Let's Jailbreak NoDo project begins

Over at the XDA Developer forums, Jaxbot (Editor for WindowsPhoneHacker and responsable for the de-hydration hack and near multi-task app switching) has started up a new project which will focus on jailbreaking post-NoDo devices and is requesting help from other members to make this become reality.

While little has arisen from the Microsoft and Chevron partnership for "mid-ground" official homebrew communiy support, many who are using WP7 with NoDo are expressing their thoughts on getting the ball rolling with unlocking their devices post-NoDo and not wait.

Source: XDA Developer Forum (opens in new tab), via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I love XDA. Someone there always figures a way to make these overpriced gizmos behave. @Jaxbot: +1
  • Am I quite literally the ONLY person to have not paid a single penny for a 100% Microsoft approved Developer unlock without working for them or attending any conference or anything like that?As far as I know anyone can sign up for one just by registering for the DreamBuildPlay competition. You don't have to submit a game to it and you get a full year of AppHub "trial" membership which allows you to unlock your phone for development purposes using the official unlock tool once you've been through GeoTrust authentication.Like I said, it's totally free and by the time the trial membership ends there should be another DreamBuildPlay competition. However, everyone who wants one and hasn't signed up already is about to miss the boat. Registration closes on the 17th.I'd have reported this back in February but I thought it would be all over the homebrew community by now. Obviously not.
  • Now he tells me. Oh well, only comes out to 0.27 cents a day. Or 0.09 cents if you and two other friends (can register three devices) combine forces. But obviously your option is much better. Would have added to my Nokia Mango fund.