LogMeIn acquires popular password management company LastPass


The popular password management company LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn. The deal, which was announced by LastPass on its blog, is now complete. So, what does this mean for current LastPass users? The company says "great things!"

We will continue to build and improve LastPass for our free, Premium, and Enterprise customers. Together with LogMeIn, we'll be able to accomplish more, faster – providing an even better service to millions of people. As we become part of the LogMeIn family over the next several months, we'll be releasing updates to LastPass, introducing new features, and continuing to grow the service as we work to bring LastPass to millions more who struggle with passwords.

With the LastPass team joining LogMeIn, there will likely be more people working on building the service and implementing new features. LastPass says over the course of the next several months new features will be added to the app to further assist those who struggle with passwords.

Source: LastPass (opens in new tab)

Jared DiPane

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  • What a juicy bowel movement
  • This is great. As long as they keep the windows phone app.
  • This is not good news to me. LogMeIn has never supported Windows Phone, I moved off there platform due to this. I anticipate nothing to change here, and with that a greater split in what LastPass offers on WP vs iOS & Android.
  • That's one possibly, but maybe they're using the acquisition to complete the experience and maintain the team to develop a universal app.
  • I share the same concerns but will try to remain positive.
  • I called LMI, the agent I spoke to said they have no immediate or announced plans to have a Win 10 mobile app. Maybe I spoke to someone out of the loop, but this information only highlights lack of interest in Windows Phone/Mobile for LMI, and leaves it up in the air what happens to LastPass for this platform.
  • My concern is that I don't know this company. At all. I've trusted LastPass with my passwords for years. I'll need to look into LogMeIn closely.  
  • Lastpass hasn't given WP an update in so long, can't even recall the last time they updated our app
  • August 14, 2015. So, less than two months ago.
  • What does this mean for Xmarks?
  • Yes, What does this mean for Xmarks?
  • I hope this ends up being a good thing. I've used the paid LastPass service for a few years now and have been happy with it to date.
  • I hope this means Lastpass will start working on my L1520 again!
  • I am a lastpass subscriber so this should be interesting.
  • Logmein are not a very nice company
  • If they don't make a UWA so I can use this on my Xbox one - opportunity missed.
  • Can't say ms would give them that deep access sony on the other hand might let any piece of malware onto ps4
  • I'm sticking with Enpass...
  • Damn that app is tragic on WP, it's so much nicer on iOS and Android.
  • I read it as lo mein, cause I'm hungry
  • Thanks, now I am hungry... ;)
  • I've already left lastpass. Storing all my passwords in an encrypted OneNote page and using a free store app for generating new passwords.
  • How would one do that?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Maybe Logmein has UI designers that actually know what they are doing.
  • *cough* enpass...
  • Worst news of the year
  • Deeply concerned... Specially about xmarks...
  • I haven't trusted LogMeIn for years, but have trusted LastPass with one of my most valuable commodities, access for many years. If they make any changes to how passwords are changed or accessed, especially if there is any way for employees to access them or grant access to them I'll drop them and find another service
  • LastPass and Xmarks are excellent and trustworthy. Logmein? Logmein must prove themselves worthy. I'll start checking out my options to replace LastPass and XMARKS. I'll want serious solutions to replace them, not just "flavor of the day" light weight solutions.