Lively launches for Windows Phone 8, allows sanctioned bootlegs of your favorite artists

Lively ( is a new startup service founded by entrepreneur Dean Graziano and it seeks to capitalize on the growing trend of selling live concert recordings to audiences. The company recently just raised half a million through a seed round of investors and they already have apps on iOS and Android.

A few days ago, an official Windows Phone 8 also launched, allowing Windows Phone users to jump in on the music craze. As pointed out by GeekWire, sales of live recordings and merchandise directly through the artist is helping make up for declining sales in albums. Lively looks to be at the forefront of that change by giving artists another venue to reach their fans.

The app itself looks to be a PhoneGap release, meaning it is not exactly a native Windows Phone app. PhoneGap, while not the ideal programming language for Windows Phone, does allow smaller companies to “code once” for various platforms, reducing costs and getting their app in customer’s hands faster. But as a result, the app can be a bit sluggish and is not as Modern UI as some would hope.  The benefit though is Windows Phone users get an app only a few months after iOS and Android.

The premise of the service is simple: You head to a concert to watch your favorite artist and within the next 24 hours, you can download a “professionally recorded” version of that very show. It’s certainly a neat idea and takes advantage of the modern, digital age in a smart way. Since artists and those in the industry can work through Lively, it also makes sure everyone gets paid.

Features of Lively

  • Collect your live music concerts
  • Access Lively’s entire library of live concerts
  • Stream your live concert sets online
  • Listen offline
  • Discover new live music
  • Share with your friends and social circles
  • Get access to live concerts of your favorite bands
  • Much higher quality audio and video capture than you can capture on your phone
  • Sync to your TV or any device to share video of the concert you attended.

Lively can be downloaded for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, ‏@WinPhoneAppNews, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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