Lenovo has now posted a short procedure to get rid of the Superfish adware program that the company had pre-installed on some of its notebooks between October and December of 2014. The program has generated a lot of security concerns for owners of those notebooks.

Lenovo posted the uninstall procedure on its suport forums:

Uninstalling Superfish Visual Discovery

  • Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program
  • Select Visual Discovery > Uninstall

Superfish will be removed from Program Files and Program Data directories, files in user directory will stay intact for the privacy reason. Registry entry and root certificate will remain as well. The Superfish service will stop working as soon as it is uninstalled via above process, and following reboot.

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While this move won't get rid of the current security issue, the company added that it will update this forum post "shortly" with a procedure to get rid of Superfish's deactivated files and the root certificate. Lenovo has already stated that it has not installed the Superfish program since December due to poor user feedback and that the software won't be installed on its products in the future.

Source: Lenovo

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