Logicos is a challenging Windows 10 puzzle game that can drive you batty

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, this free game delivers mind-bending puzzles in minimalist fashion. You must answer all 60 questions in succession to conquer the game and should you fail to solve a puzzle, you get knocked back a few levels.

It's a tricky puzzle game that can drive you batty if you miss some of the glaringly obvious answers. All in all, Logicos is an entertaining Windows 10 game.

What Logicos is all about

The primary menu for Logicos greets you with options to start gameplay, view the help screen, access the game's settings and see the developer credits. The help screen is a little lacking but covers a few important details. For example, many of the puzzles have a bar that tracks your progress in solving the puzzle. When this bar is full, you lose one of your chances.

Logicos has 60 puzzles to solve that cover a broad range of tasks. Some require you to perform an action, sort objects, or solve mathematical problems. You must solve all 60 puzzles consecutively to complete the game. Logicos provides you with three chances to find a correct answer, after which you fail the puzzler and must restart the game, losing five levels of progress.

Logicos questions can drive you nuts, but the answers are often more obvious than you might think. You need to take everything into consideration, from the puzzle displayed to the actual puzzle level information. For example, you are given a collection of various size colored circles, and you need to find the smallest circle. That includes the colored circles, the circle around the level number and the circles around the chances.

While the puzzles can be frustrating, there is no time limit for gameplay. If you need to give your brain a rest, Logicos saves your progress allowing you to resume where you left.

A game to make you think

Logicos is a fun game and has plenty of puzzles to give your brain a workout. The minimal graphics look good and the puzzle difficulty is full of head-scratching moments.

While the three chances give you a fighting chance at success, the game could use a hint button. That may water down the game's difficulty, but it would also ease the game's frustration. (You will see what I mean when you reach level eight.)

Overall, if you like brain-twisting logic puzzle games, Logicos is a Windows 10 game that's right up your alley. Oh, and if you finish all 60 levels and need more puzzle punishment Logicos 2 (opens in new tab) and Logicos 3 (opens in new tab) is available in the Windows Store, and it delivers more brain-twisting puzzles to your Windows 10 device.

Download from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

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  • I've been looking for a good time waster. I'm going to have to get this.
  • FYI: Also works with WP 8.1
  • I've had this game for quite some time it was a fun game and I enjoyed think it until I could not progress beyond a certain level no matter how hard I tried frustrated I gave up and uninstall it but it was fun while it lasted I wish there was some hint of something which I could use to progress but no
  • You can just google it. You will get answer to all of them or else ping me.
  • Based on the screenshots above, this game makes no sense to me..
    For instance, i know the order of operations in math.. Parenthesis first, Multiply/divide, then add/subtract..
    And there is no way that the numbers in the equation add up to the answers given for #6
    Am I missing something?
  • What level is it? (hint)
  • Answer is 6.
    To clear the level you simply have to click on 6, which is right there the level number! The game is all about out of box thinking. You will find ans just think in the most weird way possible...
  • I am stuck at level 8 (also shown above) :-(
  • Mate it's pretty easy. Give a shot you will crack it... If you stuck again lemme know...
  • Any hints? :-/
  • Number on the edge is simply sum of the number in adjacent circles. Now arrange numbers in thos circles accordingly to complete whole puzzle. Hope you will get it this time. :)
  • Got it. Thanks.
  • For those who loved it.
    We do have LOGICOS 2 in the store too!
    More level, more puzzles, more brain twister...
    Its fun. Go here.
  • Are you the developer?
  • No dude!
    It just have played it before.
  • :)
  • LOGICOS 3 is there too!
    I too didn't know that. Go here
  • I'm stuck on level 15. Anyone passed it yet?