Legere review: A Windows 10 Reddit app that pulls in Imgur, YouTube, and more

No matter what you love, there's a subreddit for it. From news to memes, Reddit feels like the pulse of the internet. Legere is a third-party Reddit client that allows you to enjoy more content without jumping around. It has built-in support for YouTube videos, Imgur albums, and webpages that are all common types of content on Reddit. It also supports a long list of Windows 10-specific features such as Live Tiles, Timeline support, and actionable notifications.

Legere has a free version as well as pricing tiers that range up to $10. The app is in beta so you might run into some bugs, though I had no issues during my testing.

All-in-one Reddit



Bottom line: Legere is an impressive Reddit client that supports external media. As a result, you don't have to leave the app to enjoy the web.


  • Supports external web content directly within the app.
  • Has many Windows 10-specific features.
  • Supports multiple accounts.


  • Has a crowded design.
  • Has a complex pricing system.

What you'll love about Legere

Legere is one of the apps that came out as part of the Launch event a few weeks ago. These apps have a theme of fitting popular services into well-built Windows 10 applications. Legere certainly fits into that trend with its native-UWP design, support for Windows 10-specific features, and its support of many Reddit features. It's a comprehensive client with a unique look.

Legere supports multiple Reddit accounts, the new sidebar for subreddits, and has support for multireddits. Browser through content is easy with touch or a mouse thanks to the columned design of Legere. It also supports customizable touch gestures so you can upvote a thread with a swipe.

One of the best things about Legere is how well it supports external media. YouTube videos, Imgur albums, and webpages can all be rendered directly in the app. These are three of the most popular forms of sharing content on Reddit and not having to jump into a browser or a separate app to view them is great.

On the Windows 10 side of things, Legere supports a long list of features. You can reply to comments with actionable notifications, view videos in a smaller window using Compact Overlay mode, jump back into a specific thread with Windows Timeline support, and view content at a glance with Live Tiles. The developers of Legere did a great job infusing Windows 10-specific features into Reddit.

What you'll dislike about Legere

Legere does a lot of things well, but the interface feels crowded. The app presents a lot of content at once and has quite a few navigation shortcuts, but I feel like there's often too much on the screen. This can be alleviated a bit by hiding the sidebar and minimizing menus, but it's still a lot to see at once. Threads also have quite a bit of color accents that I think make the app look too busy. These are all subjective, and other users might have a different take. I like the options that Legere presents when it comes to navigating the app but would prefer some additional options to make it feel more minimal.

Should you try Legere?

There's no shortage of Reddit clients on Windows 10, but I think Legere does enough to warrant a look. Its seamless support of external media makes it a great way to browse Reddit. Its support of Windows 10 features is refreshing as well as many developers don't support Windows 10 as thoroughly as Legere.

If you browse Reddit a lot, I'd definitely give Legere a try. It has a free version that illustrates what the app is about well and then you can purchase the additional features that you'd like.

Sean Endicott
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