Lost Echo for Windows Phone gets trial mode after users demand the option

Windows Phone is a unique operating system, both in terms of function and the community. One undervalued aspect not found on other competing platforms it 'trial mode' for apps and games. Microsoft has even made the process relatively easy for developers in apps (although games can be trickier). Intrinsically, trial modes are commonplace on Windows Phone, and it befits developers to implement the feature if they want good ratings.

Recently at Windows Phone Central when we covered the new game Lost Echo from KickBack studio (www.kickback-studios.com), our audience rebuked the $2.99 game due to the lack of a trial. The highly regarded game had come from iOS before it made the jump from to Windows Phone.

KickBack Studio did the right thing though and sincerely engaged with you in comments:

"We are not really familiar with the Windows Phone platform. Is a trial a must have feature? From our perspective, a point and click adventure game like ours isn't really suited to having a trial mode. We can reconsider if the fans disagree."

This foreignness is the crux of the matter. Although Windows Phone users consider trials must-haves, developers coming over from iOS and Android are not as familiar with the persnickety requirements. It is not so much that they opposed, they are just not accustomed consumers demanding the extra feature. After all, iOS customers are used to forking over cash, trials be damned.

KickBack studios have now obliged by that request, and version 1.2.3 is now live in the Store along with a free trial. From the changelog:

  • Added Trial.
  • Abandoned building door bug fix.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Minor dialogue changes.

Now that KickBack have upheld their end, how about you give their game a heartfelt chance? In case you missed it, Lost Echo is a new adventure game where you are frantically searching for your girlfriend. The story-driven game is full of puzzles to solve, mini-games to tackle and an impressive 3D environment.

Try the game out and let us know what you think. Moreover, congratulations on getting your voice heard!

Thanks, Duncan C., for the tip!

QR: lost echo

Daniel Rubino

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