Light House, a puzzling game of energy delivery for Windows Phone and PC

Light House is an entertaining puzzle game where you have to create safe passage for an energy supply to reach the local lighthouse. At your disposal is a range of tools that include portals and mirrors. Puzzles also have immovable objects and portions of the pathway that move around.

Available for both Windows Phone and PC, the free gaming title is a fun and mentally challenging way to pass the time.

Light House lacks a traditional primary menu but instead opens up to your gaming packs that hold half a dozen puzzle levels each. Currently, Light House has five gaming packs with an additional four packs listed as "In Development".

The goal of the game is to send energy from a huge light bulb to a lighthouse. Tutorial windows appear before each gaming level to outline gameplay as new features become available. The first level is a straight shot between the energy source (the light bulb) and the lighthouse. To send your energy supply to the lighthouse, just tap the light bulb. The longer you tap/hold on the light bulb, the more energy is released. Just remember that you have a minimum amount of energy to illuminate the lighthouse and complete the level (noted above the lighthouse).

The energy supply travels in a straight direction when released and when puzzles begin to have twists and turns, mirrors can be positioned to deflect the energy supply correctly down the path. Mirrors can be tapped and dragged into position, as well as rotated by tapping on them.

Light House

Every tool that is provided, be it a mirror, portal or another tool, has to be used in solving the puzzle. Sometimes you are given an abundance of mirrors and need to bounce the energy sources around more than needed before it reaches the lighthouse. Then there are times you don't have enough mirrors and have to reposition the mirror once the energy source passes by to complete the puzzle.

Along with the tools provided to navigate around the puzzle path, Light House also includes gaming levels where items are immovable or where sections of the pathway move or shift around. This adds to the challenge of solving the puzzle by restricting your modifications and tests your skills at timing. I will offer that with some puzzle levels, it is best to send your energy in short bursts just in case you send a supply sailing off the gaming field. Shorter bursts may give you a second chance at success.

Light House

Light House offers a perplexing mix of puzzles to solve. Some are terribly easy while others can be real head scratchers. From the shifting pathway squares to requiring energy to be shuttled from one light bulb to another for success, Light House includes plenty of twists in the thirty available levels.

Graphics are minimal but have plenty of color. The appearance of Light House reminds me of Evo Explores with its clean lines and depth.

While the free gaming title is available for both Windows Phone and PC, Light House plays out a little better from the smaller screen of your Windows Phone. Especially with the puzzles that require you to move items around to find the proper solution. It is an uphill battle for keyboard controls to compete with the ease of touchscreen mechanics.

Overall, it is a fun game to pass the time with and test your puzzle solving skills. The only downside to Light House may be that it only has thirty levels of play. Luckily, there are additional levels in the works and hints of a premium version in the Store description.

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