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Leaked video of Windows 10 for phone reveals transparency slider, Lumia Camera 5.5

Although many Insiders are now using build 10052 for Windows 10 on phone, WPXAP has shown version 12544 in a new hands-on video.

The jump in version number implies many changes, and indeed there are. We have the video for you to watch, but we have broken down the important parts since you may not understand everything that is being shown in the video.

Background transparency, new Accent colors

Perhaps the biggest features a slider control for transparency of the background image. As expected for Windows 10 desktop, users will be able to manipulate the opaqueness of their preferred background image.

Additionally, Microsoft has bumped the number of Accent color choices from 20 (plus an optional OEM color choice) to 48, giving users a much more fine-grained control over their device colors.

Lumia Camera 5.5

Evidently, Microsoft has a Lumia Camera 5.5 in the works, a significant bump from the current 5.0 version. Devices like the Lumia 1020 can evidently get the super-quick camera launching found on the Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. This app is a rather big deal.

Unfortunately, Rich Capture was not revealed to be in this build. This feature, however, is likely a limitation of the Lumia 1020's hardware, something that Microsoft has always maintained as not being possible (due to the need for quad-core processors for background processing).

New Word and OneNote apps, Store Beta, etc.

A good segment of the video reveals the new Word and OneNote apps in detail. Additionally, the Store beta app is shown as is the new build of Spartan, which matches the PC version.

The Video and Chapters

  • 0:35 – Transparency controls for background images
  • 0:57 – New accent color choices, up to 48 (previous was 21)
  • 1:07 – New Spartan build 10061
  • 1:27 – New Lumia Camera 5.5 including quick-launch on Lumia 1020. However, there does not appear to be support for Rich Capture (likely due to older S4 processor)
  • 1:55 – New Windows Store Beta
  • 2:22 – New call screening and contacts
  • 2:55 – New Word and OneNote apps for Windows 10

No word when Microsoft will discuss these new features. We should remind users that some of this is experimental and may not even make it to the final version of Windows 10 for release. Nonetheless, it should give a good direction of where the company is heading with Windows 10 for mobile.

Source: WPXAP

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Very exciting changes. Windows 10 is starting to pull together in these later builds.
  • It seems, thanks for sharing it here Daniel
  • looks like microsoft is more concerned about office and cortana ... doesn't care to revamp phone architecture ... 
  • Really, it is a video showing the features, 99% of the people could care less about the architecture.  They want all the bells and whisltes.  You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Just what do you mean "architecture" ?
  • He has no clue. Just using big words he doesn't understand!
  • Microsoft has actually done more architectural advances during the past couple of years than anybody else.
  • multi tasking is still horrible ... notification center still sux ... no good support to write services ... APIs are poor... cant access wifi, bluetooth etc from code (thousands of tickets open for it)   @Giddora... wp market share has not gone beyond 5%. I will accept they have done lot in 2 yrs. wp8 dinn have notification center they got in 8.1 after ages ... sure enjoy advance architecture
  • The multitasking is killing me. I want to be able to do something else useful while I download in the background. Also, we should have a folder where we can access unrecognizable files. Presently on windows 10 (just as in windows phone 8.1) if u transfer a file through blue tooth and you don't view it and save it, it gets missing in the phone. I've brought that to the notice of MS, Hope they improve on that in Win 10
  • WP has the worst multitasking ... I like the way android handles...I can write apps as a startup services, scheduler etc. 
  • Their multitasking is the same as IOS. Android background tasks is what kills its battery life. You have apps you never use starting up and using resources in the background.
  • Absolutely agree with you on that, I would also say that it contributes to the lag that plauges Android as well. 
  • Yeah, but I wonder why the changes you would implement that would move them beyond 5% is being largely ignored by everyone including Microsoft.  The nerve huh?
  • It was not even three percent a couple of years back. The market size in itself has grown exponentially. On top of it windows is still almost entirely Microsoft. To gain a couple of percentage points in market shares where the market is growing so fast and where there has been a huge influx of chinese manufacturers who provide top of the line specs at entry level prices is commendable. The reason why Windows has not grown even more is that it lacks in terms of app count and in some cases functionality. Things have already improved drastically from 2013 and by the end of 2017 you will see at least a 10% share for windows mobiles. 
  • Multi tasking and notification center are just fine for most us. Definately not "horrible" as you say. Were you around for WP7? Why are you here if WP is so horrible?
  • Could be like me. He has a $600 mistake with WP on it sitting in a drawer wondering if it will ever be worth bothering to charge up again.
  • More likely you guys get a kick out of posting such things. Besides, since WP is dead, you can stop wondering.
  • The changed the architecture when they went from WP7 to WP8. Are you referring to the UI? The "architecture" is fine.
  • Waiting for it on my Lumia Icon.
  • +929
  • Also want a transparent /aero action center .!!!!
  • Waiting for pause option while recording videos
  • This!
  • my favourite option :D
  • This^^^^^ man I've been waiting forever for this feature lol
  • Had that on a phone back in 2005 :D  
  • Me 2
  • Same here.  My Icon is in "standby to download" mode!  lol  Hopefully Microsoft will release that option to us soon!  I know there was a problem with the scaling which is why we don't have it yet, but hopefully VERY SOON!
  • Evidently.
  • It certainly is :)
    However: the jump in version number is not as big as you think. It's from current 10.12534.59 to 10.12544.xx actually...
    Dunno how this "build 10052" corresponds to the actual version number ;)
  • I've never really understood how that works...
  • Bow hows the perfromance of the phone. I shd installed windows 10 but had to roll back bcoz it was my primary device. How is Windows 10 running on your phone??? After the this new build has been released??
  • My works fine even if its still on cyan.
  • Haha
  • Funny and true.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Any news on Lumia 930 support, Daniel??
  • Why the keyboard always pops out right upon the typing space. I can't see my text. Anybody else facing the same thing
  • OMG! I think this is the 1st insider preview that Im really looking forward to. Mostly because I can see my requested features of more tile background options, more accent colours and transparency slider. Thank you Microsoft and its engineers!
    Now, if only they could bring back pivot navigation and/or horizontal swipes for tabs/pages as well as hamburger menu and find a way to place hamburger button and navigational controls/buttons/icons at bottom and I'll be a happy person. Also, would love to see options for pinning individual pages/tabs to start screen. Also, need more functionality options which first and foremost would be more live tile functionality for people hub individual contacts and Spartan live websites. Also, it's about time MS brings interactive live tiles as well. Also, background streaming and downloading functionality for all formats.
    P.S I'm tired of requesting these features again and again and again but I'm glad that Microsoft seems to be listening so there is hope. *broad grin*
  • I'll get right on the rest of your personal requests...
  • so long to read it   
  • Just because they're shown in this leaked build, doesn't mean features/changes will be in the next Technical Preview released to Insiders. Or any later ones.
  • The Lumia camera 5.5 is proof that MS deliberately tried to ignore the S4 phones but the uservoice evidently won!
  • Proof? Were you a microsoft employee? Do you know microsofts internal road map? Wheres this proof you speak of that shows releasing lumia camera 5 features to s2 devices wasnt on the roadmap after denim?
  • When have they said it would not be available to other phones? They said Lumia Camera 5.0 will not be and this video shows 5.5.
  • You're a moron and an effin conspiracy nut..
  • Add them new native apps and you've got magic ;)
  • You forgot to say there is an option for the background picture to be full or on the tiles (as wp 8.1)
  • Are you doing first comments to stop people from posting the "first" comment? :D
  • Why is the build.number that's always mentioned not the actual build number that shows in the about screen? Like the one released last night 10051. That number seems meaningless to us. It's not what is shown on the phone
  • i say they have already almost RTM ed Windows 10 and just fooling us around with builds like 10051 etc. But seriously, W10 showed n this video is a big leap from what we got to taste..!
  • Build 10051 is version 12534.59. The build and version-numbers do not match up... Same thing with something like Android... Android is called Android 5.x or a stupid candy-name, but it's actually build LMY47* with * being a differentiator when it comes to carriers and stuff.
  • Now we can all unite and get excited for what's coming! :D
  • The speed increase on L1020 and the Touch Word are most impressive.
  • 2500 builds since the last one? That seems like a crazy jump, seems inaccurate.
  • except the UI is still awful...I hope they are just waiting to unveil a better design closer to the finish line...
  • I have a question. My 635 10TP can set up Hey Cortana function in settings. I did. But I know it's a hardware thing. I assume mine can't do it tho because of hardware limitations?
  • Totally agree. So many people were spitting fire about changes in W10, but the more it develops, the more it shows how brilliant it is becoming.
  • Great news re the camera speeds for the 1020. Might not stick it on eBay after all ;^) *JOKE*
  • Would be interested to see if it improves actual shot-to-shot time on the 1020 too, in addition to faster start time.
  • Yeah, shot-to-shot time improvements would be great.  That would be my only remaining complaint about my wife's otherwise excellent 1020.
  • That would be awesome.  But holy crap just an improvement in startup time would be SUCH a welcome thing!!  First thing in win 10 that I'm actually excited about!
  • I'm a big Blink fan for any "burst" type scenarios - might be worth a try?
  • Is there any update when will the flac files be playable on windows phone?
  • I'm still worried about them making the rumored deadline with a product that has acceptable levels of bugs, but it's starting to look better...
  • The new store beta looks absolutely horrible in comparison to the elegant pivoted current 8.1 store.
  • Btw, very clever to comment on your own story to get comments going.
  • Yeah, it's starting to become more consistent now. Too bad it still looks like garbage though.
  • Am I the only one who noticed the new elipsis button that appears when text is highlighted? Has it been mentioned in another thread? Looks like we'll FINALLY have Cut Copy and Paste available there! As small as that is, it has been a bugbear of mine for years...
  • Totally freakin out like a fanboy :D
  • Haan ji. Colors grid, transparency....yey!
  • all these videos popping up. why is this not on the insider track already :/
  • Videos and what's ready are two different things :/
  • It might never become available to insiders. Not every leaked build will be a build for testing.
  • I thought this was posted yesterday?
  • Actually two days ago, but what's your point?
  • Nothing. Just that I came here expecting a new leaked video. :/
  • Yeah, same... Wtf
  • Yes, but they didn't pay attention.
  • wow, onenote now have material design!
  • Material design itself is a copy of metro
  • Metro has floating buttn?
  • You mean the "material design" that is a straight off copy of Windows Phones stylistic approach?
  • Is this build the one coming this month with new office apps?
  • we will find out in about 3 days what new build we will get for 10TP for both phones and pc's.
  • I'm still missing 4 sec shutter speed in my L720
  • Me too on my 920... But I seriously will bring it back ..
  • Yeah I hope it will....
  • Please make a dual boot function so we can try it out but still having the WP 8.1 just in case! ;)
  • They'd need to adjust the system partition. Phones def need to be SD capable if dual boot was available. This is another thing that needs to develop. Phones being actual computers that can be manipulated at will.
  • I'm effing pumped for this.
  • Give it to me Microsoft.....
  • I might download this build, hopefully soon
  • Did I see an option under the background settings for 'Tile'? Please let this be the return of the WP8.1 tile skins - I do prefer them over the background-behind-tiles thing. Windows 10 is looking better, it's still got a way to go but I'm slowly starting to warm to the look of it (I'm not a TP user). Still wouldn't mind a bit more classic WP in it, though, but things change.
  • That is there to be seen in the will have both the options as in 10 and 8.1 with additional control over the transparency...i also saw a standard colours option in there...maybe a color mixer thing maybe
  • Hopefully we'll be able to get this build at \BUILD plus support for L930 will be added. Too optimistic? Haha
  • I guess I'm going to reinstall the update :P
  • So, looks like no hope for bringing navigation down. I hope only that W10 will be smooth on phones as was 8.1, otherwise if it starts lagging as Lagdroid I don't see much keeping me with W10. Inb4 haters saying go to lagdroid
  • To be fair, 'lagdroid" is a tired criticism. If you've used android in the past year or two you would find it runs just as smooth as Windows Phone. I'm not trying to troll here, just stating a fact.
  • No it doesn't.i have been using lagdroid and it is no where as smooth.
  • +3gb RAM
  • Lol. +3 gb ram and you just might run it smoothly.
  • Yup.. They need atleast 2gb to work smoothly and that too for 1 year.. Then again Lag and Lag.. Was using it for few years.. Done with it..
  • I've seen people using it and it just lags, out of box, ofc. But that were all phones with inferior specs as my Ativ S. Maybe I need to sell my phone and get some S3 to try until W10 rolls out.
  • It runs smooth for about the first 8 months.  Then it's down hill.  I know because I have one.
  • It runs just as smooth as WP for the first year/year & a half. Then it turns to lagdroid. My buddies Droid is slow to the point of non-usability. He uses his iPod touch for all non calling/texting. Carrying two devices to use as one phone is sad..
  • Lol. I got several downvotes for my comment. This exactly why the comments section of windows central is becoming "the little kids" table of Mobile Nations. I feel sorry for the writers of this site.
  • Have you seen what happens to WP-positive posts on other networks?   And besides... I think you are getting downvotes because your comment is just plain wrong.
  • WP8.1 lags plenty for me. Resuming and loading screens that make Android seem lightning fast.
  • Go test an android 4.4 with 512mb and wp 8.1 with 512 mb .. Which lags the most huh?
  • Time for a hard reset then or upgrade to a 1GB RAM WP. My old 920 and now new 830 never see resuming screens or lag!
  • The "resuming" thing definitely is a downside of WP8.1. Never had that problem with WP8.0. That said, it is still infinitely better than Android, which lags like no other. I cannot believe people tolerate that crappy OS at all.
  • Yep it does for me too. I was quite shocked actually as I thought WP8.1 ran smoothly on low end hardware (I use a Lumia 535) I also own iPhone 5s and runs a lot more smoothly even though my 5s has a duel core A7 chip and has the same 1 GB RAM plus my Lumia 535 has a quad core processor clocked at 1.2 GHZ.
  • very nice, indeed, am already having a virtually smooth experience on my 1020 with the TP's, but can't wait to get that faster camera, as its pretty sluggish on the 1020 as we know, and that will be a sweet deal seeing as its the most camera centric device - pump it out to fast ring already MS :)
  • Still no folders on the start screen. I really hope win10 has this.
  • We already have Folders in W10 TP...
  • W10 for phones has folders
  • Just while on start screen, drag an app over another app. Done. Available on 8.1 and 10 TP.
  • The same Life Folders from Windows Phone 8.1 Update/Denim are available in Windows 10 for phones and have been since the first tech preview. They are not removing Live folders on phones.
  • There has been folders in WP since Cyan I believe and they are still there in WP10.
  • Since Denim.
  • Still don't understand...if the 640 series can get Lumia camera 5..why cant my 730 not get it?
    I mean..they basically have the same specs! :|
  • Cause 640 comes preinstalled with gdr2 so wait for updates....
  • Basically the same specs. Not exactly right? You just answered your own question. Basically the same specs means that a few, few things are different. And that makes all the difference. They have different screens. Basically the same specs, only difference (major) screen type. AMOLED or LCD I think. And that's what makes or breaks Glance.