The Logitech K400+ is a great keyboard + trackpad for your HTPC

Logitech K400+

The Logitech K400+ isn't like a regular keyboard — in addition to a few dozen keys you also get a trackpad to the side with a pair of mouse buttons. It's great for small spaces, but where it really shines is in the living room.

Using a PC in the living room isn't new, but using a keyboard and mouse in the living room remains a pretty awkward experience. That's mostly down to the mouse, since you need some kind of surface to use it on.

A home theater PC (HTPC) can be a wonderful thing, and using a keyboard like this makes interacting with it so much better. Setting up is a breeze since all you need to do is attach the wireless dongle to a free USB port on your PC.

This type of keyboard won't be perhaps as nice to use outside of the living room. While it looks decent and feels sturdy, it lacks any real height adjustment. If you're not comfortable typing basically flat against the desk, you won't like this at all. But Logitech even markets it as for the TV, so you know what you're getting into.

The K400+ is made up of mostly full sized keys, though you lose out thanks to the space constraints in some areas. The left-hand shift key is no bigger than any of the regular letter keys, the enter button is tall and slim and the backspace key is pretty tiny as well. You also have a split up and down arrow key.

The K400+ doesn't really come into its own as a desk-based keyboard. As one of those, it's pretty average, and you can do much better for the money, even if you're tight on space.

Where this keyboard comes into its own is when you move away from the desk. For one it's incredibly light, perfect for sitting on your lap while you're on the couch. It's nicely sized, too, with the trackpad perfectly placed. The downside is it's not going to work out very well for left-handers.

As far as the keys and the trackpad go, they're not bad given the fairly low price. You get good key travel and very little noise (nice for living room use), and while this isn't exactly a precision trackpad, the biggest criticism is that it's a bit too small. You do have dedicated volume keys, though, as well as functions on other keys for controlling media. And that's basically why you'd want one of these.

What's also excellent about this keyboard is the battery life. There are no ports to recharge, it just takes regular AA batteries and lasts for up to 18 months at a time. That's excellent, because how often do you change the batteries in your TV remote? Same deal.

So, the bottom line. If you have a HTPC in your living room, at just $25 this is an excellent way of interacting with it. For extended periods of typing you might get a little frustrated, but on balance it's a great buy.

And it's definitely better than trying to use a keyboard and a separate mouse just to find something to watch in Plex.

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Richard Devine
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  • That's a really cool design, I'm not going to lie though, I would love that for browser navigation on the Xbox too.
  • This is just what I'm after for using Continuum on my living room TV or hooking up my Surface Pro 2 to it
  • Indeed, it is excellent for Continuum and for my HTPC. The best bit is the fantastic idea of the extra left-click mouse button on the top left corner of the keyboard. This means you can drag very easily, though double tap to drag does still work. I've not seen this simple yet genius function on any other keyboard range before. Once tried, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. It is also very hard wearing, and can be bagged and carried about without a care. It uses the Logitech unified dongle, so you can pair a mouse as well (such as the excellent Logitech Anywhere Mouse) and have a very flexible Continuum/HTPC arrangement for any situation. Best reception of any dongle on the market bar none and knocks Bluetooth into a cocked hat.
  • This thing is too big, I prefer the Rii mini i8. i think its the best mni keyboard/trackpad i have ever used. its small comfortable and it has dedicated media buttons for media center apps.
  • Or Microsoft's own "all-in-one media keyboard" (which looks very similar BTW):
  • I tried one of those when it came out. They feel more substantial and higher quality than the Logitech, but ours didn't last very long at all. I barely made it past the return period.
  • Would have gotten that if only it had backlit keys...
  • The big design fault with Microsoft's attempt is that it doesn't have a F-Lock or a setting in the software to switch the behavior of the Function/ Media Keys. The upper buttons are mapped to both F1-12 and to common actions like Play, Brightness, Pause and even Sleep. By default they are mapped to the actions and you have to hold the FN to use F1. Every. single. time. At least Logitech has the option to switch the mapping around.
  • Abysmal range unfortunately.
  • Nope. The best range of any wireless keyboard. However, if you connect it to or near a USB3 socket though, you will have much reduced range due to the awful RF interference that USB 3 ports put out on the 2.4GHz band. Same with all such dongles, but this type is more resistant than most.
  • Take the little DONGLE put it on a USB Extender and put it up higher (I mounted mine on the stand for the Kinect), it went from about 8' Range to 25'...
  • We have been using this keyboard with our HTPC for several years now. They are awesome for the price.
  • I have the I have the Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830. Use it for wirelessly controlling my Surface Pro while watching TV shows/movies at night in bed. Works ok, but really wish it had a precision touch pad...would have preferred Microsoft's wireless keyboard adapter for the Type cover, or something like what the Eve V offers (detach keyboard and it becomes wireless), but alas, one isn't compatible with my Surface Pro 2, the other was discontinued...
  • We've been using the 400 in our livingroom for years and I've seen them as cheap as $15 at BestBuy. They take a beating and good on batteries. *And there are two models of the 400, on with and one without volume controls.
  • I've used the older version of this model and two other Logitech wireless keyboards with integrated trackpads and they have all been good except for one thing.  The trackpads are all extremely sensitive to moisture or oil on your fingers.  I have quite sweaty hands and I often get oil from my face on my fingers too and I have to regularly clean the trackpad as it often starts to behave erratically or simply not respond to my touches.  I've never had a laptop that was anywhere as sensitive so it seems to be a bit of a flaw with the materials used.  If your fingertips tend to stay dry though, I can recommend all three.  I'm typing this on a k830 with my laptop connected to my TV and the recently cleaned trackpad already has oil smears all over it.
  • A friend solved the issue that it lies flat on a table or desk by using some grey Sugru to make legs.
  • I've been using the K4005 for a couple years now, these little keyboards are great, I even bought one for my 2-N-1 laptop, works perfect when you don't want to hover over your laptop keyboard. One of the nicer, more functional products from Logitech.
  • I really want a precision trackpad that's wireless. is there such a thing in the market ?( attached to a keyboard or by itself, doesn't matter)
  • I have the K400r and I love it! I have my gaming PC hooked up to a TV that I normally use a regular KB/mouse for gaming, but for watching TV, etc. you can't beat the price of this for going wireless and heading to the couch.
  • have the K400r  and the k830. I pefer the 830 because of ulliminated keys.  Also find the trackpad on k830 to be a lot better.  k830 charges so dosent need batteries, not that the 400 uses alot of batteries,  Also like the bigger keyboard on the 830.  But price diffrence is alot.
  • tiny trackpad and worst kb layout in modern history, try the "microsoft all in one media keyboard" instead, but make sure its the latest version ending in 002 instead of 001 I use it almost every day since my bedroom pc is also a projector htpc
  • I really need to get something like this for our HTPC.  Right now, I'm still using a corded keyboard and mouse and every time I have to use it, I have to get up and go to the actual computer. :O    Yea... Yea.... I know... reminds me of when I was growing up and had to get up and change the channels manually!  LOL!!!
  • $25, not bad... seems like a fair deal.  I'll stick with my bluetooth Media Center keyboard (think it was for Vista days but, still works great and it's got a good range). I got it for free from some old computers we were dumping at work.. Media Center still works great, my HTPC is based on WIndows 7..