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LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft's board of directors

Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab) that Reid Hoffman, co-founder of professional social network LinkedIn, has joined its board of directors. The addition of Hoffman to the board will bring it to a total of 12 members. Hoffman himself will serve on the board's Regulatory and Public Policy Committee.

Speaking on Hoffman's new role, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated:

I've long admired Reid's ability to identify disruptive technologies and the passion we share for how digital platforms can create new opportunity for people around the world. As a board member, Reid's leadership and strategic perspective will help chart the future of our company as we aim to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

The move has been rumored since Microsoft's $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn was announced last year, and Hoffman's addition to the board could prove fruitful for the Redmond giant. Aside from co-founding LinkeIn, Hoffman previously served as an executive vice president at PayPal. He's also currently a member of a number of other boards ranging from Edmodo and Convoy, to non-profits like Wrapp and

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  • I got a flush of excitement the moment I saw LinkedIn in the article title. For a moment I thought or was expecting to read "LinkedIn UWP app now available at the store". Well guess not.
  • I've realized that Microsoft buying a company is the critical chain of getting its app some due diligence in the phone ecosystem. Perhaps putting him on the board will give them a bit more incentive.
  • Hope fully it will come very sone now! A LinkedIn Windows 10 (mobile) App!
  • Is this man pro or against Windows ecosystem?
    This is the only point that could interest me :]
  • He looks like an android character.
  • He could be an Apple iPhone guy, but I agree that he's most likely a Google Android fan. I wonder what Nadella carries?
  • Della is iPhone
  • He looks like he could loose some weight
  • Let's hope MS don't kill linkedin, as it stands its a useful tool.
  • Linkdin is certainly disruptive. That's a polite way to describe the amount of spam email it brings in to my life.
  • sure... this is part of the purchase agreement, fail.
  • It should have been Nokia execs... Why pay so much for almost nothing and divesting in lumia... Simply stupid.
  • Meanwhile, in other news, the LinkedIn app for Windows Mobile v1.6.0 has received no update since April 2013, there's no sign of a UWP version and no version at all available in the Windows 10 store for PCs/Tablets. I still don't know why Microsoft bought them.