Lock Screen Widgets concept for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Hacker, the developer behind the Folders homebrew app, has come up with a new concept to add small tiles to the lock screen that can display app information, much like you'd expect on the home screen live tiles. Data could be pulled from apps such as weather, RSS readers, image sharing, etc. 

Another idea is to have the wallpaper dynamically change to fit the Bing background. The bad news is you'll require root access to be able to use this app, should it become reality of course. Be sure to head over to Windows Phone Hacker to spark interest in the concept.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Wanna have :)
  • Root = full unlock?
  • Dev unlock, Chevron token, or unlocked ROM
  • So wish I had the Chevro token now.
  • Chevron token wouldn't work
  • Or dev unlock...interop or custom rom only
  • I suspect WP8 will have this type of functionality baked in. Why not let us have what we want?
  • Link? I haven't heard that before
  • WP7 is getting to the point of dragging me back in!!!
  • Shouldn't have left to begin with but I knew it all along
  • I still have my Focus, but don't use it. But in my unbiased opinion, my GS2 is two times more functional. But that's just for my needs. I'm a notification junky. Wp7 is getting there.
  • Sure whatever
  • lol, don't be offended because his needs are different than yours. He was giving a compliment to the platform.
  • Doesn't change that he's a traitor
  • Wow. Need to take a step back brah....its just phones
  • Yeah I want. I thought this when I first got my focus. Or something like it. My idea was having the weather update on ur lock screen like how artist images would pop up for playing music in Zune.
  • Gonna have to fix my HD2 & try this out if/when it gets released. Hopefully chevron gets the ok & releases more tokens so I can unlock my Radar too.
  • This would be amazing for apps like Kik and Whatsapp. Great to be able to glance at the lock screen and see that you have messages without having to go into the home screen.
  • I just wanna know what carrier he's using that gives 5G service.  Nice!
  • Haha I just noticed that!
  • I was just about to say the same
  • When you have the level of unlock he has (Developer + Interop) you can easily go into the registry and edit that to say whatever you want - as long as its 3 letters or less. You could edit it to say "PEE" if you want.
  • Yeah I noticed that as well, can't see the point really unless he is just trying to prove that this isn't avalible to eveyone in an ironic way :p
  • If this functionality did come to Windows Phone, I would prefer it without the metro tile background or at least the option to disable the tile background.
  • Agreed. Options like this plus size and perhaps location (within the grid of course) would be really nice. I always seem to focus on teh lock screen no matter teh device. I used to love LockInfo for iOS when I had the iPhones. This would be great! I'm always tikering with making my wallpapers a little more useful.
    An example below...
  • I really like that. Thanks! Do you have more for the future months of the hear? Or just kind of make them as you go?
  • Yea and destroy the whole point of WP while at it
  • How is that destroying the whole point of Windows Phone? Does the date, time and calendar have a tile background? Like I said, it would be nice to have a choice.
  • The suggestion above isn't metro
  • WANT! This is one of the biggest features I miss from webOS. Being able to see at a glance without unlocking the phone who called, the weather, subject titles from email, SMS, etc. is incredibly useful.
    The automatic Bing background would be awesome too. My new PC just came with a ton of Bing backgrounds and they are amazing beautiful photos.
  • That is cool! Weather on the lock screen is a must.
  • I agree, this is a great idea and even better if it is an option available to users. People can decide whether or not to pin things to the lock screen.  Win-win feature.
  • I really want weather in my lockscreen... Go for it Windows Phone Hacker!!!
  • Microsoft should look to this immediately and pay the guy to get it out there a.s.a.p.
  • I like this, but I think what I'd live even more (design-wise) is if just created small icons near the bottom matching the system notifications
  • I totally agree...i think thebtiles he uses muddies the metro design a little. Little icons at the bottom would be great. And it needs to just be an option.
  • How would you display the weather with a notification marker? The point is to have live information, not just state the fact that you have one missed message. I personally would love if when I got a new email, a live tile poped up on my screen showing who its from, or if theres multiple, how many and from what service (gmail, exchange, hotmail, ect.)
  • Clearly this project is from the future, the phone has 5G service!
  • Because it's so hard to swipe your finger up to get to all your live tiles. I find it hard to see the usefulness of this.
  • ^^THIS!!!
  • Then don't use it.
  • I keep my cell locked because I recieve emails relating to work and research on it.  Being able to quickly glance at info like this without typing in my password would be nice.  There are uses for this.
  • I would like Whatsapp to have a little message indicator like email or texts do on the lock screen. That would be sweet.
  • I would like any messaging app to instead use the messaging hub instead of in app messaging like when u are talking to somone on WLM ot FB chat.
  • Well on my iPhone with custom lockscreen I can turn on the screen and see if there's notifications,quick weather etc w/o unlocking the phone. A quick peek so it is useful. Just like apple steals jb community ideas, MS should do the same (but pay them)
  • I hope we got some Microsoft Windows Phone employees reading this. Everyone wants it so make it happen Microsoft.
  • Very cool idea! I want!
  • I don't get it-if you so much info on lock screen why have it at all? Do away with it and just pin your 8 most used apps/tiles at top of home screen...