Nonprofit organizations require support in numerous forms, including both monetary and hardware. Los Angeles city council has refurbished and donated a total of 8,000 Windows XP machines after an upgrade program taking public sector workers up to Windows 7 was completed back in April. Having the PCs in storage and not in use was a burden for the council, easily remedied by refurbishing the units and handing them to charities.

City councilman Bob Blumenfield proposed the move, determining it would be best to donate to nonprofit organizations serving disadvantaged communities. Units that could not be refurbished (due to damaged components and whatnot) were recycled. The council has gone one step further, however, and is also looking to take into account private sector donations to maintain a steady stream of donations even after the first batch has been distributed to nonprofit organizations.

It's an interesting way to help support charities and bridge the gap between communities. In other related news, Los Angeles County is also looking to move 100,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, via: WinBeta