Long queues in China for the Nokia Lumia 920, sells out in two hours

Good news has come out of China yet again for Nokia. Photos of a crowd gathering inside and around the Nokia Shangai store in the country has been published online that reveal a high interest in the latest flagship Windows Phone. As well as visual popularity with high numbers turning out, the handset also sold out in just two hours, according to IThome.

Nokia previously experienced a positive reception with Chinese consumers with the Lumia 800 overtaking the iPhone in marketshare. The Lumia 920 is a more powerful Windows Phone with a number of highlighted features that are not currently sported by competing hardware. The photos of interest shown aren't evidence of high sales in the country, so we're eager for sales figures to be revealed.

As mentioned above, stock has sold out in a reported two hours. As was the case in other markets, only a limited supply of Lumia 920s were most likely received by the store, which will dampen down the news slightly - but any 'sold out' report is something to cheer about while the platform remains in the slow stages of brand development.

Check out crowd numbers below, where those who were queueing up received treats from Nokia, including both snacks and bottled drink.

Nokia Lumia 920 Crowd

We recently took a look at a published Kantar report that detailed changes in marketshare for Windows Phone across a number of markets. China was included, with almost 3% being held by Microsoft in November this year. This was before Windows Phone 8 was properly launched with the announced hardware from supporting OEM partners.

We'll be interested to learn just how successful Nokia will be in China, which is arguably an important market for the company to tackle. The Lumia 920 was released on China Mobile a few weeks ago, which was joined by the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620.

Source: IThome, via: My Nokia Blog; thanks everyone for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • So many people...
  • That bottled water and snack tells me some of the people are just there to pick up the free food. Hopefully, I am wrong.
  • They sold out in two hours so I'm thinking you may be wrong. :-)
  • Yea, because they had only 3 units, as always.
  • What's up with the troll remarks?
  • Not as troll as you might think. Nokia sold out 920s in my country literally a day since it went on sale in the largest carrier (SingTel). Stocks are expected to arrive only in 2013.
    Yeah, I was pissed.
  • Yeah, here in Finland they sold out like  20 000 units on the first preorder day. I had to wait mine for 3 weeks. Finland FTW! Nokia is getting really much attention and support here now (it's supposed to)!
  • Preorder was hell in my country. Nokia was not able to provide a price and some people who preordered did not get it. I decided to get a HTC 8X instead although it was the 920 I wanted  =(
    Hoping to see Nokia kick things up a notch when I upgrade next year! =D
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  • Its true the the stores don't know how to keep the phones in stock my at&t store never got the yellow or blue so I settled for a black one witch is really nice
  • He maybe a troll but he may be right in some degree. This unit shortage is really killing the sales, I'm sure they would have sold way more if the actually had some to sell.
  • What 3 units?
  • You are right. Here in Sweden Nokia completely blew it. Just a handful of L920 have reached the store for the important Christmas sale. The L820 does not even have a release date here. People are bying Androids and iPhones everywhere. Another lost sale opportunity. What are Nokia doing? Do they only build like 3 phones a day? I am really disappointed. We had planned to get three new Lumias for Christmas, we got none, and we ordered like 6 weeks ago. I am so tired of meeting friends and relatives with new iPhones telling me how great they are, and even if I now that my new phone will run circles around theirs, I have nothing to show. Damn Nokia you really blew this for Sweden!
  • It's hard to blame Nokia for only producing a conservative amount of units. No matter what they say, they had no idea the 920 would have this kind of demand. Had they made enough to supply this demand without knowing the demand existed, they stood the chance of losing a lot of money. Their real mistake was in not doing worldwide pre-orders back in September. That way they could have at least made a better guess about how many units to produce.
  • People still buy phones to show off to others? Why not just whip out what mother nature gave you if that's still the game. Silly people, be disappointed because you wanted a kick ass phone not because you want to show up people. Well, that's my opinion anyway.
  • Wow it takes a whole 2 hours to sell only 3 units? I'm wondering how many hours it took you to come up with that number.
  • yeah, you are wrong . the people can't get the water and snack unless they have booked first in the store.
  • Aw, Nokia... :)
  • Let's go, China. Breathe some life into this movement.
  • Italy is where wp is going best :)
    I m proud to own a yellow 920.
  • This. I knew you guys were a stylish and smart people. USA is full of copycats with iPhone 5s even if it is just another row of icons and 1/2" taller.
  • wow good remark...the iphone is beautiful and healthy with apps. i know u wanna hate but geez even i respect the iphone.
  • Beautiful for about a week until its all scruffed up due to poor build quality.
  • I've had mine for a month now, and it's as beautiful as the day I bought it. No casing.
  • Yeah the iPhone 5 is healthy with apps but beautiful it is not. After several iteration of similar looking iPhones, it is now just bland and boring - both inside in the OS and outside on the phone. I respect Apple for what it has achieved but time to move on.
  • Respect you say? I own iPad and indeed I like it. But for now I know everything about IOS. It is an old dog. This icon system was invented back in -90. OS is kinda simple, actually too simple. I've used my cute Lumia 920 for few weeks already and know what? Thats what I respect and love. Cute, good build quality and OS is like fresh air. After looking at those nice informativ live titles, IOS and dead iconsme smile. iPhone 5 is the same as all other models. Norhing new in it, just some updated hardware and.... More dead icons.
    #switch to Lumia
  • I have the ferrari red Lumia 920, proud owner as well ;)
  • Nice going Nokia...
  • YAY XD finallllly I can sleep with the thought that Nokia and Windows Phone will survive lol
  • Is cell service cheap in China? I mean as compared to the US.
  • Cell service anywhere in the world is cheap compared to the US; paying $100 a month for what is essentially a mobile phone line is highway robbery.
  • That's why I'm on T-Mobile. Good. Affordable. Just missing the heavy hitters like the Lumia 920.:(
  • Really want the unlimited data from mobile, but have to stay with at&t because mobile don't offer the phones I want. :/
  • You're complaining about the U.S? You should check out some of our Canadian providers, you'll feel like you're getting an awesome deal.
  • True dat
  • In Finland i have (not cheapest operator) Lumia920 (2 year contract), 4G data 50gb /month, 200sms and 100min talk for 37€. And greatest thing is if i go visit to Estonia, Sweden or Norway i don't have to pay anything extra. We Finns visit Estonia quite often ;)
    Just visited London and saw many advertisement of mobile plans, and i was absolutely terrified of prices :D 100mb data per month for 10 pounds???
  • Your data plan looks great.
    In Turkey, I have 1000 min talk, 1000 sms and 1gb / month data for 30€ (40$). I get 4gb / month more for ~10€ but 1gb generally works fine (have wi-fi around). If I had 50gb, I'd get my crappy adsl plan shut down though, can't even get 3G speeds on that..
  • SOme network operators here are very expensive, yet others are extreemly cheap. "Three" for example unlimited data for £6.90 per month, and when they mean unlimited, they mean truly unlimited.
  • Whilst Australia has gotten better over time, it is still a bit painful. I'm with Telstra & pay $60AUD (~$58USD)/month for 1gb of data/ 600 minutes talk / unlimited texts. 4g & tethering is free though. Other carriers are a bit cheaper but didn't have the Lumia920 :)
    Data is the real killer here - hugely expensive compared to other countries.
  • I had to create a login just to reply. I pay about about 80dolars(160 brazilian reais) for 100min talk, unlimited text and 2g of hspda+, there is no 4g in Brazil yet and  the 3g has a tendency to be crap, so dont argue about expensive plans in US :)
  • Thailand - AIS $32/mth 3gb Data, no free call, no free text
  • If you can I would recommend pre-paid. I got onto my first pre-paid plan with Telstra and it is a good offer. $29 Encore Cap plan with 400mb data $220 calls and text and $30 worth of calls and text also
    The nifty thing is that if you are like me and use data more you will probably still have a fair amount of the $30 worth of calls left at the end of the 30 days. The great deal is you can use that credit to buy additional data that lasts another 30 days ! so you effectively get the data for 60 days.
    I worried about the inconvenience of having to top up every 30 days but it is as simple as an SMS with the name of the plan you want browseplu30, 60, 90 etc
    Online purcahsing is easy also and you get alerts as your cap nears its limit.
  • Wow, that's bad. I got the fastest 4G plan from Elisa (one of the finnish operators), no contracts. First year is 29€ month. No data cap and 5000sms + 5000mins of talk per month. 
  • In Italy, I pay 35€/month for unlimited mobile calls, unlimited sms, 2Gb and a terrible low-end lagdroid thing (Vodafone ita), I buy a yellow Lumia 920 off contract at Nokia Store.
  • Great choice
  • I pay about $20 for my postpaid connection, which gives me 5,250 free minutes a month, and I didn't had to sign any contract. :)
    On the Lumia, waiting for it to show up here, so I can replace my oftenly crashing, generally stuttering S3 with it.
  • Does the S3 really act that way after jelly bean?
  • Compared to USA it's very cheap in Asia.In INDIA we pay no money to get the incoming call.The only fee we pay is to buy the SIM card which 50cents in your currency.We get 2GB data service monthly for one dollar in your cuurency.
  • Wtf really which service provider is giving that offer
  • Lol...$1 is a little bit too much...the cheapest i have heard is airtel, $2 for 2gb 2g data.
  • excuse me.. please refer it as IN INDIA.. not IN ASIA.. My part of asia(Thai) cost like hell and more then USA n not to mention every mobile is full price 
  • China Mobile makes AT&T seem like a charity.
  • LOL
  • $19 => 700 Mins, 300 SMS and Unlimited Data
  • In Denmark (Telia) I get 180 mins, unlimited sms/mms and 3 gb data, for 16 $. That's very cheap I think. :-)
  • It is definitely not cheap. I think all American should have pay a visit to China so that they can realize what real tough life is.
  • In the Philippines, we can get unlimited call and text messaging within the same network for around 15 USD. ^^
  • Voice and text messages are cheap as hell. Not for data though...
  • Please take a look at Canadian plans, then say that. I cant speak for the rest of the world but when comparing US to CA we pay a lot more overall. Just recently the smaller carriers such as Fido, koodo and virgin have started offering better rates. Not to mention our 3 year terms...
  • It's just awful. Robbers = the worst company in the world
  • Rogers isn't so bad after you have dealth with the horror that is Bell Canada.
  • This, forever this. Rogers may be robbers, but Bell is Hell.
  • Please, I've had both Rogers and Bell and both are no better than the other. The CRTC are to blame allowing these providers do whatever they want.
  • I think the consumers are to blame for actually paying the price asked.
  • Yes, clearly it's the consumers' fault that a government agency essentially quashes the possibility for any real competition.
  • Was the consumer ever offered an alternative?
  • No, which was my point. The CRTC has effectively killed any possibility for real competition to the big companies, which are allowed to charge whatever they want. It's kind of hard to blame Canadian consumers for paying how much we pay when we have no viable alternative.
  • Isn't there the ability to hop on GSM or CDMA carrier in the US and have no problems working on Canadian frequency? My AT&T phones have never had a problem working in almost any country I've been in... So I think you have an inconvenient alternative, but it's up to you. If a huge chunk of people were migrating their service over the border, they would be forced to change... Aren't you guys in a freely elected society? Can't you start to protest and petition for change? Maybe I'm just too American, but free economy is always dictated by the consumer, so unless you not in a free economy...
  • Malaysia is even worse than USA!
  • dude, we are one of the cheapest in the world, albiet 3G is actually 2G :P
  • Its just a matter of time then they will all be shocked and they will never buy a WP again . MS should should sell software that works right. Its not just about live tiles and cool animated pictures.not a single app gives a right notifications. They all
    mess or never give a notification. live ha?!!?
    More than 22 yrs loyal costumer and fan. Had enough.
  • I have to admit that the messenger and Skype integration is a mess. Its not that I just don't get the notification, its even worse and messages don't get through at all or it suddenly displays me as offline no idea why. Doesn't work on my Windows 8 desktop either.
  • Messenger will auto disconnect if you use some weather app which update the wallpaper. The only way to solve this is to disable them. And Skype definitely need update.
  • Bye bye then... I'm a MSFT "fan" as well. IMO they got it right. Lovin my L920. The chinese will too. ;-)
  • Plus1
    You will be replaced by 1000 Chinese people!
  • There are plenty of options. Enjoy those
  • That's strange because my works really well...
  • Mine has been great. The only disadvantage is the lack of some apps due to low market share. But the OS itself is beyond awesome.
  • Love it or hate it. I would only use Android with Cyanogen. My Lumia 920 isn't perfect but then again neither is my wife ;)
  • Get $45 straight talk or net10!!!!
  • Good to some public enthusiasm for a great phone and OS.
  • Lets see if theverge and Engadget report this or not. They do report all the BAD news associated with WP8
  • Still No official announcement of launch date in India!
  • Will be very soon launched. Nokia India teased about Lumia 920 yesterday.
  • I went up to my nearest Nokia store they said the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 might release in Jan 1st week and they are taking pre orders too
  • For some reason I don't expect to see this reported on iVerge.
  • If they sold out in 2 hours that only tells me ms sales and Nokia sales are doing better than expected. Congrats to both
  • It could also mean that they didn't have that many in stock. And seeing that they've been having supply issues already, this is probably the case here as well
  • I just don't get the stock shortage problem. What the hell is at the root of that?
  • Demand is higher than supply. I don't think we should just assume anemic supplies were available everywhere until we find out the real numbers. It's very possible that there was a decent supply.
  • The real news is people in Shanghai are excited over the 920 enough to come out in the cold weather to queue up for it. That means only one thing - there is demand for it.
  • When can we see this in NA...? Probably never in Canada = =
  • Wasn't there a report of Nokia making 2 million units available for the chinese launch?
  • No.
  • I need to buy those stocks asap!
  • I ain't selling yet ... Not yet :D
  • Me too!
  • Only 200 Lumia 920s....That is all.
  • Keep saying that..... maybe your wish would come true.
  • here's an article about nokia production from the beijing factory...
    but thats just 1 factory. nokia has 7 other factories worldwide that make phones for them also.
    "Besides the Beijing factory Nokia has another 7 global factories, working on the crazy assumption that all these factories can only work at an average of 25% the efficiency of the Beijing factory (which would mean 500K Lumias, 150K of which would be 920s) = 150,000*7= 1,050,000 Lumia 920 devices. Adding up the 2.4 million from the Beijing and the 1.05 from the rest of the world we get 3.45 Million Lumia 920s (and 5.5 Million lumia total-920+820+620). of course that’s all on the bare minimum assumption that production only started after the launch event, and that all the global factories are only working at 25% the efficiency of the Beijing factory. Suddenly that 7 Million number doesn’t sound too far fetched does it?"
  • Nokia produces a lot of non-smartphones too - I fear people are over estimating the supply of Nokia WP8 handsets.
  • Low stock or not, You're right. It shows an high demand in Nokia's Lumia brand and that's a good thing. Especially with the upcoming budget 620 Nokia is doing well for itself at the moment.
  • You get what you pay for..
    We Americans always enjoy the best tech all over the world while Asia is starting to roll out 3g we Americans already have lte..i pay $120 for 2 lines 3gb each data..im not stupid enough to pay 30 per line for text..i use my email to text..we use email all the time..thats what smart people do that's what SMARTPHONE DOES!!!
  • Starting to rollout 3G you say? Philippines, HK, Malaysia, Japan, S.Korea, India, China and more have already implemented LTE. As for the pricing, Philippine carriers ask for somewhere between 60USD to 150USD, depending on the speed or data cap you're applying for.
  • for the moment malaysia doesnt have LTE, just 4G.
  • theres no 4G network in the world today.
    what u have in malaysia (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) is LTE, which is actually 3.8/3.9G.
  • +1
  • Actually Asia is always faster in adapting technology then America.
  • Switch to the share data comes with unlimited talk and text or you could always get family messaging which is 30 for the whole family plan along with free calling to any cell this applies to ATT and Verizon
  • first lte network in uzbekistan (thats in ASIA, in case u didnt know) was launched in june 2010; thats 6 months before metro pcs, the first one in NA.
    actually, NA has traditionally been the least advanced telecom market.
  • I can't imagine they had many units. Im very happy to read this kind of news but until there are actual numbers I can't celebrate. Im hoping that stock wasn't low
  • Does anyone know if the Lumia 920s would be subsidized by China Mobile if one signs up for 2 year contract?
  • http://nokiapoweruser.com/2012/12/20/china-mobile-reveals-lumia-920t-on-...
    Here you go. 
  • Thanks, rmichael75.
  • I thought that it was released a couple weeks ago,why queuing up now?
  • 920 sold out everywhere
  • Nokia should have teamed up with Google. Instead, they may have sealed their doom by teaming with disjointed, non innovative Microsoft.
  • ... in your opinion.
  • And is...innovative...laugh of the day
  • When was the last time Microsoft news inspired anyone? Windows 8? Wp8? Same ole, same ole! Obviously, your username says you're incapable of looking at things objectively!
  • phasar wp8 not innovative ? Yeah ... Ok... Your obbjective look is really bad. YYou need to calibrate it or something.
  • That made no sense. I've used all three platforms and WP is not same ole. Several friends that were die hard Android fans made the switch to WP. Realized that it amounts to functionality of the phone OS not the advertising dollars flooding the television.
  • I agree with you Jukie it is laugh of the day or crap of the day.
  • No they should not, i see that is going great for all the makers of android handsets, all loosing money except samsung.
  • Android sales speak for itself, if manufacturers aren't profiting it is because of lack of business savvy.
  • Why don't you use your chrome book to do some real desktop work.
  • You're right...android speaks because of the low end of their market. Of course most people buy cheaper phones. Less expensive always win. Apple loses to android also. Where does that logic fit in. Look at WalMart, circuit city/bestbuy against online markets...
  • Oh Android! I have a Nexus 7 because it is cheap, and guess what? I got also a nice brand new malware. The only place I know I got the malware is from the Adroid market place.
  • Android store il FULL of malware and spy apps...There are no certification control, so you can only prey every time u download something.
    In WP every app is sandboxed so you can be sure your phone will be absolutely safe and fluid forever.
  • I could hardly wait for Nokia or HTC to come out with a 7 or 8 inch tablets. And Adroid people brag about their 500,000 + apps but most of them are junk apps and malware.
  • Sale figure doesn't speak innovation. In fact, it's often the opposite. Look at WalMart, I will never equals WalMart with innovation.
  • Wow you signed up here just to troll? what an idiot you are man
  • Google is the saviour of Nokia?!! Motorola has more than teamed up with Google - it's actually OWNED by Google! So why are they not selling tons of phones?
  • sigh im pimping a lumia 610 at the mo have to wait till feb 1 for the 920 in ireland
  • tshhh you guys are on good deals.. in the UK it's worse.. $67 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 1GB internet (4G though you only get 4G in major cities and the speeds aren't actually any higher than 10mb normally)
  • Hard to say how many Lumia 920 were made. I suspect less than 1 Mio for 2012. Don't forget, they made many 8x0 as well. I think total Sales since launch of all WP8 will be around 3Mio for 2012. There is news from China that Nokia can only make 600'000 Lumia 920 per month on 2012, but that they're ramping up. Total production in China of WP8 devices from Nokia is 2.4 Mio a month. I now believe that total WP8 sales in 2012 will exceed 4 Mio by a margin.
  • I forgot, the Galaxy S II, S III, Note I, and Note II, are all low end lol. But the $50.00 L920? Now that's high end!
  • Dude. Those android phones. Are gonna be more expensive. What a dork you are
  • don't embarass yoursell troll. all the phones you mentioned have virtually the same specs and have the same prices unlocked. the only difference is in america where your cariers subzidize the phones. and each carrier decides how much he wants to do it. that is why the same phone can have different prices on contract on the different carriers.
    ffs, how ignorant can you be. and what the hell are you doing on this site? did your mommy feed you too much sugar and you are now hyperactive? go back to your basement under lock and key before you hurt yourself and make your loser daddy ashamed he ever made you
  • This troll. Needs to get a life. If he has one. Which I doubt he does
  • Obviously you haven't read the reviews on the Galaxy and Nexus series phones. Instead of name calling anyone who points out the failed WP8 experience, why don't you write Microsoft and ask them why they can't get any decent apps, ever heard of YouTube? Why don't you go out and buy a XBox 360 game console so you can watch movies on your WP8. Also, good luck with Nokia Maps!!!! Objectivity is not trolling, it's probably a concept unfamiliar to you.
  • Phasar...you're embarrassing yourself with your android fanboi rant. We hope your chromebook keeps you warm at night. Sweet dreams little one.
    Hopefully Santa will upgrade you to a Surface tablet.
    Happy Holidays!
  • I did read about the security hole of Samsung galaxy s2 and note2 last week. Great products you say?
  • Yeah I've heard of youtube - in fact I'm watching a review of the 920 on youtube in my windows Phone. So what's the big deal about it?!!
  • Lol you have no freaking clue about what you are talking about. YouTube? There are many excellent YouTube apps on the windows store like metrotube and supertube. Wp8 is extremely stable on my Lumia 920 and only crashed once. Also my battery life is excellent lasting a whole day with heavy use. Either you are just a lying troll or simply are very ignorant and unlucky with your unit
  • Nokia sat and nav simply blows google out the water. Nokia have the best in the world.  i have read reviews of the galaxy and nexus which pretty much come to the same conclusion, good hardware and but cheap and crappy build quality and well do i really have to start talking about the abortion android is???
    come on troll get a life or just go back to your mums basement and put a new rom on your crappy handset just to get it functioning.
  • phasar
    i dont know which youtube ure talking about, but it certainly isnt what i've been using on my 920.
    u certainly have the righ to think that google maps are better than nokia maps, but if the world agreed with u, 85% of satnav capable cars in the world wouldnt be using nokia navteq.
  • LOL.
    What a sad person you must be. 
  • Actually I only paid $39.99 for my Lumia 920 & it still kicks any of my friends iPhone or Android devices. I think your upset that what you may have spent on your device was too much.
  • Yeah right, I wish I had a phone with no apps, no battery life, that reboots over and over again!!! The fact that Microsoft will develop and update their apps for IOS and Android before WP8 should be a wake up call for you WP8 fanatics!
  • Yeah keep saying the things you're saying and maybe they'll come true. LOL!
  • I have a 920, it has not had one single reboot and everything runs buttery smooth. The battery has very good life and the reason why ms releases there stuff on other platforms is because it expands Microsoft. I remember about a month or so ago all you android idiots were whinning how closed ms are, seems to me that google and apple are the very closed systems and ms wants to spread the joy to all. Like I said before be happy rom'ing your crappy android, maybe try running it stock with no custom rom and see how far that gets ya.
  • So do you have that phone with no apps, no battery life that reboots over and over again? Of course you don't even if you want to get one. For someone who has no experience with WP8 and talks smack about it, you must be very fearful about the impact of WP8 on Android. If WP8 is of what you described, you don't need to say anything about it and it'll die by itself. I don't own a lagdroid that imitates iOS interface and I don't need to run around and badmouth it. I feel extremely comfortable using WP8 and that's all. And yet you feel the need to lie about everything on WP8 just shows that you are a little insecure igorant punk. But then on second thought, you actually might enjoy being ridiculed.
  • i want all phones in yellow lol every platform.
  • :(  How about yellow and cyan?
  • "We'll be interested to learn just how successful Nokia will be in China, which is arguably an important market for the company to tackle" what do you mean "arguably"? I think you meant to say "obviously", after all it´s only the biggests single market in the world..
  • in the UK, "Three" do 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, 5,000 3to3 minutes, unlimited data and truly unlimited tethering for £25 per month. I believe its very much worth it, as there are not many network operators in the world that allow truly unlimited data and truly unlimited tethering.
    Three will also be stocking the L920 in Jan when EE's exclusive deal ends.
  • In China 10% market share can be obtained with WP. Provided that they push and ship product.
  • China and India are markets Nokia HAS to conquer if they want to stay alive and make profits
  • Fantastic
  • My buddy asked me how is YouTube on my Windows Phone, I said "What is YouTube"?
  • Are you from mars or something? I'm watching a review of the 920 on youtube right now in my Windows Phone!
  • On your Windows Phone? You have a Windows Phone? That's the best joke of the day.
  • Why??
  • That sounds like a thing that did actually happen.
  • By 'buddy', do you mean your right hand?
  • MetroTube, better than the IOS app. I've got an iPhone 5, trust me, the 920 is much better tech.
  • How stupid can you be? Everybody knows YouTube on WP8 is broken, but for your entertainment, we'll pretend that it works flawlessly, and we'll pretend you have all the major apps, and Nokia Maps doesn't suck. And major app developers aren't abandoning WP8 like the plague! Is that good enough for you?
  • LOL! You're name-calling now? Regarding youtube, why should I believe you when I can watch it in my Windows Phone quite fine. I give you that WP doesn't have all the so-called "major apps" but there are alternatives just as good. And as to Nokia Maps sucking, that's just in your dreams! It's fine in the U.S. and great, top-notch, in Asia, Europe and elswhere! Nokia's turn-by-turn is second to none and probably the best in any cellphone.
  • FART! you like?
  • Everybody knows this? That would imply you leave your basement or aren't actually too afraid to talk to people in real life. Almost got me there, awesome try! Merry Christmas!
  • Glad to see this!
  • Godkia for 2013!
  • Please don't jinx Nokia by calling it Godkia!
  • Just bought 100 more shares of nokia :-) I have feeling windows phone will be selling like hotcakes still next year
  • This is great news for both Nokia and WP that the 920 can make people go out of their warm houses and into the cold winter day to go to a Nokia store to queue for the Lumia flagship!
  • Elop : *Me Gusta*
  • I would consider a WP major success when I start hearig advertisements stating "App available on iOS, Android, Blackberry AND Windows Phone".. Until then, Iwont brag about my Lumia 920.
  • You happen to own the best phone in the world in the 920 and you you say you're ashamed to admit it???!!! And what has the number of apps got to do with the 920 being best in the world???!!! Yeah sure, I'm the proud owner of Brooklyn Bridge, would you like to buy it? LOL!
  • I once saw this MASSIVE billboard beside a mall. It was advertising an app service, and it said:
    "App available on Blackberry, Apple (they were referring to iOS), Android and Windows."
    I should've been happy if not for the fact that they mistook Windows Phone for Windows.
  • By the way, just brag about the camera.
    If all else fails, brag about the camera.
    That, and it is OBVIOUSLY not an iPhone copy, so you have the right to brag.
  • Warms my heart to see the photos like these... Especially in the most populous country of the world !!!
    Windows Phone Rises ;)
  • Wow I just read through all of this and I have a headache.
  • Good Going Nokia. Come India Soon, people are waiting.
  • I like this place more than any tech blogs because the community here seems nicer, no troll wars, but it seems some @$$hole signed up just to do that here. 
    Good to see Nokia doing well; Low stocks or not, it's obvious that the demand is there which is a good thing. 
  • WP will never be successful until they get at least a few of the major apps, and improve their terrible marketing.
  • MS seems to be full if 'yes' people and poor Steve Balmer has a hard time getting them to move things. Marketing needs to improve. Look at Caterpillar, they went to a smaller non US Agency for some of their industrial services, because larger US agencies were unable to understand global needs.
  • You and phasar need to keep trolling harder because WP keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  • Apple and Google market every small feature of their devices, Windows Phone 8 is a mystery to most people, at least in America.
  • At the rate you're trolling, you will never keep WP from getting more and more successful. The accompanying picture in the article says it all. So troll some more!