Along with the announcement of Windows Mobile 6.5, one of the other big news stories at Mobile World Congress earlier this year was the announcement of LG's partnership with Microsoft – and that it planned 26 new Windows Phones in 2012.

Might this be one of them? Mobile-Review (the same site that brought us the excellent Touch Pro 2 review) brings news the LG GT810H. And here are the deets to go with it: (translated here)

  • 3-inch, 240-by-400-pixel touchscreen
  • 256 megs of storage, and up to 8 gigs external
  • 106.95x55x13.9 millimeters
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • Weighs 105 grams

Mobile-Review says the GT810H would be destined for the U.S., though no date is mentioned. And is it just us, or does the big black dot on the top bezel look like a possible 3.5mm headphone jack?