Leaked T-Mobile HD2 ROM in video

We brought you the first news of the HTC HD2 headed for T-Mobile. We brought you the first look at the new Sense 2.5 documents tab. Now here's a look at the ROM actually on an HD2, courtesy of hdblog.it. As you can see, multitouch is enabled, at least in the documents tab. Peep the video after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Can't wait to get it. Microsoft, HTC, and T-Mobile perfect combination!
  • sweet i wonder how much it will cost to buy it with out a contract
  • if the past is any indication without a contract most likely $500. - $650.
  • That's actually pretty reasonable without a contract. Hopefully it will, but Amazon is selling the international version for $920. http://www.amazon.com/HTC-T8585EUBLK-Unlocked-Smartphone-Windows/dp/B003... Might come down a bit by T-Mo so they don't price themselves out of customers.
  • just give them your arm and your leg and we'll call it even.
  • That sounds like a fair deal.. (can you tell that I *really* like this phone?) :)
  • Great phone, interface, ...I'm in line for this one
  • Man, March is a long time to wait. I've been dying to get a new phone and this wait is killing me.
  • it would be nice if they just released some more phones with the new cpus already i would personally prefer a slider instead of this and a 1500+ battery
  • *drool* Even though Verizon hooked me up with my Touch Pro 2. I might just have to make the switch to T-mo when the time comes. I must have that power in my hands!!!