The Long Dark adds massive moose and much more in December update

The Long Dark, a man-vs-nature survival title on Xbox One and PC, is getting a major update for the holidays. Available now on teh Steam version, and launching soon on Xbox One and PC, The Long Dark's "Rugged Sentinal" update brings a slew of new features, items, and gameplay tweaks that should extend the experience even more for survival junkies. Oh, and there are moose. Deadly, massive moose.

The biggest piece of content in this update is the addition of the Milton location in Survival Mode, known as "Mountain Town." There's also a completely new save system for Wintermute, allowing you to save at any point in time. The introduction of moose will allow you to create new items, including the Moose-Hide Cloak and Moose-Hide Satchel. Just take care not to be gored by a moose in the process of hunting one down; it looks absolutely dreadful. Here's a full look at all of what's new:

  • Added the Moose to all Survival Mode regions.
  • Added the Broken Ribs Affliction.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Cloak gear item.
  • Added the Moose-Hide Satchel gear item.
  • Milton is now playable in Survival Mode, as "Mountain Town", including a full Loot and Wildlife pass.
  • New Save System for WINTERMUTE.
  • New Experience Modes for WINTERMUTE: Green Survivor, Capable Survivor, Hardened Survivor
  • New Custom Experience Toolbox for Survival Mode.
  • New Worn Clothing Weight Modifier.
  • Added Aurorified Lighting to all regions; these appear when the Aurora is active at night.

All of that is in addition to a ton of gameplay and art tweaks and fixes, also available in the Rugged Sentinel update (version 1.16). You can check out a developer overview of all of what's new with Hinterland Studio in the video below:

The Long Dark places players against the wilderness in icy northern Canada amid unnaturally cold weather. Throughout the game, you're tasked with simply trying to survive an onslaught from mother nature, fighting against the elements and wild animals alike.

The Rugged Sentinal update is available now for the Steam release of The Long Dark. The Xbox One and Windows 10 updates are currently in the process of being certified and are expected to arrive some time next week. For now, you can grab The Long Dark on your platorm of choice for $34.99.

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