Every week, new stuff drops on Xbox Music and Xbox Video that it becomes hard to keep up. Well, that's where we come in handy. Every Friday we'll highlight some of the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows just dropped on Xbox Video for your viewing pleasure. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

Big Data - 2.0

Big Data

Big Data started back in 2013 with their first project on Facebook which essentially turned your timeline into an interactive music video. Now here they are with their first studio album titled 2.0. The album is said to be inspired by new age controversies such as privacy, Eric Snowden, and hacking.

After giving the album a quick listen, the songs Automatic and The Business of Emotion gives you a quick glance into the atmosphere of 2.0. [elctro/pop]

Muse - Dead Inside

Muse has finally made their long-awaited return with their newest single entitled Dead Inside after not releasing anything new since 2013. The song is the second single from the upcoming studio album Drones. The song is the genesis of the album's story with the protagonist losing hope and becoming dead inside. [rock/pop]

Xbox Video

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Peter Jackson wraps up his prequel trilogy "The Hobbit" with this film. The armies of the necromancer are marching toward the Lonely Mountain. Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, and Goblins all get ready for the big fight as the Battle of The Five Armies begin.

Into the Woods

The director of Chicago and the producer of Wicked get together to create this Emmy-nominated musical film. The movie is a modern twist on the classic fairy tales as some of your favorite characters try to do whatever it take to reverse the witch's curse.

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