LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros launches for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Lego has brought another kid-friendly game to the Windows Store with LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Targeted at kids ages 5-12, Mighty Micros lets you take control of an iconic DC superhero or villain as you race through the streets on missions.

Here's a quick look at what LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros offers:

  • Play as your favourite DC Comic character
  • Become the hero or play as the mischievous villain
  • Collect studs to unlock new characters, environments and stories
  • Build and upgrade your secret lair
  • Build your own missions in mission control
  • Unique cinematics where you build the story

If you're up for embarking on some racing action as a DC hero or villain, you can grab LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros for free on the Windows Store now.

Download LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Lego DC Mighty Micros

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  • This, to me, is a good sign. If Lego backs your platform, you are half way there. Sweet. Downloading now...
  • My sons will love this. Thanks Lego, downloading now to add to apps corner(which is for a me a meh replacement for kids corner because the *£* tile never stays pinned)
  • AND takes long time to launch and close, AND action center gets cleared with each usage, AND harder to reach by children
  • And recently Apps corner completely screwed by Lumia830. After closing the Apps corner all but several live tiles disappeared from my start screen and the apps screen was empty like all my application would be gone. Soft reset did not fix this. Turning the phone off and pulling the battery out for several minutes did not fix it. Eventually I had to do hard reset to fix it. Since that time I am always afraid of running the apps corner for my kids.
  • At last, there's a DC game on W10M.
  • Everyone who has W10M should download this game to show the developers our support.
  • Not downloading but purchasing!
  • Actually, the game is completely free with no in-app purchases. Very child-friendly standpoint from Lego.
  • So, all new games cone without Xbox integration it seems. Would be cool if they made it mandatory, which would help make Xbox gaming social centre. :)
  • Which would require more time from developers and then they would decide "meh lets not do a game at all"
  • I think they should make tools for that integration as good as possible and make it as hassle free as possible. :-)
  • Yah that could work. MS should be doing everything to make the developers lives easier.
  • From what MS say it's not hard to add the Xbox Integration, I just don't think many companies see the benefit of it outside of "Full games" for Xbox One and PC. Even companies who did include it in their past games decided to drop it (Hitman GO had it, the follow ups didn't bother)
  • Well, since they add similar features when they publish them to play and app store, I think it would be beneficial for Windows and Xbox. ;)
  • Yeah I would prefer it if they did. Sometimes just having that Xbox banner on the store has a positive mental impact that makes you think the game is of a higher quality too
  • Yep and it actually is good incentive to play the game, since you would want as many achievements as you can. Plus, I noticed that same game can have Xbox banner on PC and not on mobile.
  • And agreed and agreed and agreed and agreed and agreed.
  • Dead Windows Store link.
  • Seems to be working again. It opened the webpage and then the Store app.  
  • Thanks.
  • Can you use a controller?
  • I am 23. Still downloading an playing. :D
  • No xbox integration... Sad
  • wow, great game to try.
  • I'm Batman!