Lightstream to help people transition from Mixer

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced that Mixer would be shutting down in July.
  • Mixer sites and apps will then redirect to Facebook Gaming.
  • Lightstream is now helping Mixer streamers with the transition to new platforms.

Microsoft announced Mixer's demise earlier this week, much to the chagrin of its streaming community, who had supported the website as an alternative to Twitch. Though Microsoft's statement indicated that Mixer's website would redirect to Facebook Gaming starting on July 22, not everyone wants to make the jump to Facebook. Lightstream is now easing the transition by allowing Mixer streamers to add a second destination to their stream.

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Once you set everything up and link your accounts, just stream from Mixer as you normally would from your Xbox and a second stream will automatically start on your new platform of choice. If it's not Facebook Gaming, people will most likely be moving to Twitch, which is owned by Amazon.

Facebook Gaming is used by billions of people, and Microsoft thinks thinks platform can help grow Project xCloud the most, which is why the companies partnered together.

Key to this vision is our Project xCloud technology, which we see delivering games to all kinds of screens and windows in your life, including those on Facebook. Gaming is already part of our social fabric, and Project xCloud can take you from discussing a new game – whether it's a funny in-game moment posted by a friend, an ad, or an ongoing stream – directly to playing it.

Microsoft nabbed some major streamers from Twitch in recent years like Ninja, Gothalion, and Shroud, who are now reportedly free to go back to Twitch.

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