Lenovo details Companion and Settings apps that will come with its Windows 10 PCs

Ahead of the launch of Windows 10, which is just a couple of days away, Lenovo has provided some details on a couple of the apps that will come preloaded on its PCs.

The two apps that Lenovo talks about are Lenovo Companion 3.0 (opens in new tab), and Lenovo Settings (opens in new tab). Lenovo Companion is described as an optimization tool that will keep your Lenovo PC running in top shape. The app will periodically assess your machine and then give you a heads-up on actions you can take to free up space and keep things running smoothly.

Lenovo Companion

Lenovo Settings, on the other hand, will provide users with easily-accessible options to manipulate how their PC behaves. From Lenovo:

"As a "smart" device control hub, the new Lenovo Settings lets users easily adapt and modify the way their device behaves. For example, when in tablet mode, the product will customize its display and other settings based on its orientation versus in traditional laptop mode. Alternatively, the device's usage will also alter its settings, for example when watching a movie versus reading an e-book."

Lenovo Settings

Both apps will come preloaded on Lenovo's Windows 10 PCs, which the company says will start shipping on July 29 right alongside the operating system. Additionally, both apps are listed in the Windows 10 Store, which should make updating them relatively easy. If you'd like to check out the store listings yourself, you can hit up the links below to view the apps.

Source: Lenovo (opens in new tab)

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  • Assumedly one can also download these two apps directly from the store on recent model Lenovo's purchased before win 10's launch?
  • "Additionally, both apps are listed in the Windows 10 Store, which should make updating them relatively easy".
  • Yup, in fact, those images are from my two Lenovo's (Yoga 3 Pro and X1) running the new apps and Windows 10. They came out within the last 2 days.
  • Might as well be called Lenovo Comrade.
  • That be awesome :D
  • Step #1: remove any Lenovo app or program from your new PC, including registry entries, with rubbing alcohol and uv light if necessary.
    Step #2: run anti virus and anti malware program.
  • Okay then.
  • While I really wouldn't reccomend removing the ThinkPad app that controls your hard disk activity in the case of drop to prevent the damage, those apps are harmless as they are Windows Store apps and can't do anything beyond their sandbox.
  • Dear Lenovo, we do not want this. It's not just Superfish we don't want. We don't want ANY junk on our computers. Stop this insanity!
  • So uninstall them? They're Store apps and to be honest, they're both very nice. I see no problem here.
  • You knew it was coming though. Most think all OEM software is bad.
  • Which blows my mind. IMO, Samsung, Lenovo and Dell have all become much better at these assist apps. Samsung has some really cool stuff in there's with nice options. Lenovo's need these because they have so much HW customization. I just wish people would actually try these apps on a machine instead of imagining what it must be like.
  • Circle/square all over again. Never used it, but hate it... You know how it goes.
    Edit: Not trying to start the circle complaints again...
  • But if people know the truth, where is the fun in that.  Much more fun to imagine.
  • Samsung also has that nice one that disables Windows Update.  I mean, it isn't like they could have contacted Microsoft, said "You're messing up our drivers, here are the right files" and be done with it.  Uninstalling bloatware apps is fine for us, as we know how to, average consumers don't and will be stuck with it.
  • To be fair, Lenovo puts more on there than necessary I think. They do have a couple useful things, and then they also try to introduce middleware where completely unnecessary (like duplicating functions of Windows, just more clunky).
  •   Lenovo Helix here, if by nice, you mean completely useless. "Please install or update the Lenovo System Interface Driver, then restart this app after installation." Doesn't matter how many times I run it, this keeps coming up. I recall the Windows 8 app being similarly useless and the desktop program being the only semi reliable way of getting updates in windows 8 also.
  • ""Please install or update the Lenovo System Interface Driver, then restart this app after installation." Doesn't matter how many times I run it, this keeps coming up."
    Windows 10 is not out yet. Give it sometime. I've been seeing Lenovo update all their drivers and support apps over the last few weeks. Went from 6 drivers to like 12 the other day. I had the same error message and now both apps on both systems (X1 and Y3P) are now working. Just started last night. I think we need to cut Lenovo some slack here. They don't owe you a 100% working Windows 10 computer until Wednesday. And so far, I'm impressed with their W10 driver support, at least for their latest machines.
  • If I don't get daily crashes for ThinkPad because of their drivers, it might be that you are right.
  • Love the fact they're moving to store apps! Uninstalling them will be simple, clean and easy with no left behind registry nonsense. Thanks for the heads up lets hope the other OEMs follow and make their "add ons" store apps.
  • We???
  • Sounds like reinventing the wheel to me.
  • I've never found these programs to be useful or even lightweight. They always bog my PC down
  • They're just Store apps, nothing crazy and you can easily uninstall (or never even install) them if you want.
  • The "Lenovo Companion" looks similar the "HP Support assist", which updates the OEM software. For me, that's the CD burning software and the DVD playback software..I think I removed some of the other ones, but kept those two. Anyways, the description reads like it does those sofware updates, since MS wouldn't be sending you updates to those 3rd party applications.
  • No thanks Lenovo
  • 1) Perform clean install of Windows10
    2) Do not install manufacturer bloatware disguised as "user experience" or "performance" improvements.
    3) Lobby Lenovo to take their heads out of their a$$es and realize the user experience benefits they could pass along to their customers by also offering a Lenovo Windows Mobile/Phone device. :)
  • So like the users above, I think you're overreacting. For one, these are just Store apps meaning they are siloed and do not kill the computer in any way. Two, they are actually quite useful and help simplify some tasks. Why do you need to do a clean install? Just uninstall them like you would any Store app. Right-click, uninstall, gone. Your computer won't melt without them. As the only one here running these apps on two test Lenovo devices, I think many of you are having kneejerk reactions.
  • It's fine if it's just 2 store apps that are easy to uninstall. Most users here have been burned by previous bloatware incidents. The Lenovo I bought in January had 2 columns of icons on my desktop of preinstalled software. Honestly none of them were something I would use. Each one takes 3-4 minutes to uninstall (at best) from the programs menu. I wishes at the time they had one of two options : 1. Shift select and uninstall all unwanted programs. Or 2. Allow me to restore my computer to its default state BEFORE the bloatware was installed. The restore image had the bloatware installed. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt and give these apps a chance, but going by their track record, I imagine there's more than just two store apps bundled with their pcs.
  • Hopeless case, so don't bother!. I've seen people complaining about Google preinstalling Gmail and other Gapps on the Nexus line, calling them bloatware!. I owned laptops from both HP and Dell in the past couple of years, and while I do agree that the come with bloatware such as McAfee or Norton and the Wildtanget game thingy, I always ended up reinstalling the system apps from the companies' websites after clean installing windows because they actually were very helpful.
  • I get it, Daniel. But, for 25 years I have given manufacturers the benefit of the doubt and left their software installed on my machines. From the 386SX I bought from Compaq to the HP Pavilion i7 I use today and countless IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and HP systems in between... I have been burned by bloatware on several occasions. Like all those systems, I am likely to give their pre-installed software (or store apps) the benefit of the doubt but, until they have proven themselves to me, I will not change my recommendation to my customers/users. I appreciate your experience and recommendation and it will, next week when my Lenovo arrives, play into my analysis of the software. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful articles.
  • Lenovo, wake up! This is why I bought my ThinkPad x1 carbon touch from https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co... their signature installs give you what you need without the extras that OEMs put on and bog it down.
  • See above. As someone who buys Signature PCs and non-signature ones, I do not find these apps to "bog down" the system. They are store apps, not x86 ones that mess with your registry and startup. These apps are what many of us want: siloed, non-invasive apps.
  • Daniel, you're fighting a losing battle here. Once burned, twice shy I guess. I too, in the past, have found some of Lenovo's tools helpful (especially some of their ThinkPad stuff), and I've experienced the dark side of the equation, too. All OEM software is not the same (: The fact that they're store apps, which makes them as easy to remove as phone apps, doesn't seem to be getting through. Nor is the fact that they're siloed and not woven into the very fabric of the OS like some virus protection trials. Take a breath, man, and remember the wise words of Dorothy Parker when asked to define horticulture: "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think." TabletWriter
  • Superfish was blown way out of proportion. If anyone believes that OEMs are not collecting data, you're in for a harsh reality. (as I stated back then, I do not agree with it, but...)
  • Superfish 10 ^_^
  • Well my hotspot functionality disappeared in the new Settings for some reason...
  • I don't see why everyone is complaining about this? Normally I hate OEM stuff, because they infiltrate my system and mess with my registry. But come on, these are just WIN10 apps, uninstalling them completely is just a matter of seconds. And btw, some people can find these apps helpfull so don't be so evil about this.
  • You get it. Can't believe people here are freaking out over Win 10 Store apps. This is what we wanted.
  • This is of Lenovo's own doing though; after the whole Superfish reveal, what did they expect would happen other than trust in their brand would take a dive? Any software they preload on their computers now is automatically suspect.
  • It looks like they opted for the pivot over the hamburger. Interesting because I'm assuming it's a desktop only application. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Really it depends on the contents, in which case the pivots are fitting.  Like the "Alarms & Clock" app in Windows 10.
  • Hi am having a Lenovo Yoga 2 just bought it a few months ago and wish to upgrade to windows 10, even though as an insider with current rtm on my Asus computer with some isues i want to know if anyone having some missing drivers on thier Lenovo device or is it running smoothly, want to wait some few months before upgrading thanks.
  • I have issues on ThinkPad, daily BSOD with two different messages. One seems to be realted to NavTrack drivers...
  • Lol, didn't someone just tweet that windows 10 was the end of bloatware?
  • "Someone tweet" I mean, is this someone an authority or jim from down the street? Regardless, no, sometimes you need software to help check for drivers and other configurations. Try using the Yoga 3 Pro's facial recognition without their software, for instance. Some of you folks sound like 90 year old men ranting at clouds, lol.
  • It's a giraffe! No, stupid,its an elephant! Lol... Honestly, I love the fact that these are windows store apps, fulfils the promise of windows 10.
    The best way to present these apps to the pundits, is to compare them to the Nokia apps that made Lumia devices better. Because, they're actually the same thing.
  • Bloatware
  • No thanks. I'm in the market for laptop in a month and the laptop without extra apps will get my money.
  • Jesus this comments section is mental bananas! Guys, they're just Windows 10 applications! They're not x86 programs that are tied into the operating system, and they don't mess with anything. Just uninstall them...two seconds, POOF! Gone. It's like magic, except real.
  • I really wish they released a w10 phone under the Motorola brand, one can dream
  • cant wait to try W10 on my ThinkPad10 tablet.. waiting for official release. I will install those apps.
  • Hmm, nice of them to make the UI's match what the apps are... garbage. I mean holy crap how does something like this get made by a multi-million dollar company by supposed professionals? I wouldn't show this app off even as a rough sketch for my uncles shoddy business. What moron looked at this and went, "hmm, that looks nice Mike, good job! Let's ship it to our customers. You sure earned your $150 000 salary."   There is no UX, looks like somebody just roughed the features out in code and that was as far as anybody ever thought of this.   Looks absolutely disgusting. What sort of image does this give of Lenovo to it's customers? 
  • I have both of this apps and well... Mixed feelings about them. While companion is better than before, it's still not a good app. Settings is... Well, a mixed bag... I love to have all the features in one app but actually the only one I use it's about the battery control... All the other features aren't useful at all and the old battery manager did the same thing. So... Yes, it improved a little, but still really close to useless both apps
  • the app actually auto installed on my k330. i think its being pushed to devices. i tried opening it and it requested me to install some sort of a bridge application (Lenovo system interface foundation)  that will gather hardware data. so much on not changing anything registry related.