A look at Bings to come: Bing mobile app set for a fall refresh

It's been a little while since we've heard anything out of the Bing camp. Since Microsoft's search engine dropped the Live Search name, we've only seen a rebranding of the mobile app, and a possible hint of more substantial change.

Now we have something more official, and word that an update to the Bing app is due this fall:

Congratulations to our friends over in Windows Mobile for the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 today! It’s an exciting time for mobile and for Bing. With today’s announcement we are kicking off what we like to call the Autumn of Mobile!This week in New York we were able to share a sneak peek of the Bing for mobile application due out later this Fall. In case you missed it, here’s a screenshot of what’s to come. The Bing app continues to be a great tool for local searches, maps, and directions, and now it has a whole new look.

Judging by the screen shot, the new app looks to be, bingeriffic. (Ducks!)

Bing blog via LiveSide.net

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  • Please, please, please Microsoft...... please. Open Bing Mobile up to the rest of the world. Or at least cover the G8 nations with Bing Mobile. It's unusable in Canada, whether it's pretty or not. (Yahoo, Google make GREAT localized products for Canadians, for Windows Mobile)
  • Agreed. It's worthless in Australia too.
  • is this the bing search only app or the bing directions, maps, movies etc app?
  • I believe that it will be an update to the current Bing app, with directions, business, etc. The Bing app is great in itself and I'm looking forward to having the new picture everyday, and whatever else they add. That's one of the things I miss on the Bing mobile site and app.
  • MS really needs to either integrate Bing into Voice Command, or allow you to set a button to activate it as you do with Voice Command. Having to tap the screen to activate somewhat defeats the purpose of a voice-enabled app.