a good direction of where the company is heading with Windows 10 for mobile.

Source: WPXAP

Daniel Rubino

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