Long queues in China for the Nokia Lumia 920, sells out in two hours

Good news has come out of China yet again for Nokia. Photos of a crowd gathering inside and around the Nokia Shangai store in the country has been published online that reveal a high interest in the latest flagship Windows Phone. As well as visual popularity with high numbers turning out, the handset also sold out in just two hours, according to IThome.

Nokia previously experienced a positive reception with Chinese consumers with the Lumia 800 overtaking the iPhone in marketshare. The Lumia 920 is a more powerful Windows Phone with a number of highlighted features that are not currently sported by competing hardware. The photos of interest shown aren't evidence of high sales in the country, so we're eager for sales figures to be revealed.

As mentioned above, stock has sold out in a reported two hours. As was the case in other markets, only a limited supply of Lumia 920s were most likely received by the store, which will dampen down the news slightly - but any 'sold out' report is something to cheer about while the platform remains in the slow stages of brand development.

Check out crowd numbers below, where those who were queueing up received treats from Nokia, including both snacks and bottled drink.

Nokia Lumia 920 Crowd

We recently took a look at a published Kantar report that detailed changes in marketshare for Windows Phone across a number of markets. China was included, with almost 3% being held by Microsoft in November this year. This was before Windows Phone 8 was properly launched with the announced hardware from supporting OEM partners.

We'll be interested to learn just how successful Nokia will be in China, which is arguably an important market for the company to tackle. The Lumia 920 was released on China Mobile a few weeks ago, which was joined by the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620.

Source: IThome, via: My Nokia Blog; thanks everyone for the heads up!

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