Nokia Lumia 1520 User Manual now available, shows Nano-SIM holder

Clove UK has posted the official Lumia 1520 User Manual online, for those of you who still have some lingering questions about the massive, 6-inch Windows Phone.

While we won’t be able to get our hands on the device for a few weeks, you can now peruse the 125 page document for every bit of info you need to know. For instance, not many are aware of the switch to Nano-SIM with the 1520 (although Nokia does specify it on their site)—so you may want to plan ahead and pick up an adapter, should you plan to switch around devices.

There aren’t really too many other tidbits in the document, but maybe if a few of you comb through it you can discover something new.

Source: (opens in new tab), PDF (opens in new tab); Thanks, husam2277, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Got it first!
  • LOL ^^
  • This thing needs.more.microphones.
  • microsim and now nano hope vodafone india has one
  • Of course they do. The iPhone 5 has nano sim and that's been out for almost a year now.
  • micro bro
  • Use a damn simcutter, problem solved. If you switch often, get an adapter. Those Voda guys give new micro-sim for postpaid only, so backed out.
  • A nano SIM is thinner, you can't cut a micro SIM easily. You'll have to sand it or thin it out somehow.
  • I took a micro sim from a galaxy note 2 ans cut it for a iPhone 5 and it worked fine. So it can be done. I didn't have to sand it down or anything. 
  • I requested for a micro sim from Vodafone store here in Bangalore. They would only provide if I switch to postpaid. :-/ used sim cutter instead B-)
  • They have adapters that are very cheap. Comes reg SIM to micro, reg sim to nano, and microsim to nano. ;)
  • Why the change? Micro-SIM was working perfectly fine. I'm being absolutely genuine when I ask this: but what benefit does Nano-SIM offer? Other than being smaller (which with a device as large as the Lumia 1520, is rather irrelevant), what else does it offer/do? I suppose for most users, it's not a big deal, but for those who frequently change SIM cards, it sounds like the switch could be annoying.
  • It could just be convenience since apple always likes changing up the sim size on people. Or it could be to save space inside the phone
  • You are correct when apple first introduced the nano sim, the claim was about saving space so the phone can be thinner.
  • Why nano? Because Apple uses it. That's the only excuse I can see for it.
  • Yep. Though Nokia, Motorola and RIM revolted but Apple won the case.
  • If we have more compact phones like the new iPhone or another big one that uses nano sim because of design, it makes sense if the have the capability to switch. It is much cheaper to support one sim standard across all top phones instead of managing different ones.
  • smaller card means cheaper smaller parts and more space for other stuff.  Easier to route things around inside of the phone.  Carriers like it because it means you can cram more in a single box and they are lighter and cheaper.  Take your pick.  99% of people will never change the card without also getting a new phone, so typically it is not a big deal.
  • Carriers like it because cram more into it? Att takes and switches out everything. Sigh.
  • Maybe it's smart thinking? Easier to switch from iphone to nokia? 
  • It's because they're expecting a lot of iphone 5 users to switch to this awesome device.
  • Isn't 4 microphones too much ?
  • Can't have too much of a good thing
  • No, 2 on the front for regular calls, 2 on the back for speaker calls with the screen face down.
  • Absolutely not! More mics means better options for noise cancellation on the phone, and better options for more lifelike stereo audio recording. 3 mics is generally plenty for a normal phone, but when you get into larger devices there can be huge changes in audio between the top and bottom of the device. All of that needs to be accounted for for the best experience.
  • Even though I'm on AT&T, I'm getting the international version. I'll show them... The hell with them!
  • + 1520
  • Yes, show them by spending $750 for a device while still paying the same monthly rate as subscribers who bought a subsidized phone. AT&T wins either way.
  • In fact, they win more if you bring your own device. They would love for people to "protest" that way!
  • Well, if you put it like that yes, but I don't mind paying for AT&T as I have a 15% discount on my bill and Im grandfathered into their "unlimited" data plan.
  • Buying your own device and staying on ATT is something that they would love for you to do.  The discount on phones is built into the cost of the service, so by purchasing your own device you are essentially giving them an addition $4-500 on top of what they were already making on you.
    If you want to show them then get your nice phone and then go with someone like Straight Talk.  I think a 1 year plan ends up costing ~$41/mo for unlimited talk and text, and then you get 2.5GB of 3G data, and unlimited 2G data... while still running on the ATT network.  Sure, you won't get that super fast 4G LTE speed, but then again it has been my expierence that there are faster WiFi options available just about everywhere that 4G is available, making it a rather useless (or at least redundant) feature.
  • Correction; their site is worded oddly, but it looks like you get 2.5GB of 4G LTE speeds and unlimited 3G. So there really isnt much you would be missing out on.
  • That's correct they do offer LTE, I have it myself, but I think its capped at 8-13mbps. Also they're $45 plan comes out to $55 for me while RedPocket mobile offers 3gb for $59.99 no tax at 4G speeds so I got 4-8mbps from them but att's similar GoPhone plan gives 2gb of data at LTE speed for $60 no tax. In the end att still has the best option as straight talk's LTE is very crippled by att's restrictions, so I'll be switching to a GoPhone plan in a few days if not only for the customer service improvements.
  • Lol!
  • Is it free for me to go to at&t and ask for them to give me a nano SIM for use with this phone? I'm using my girlfriends upgrade to get this. Hope they have no problem with me putting my SIM in it
  • SIM cards have always been free at ATT, unless that's changed.
  • It all depends if its there device they'll let it pass if not I think its 20 25 dollars.
  • They don't have to know what device it's for, just tell them what you need
  • Cool, thanks guys
  • If you call they will charge you no matter the device if you go in store you have to show them your device and they will decide if to charge or not so if you talk to a rep. That honest with its job your gonna have to pay...
  • Goddamn who else has nano sims? Was hoping to get a Rogers variant to bring to tmo, but tmo doesn't have nano sims as far as I'm aware.
  • yes they do, how else would their iphone 5 and 5S work?
  • All you have to do is cut the sides off a regular or micro sim and het an adapter to switch back and forth. I bought an international sim for traveling outside us, it was a regular sim and I just trimmed the sides to fit micro sim in my Lumia 920.
  • Nano is thinner then a micro/mini SIM. 
  • The iPhone uses nano sims now so pretty much every carrier will have them:
  • Tmo has the $10 sim kit in regular, micro, and nano.
  • Had no idea those used nano. K this should work then.
  • The choice of Nano-Sim is just stupid. Unless they're trying to bring Apple people to the L1520 (fat chance. I can't see people who lived so long with the size of the iPhone jumping into a monster-phone) this is just another needless barrier for people.
  • I have to agree with this. I cannot for the life of me understand why Nokia has chosen to use a nano SIM in such a big phone.
    Obviously it's not because they need the extra few millimeters this will free up. And it can't be to entice iPhone 5 owners to make the switch to Lumia because of what DJCBS has already said.
    Nope, I'm totally baffled by it all. I was just as confused when Apple went with the nano SIM for the iPhone 5 because of the fact that the iPhone 5 is bigger than its micro SIM touting predecessor, the 4S. The phone got bigger but the SIM got smaller.
  • I told you that it would support a Nano-Sim :P
  • Seems you were right! ;)
    Well, lets see if this has any impact at all in sales. I recall once asking Vodafone about nano-sims and they told me they had to order them, because they don't have them in stores...(iPhones are the only phones on Vodafone that people actually get on contracts here, so they already come with the card).
  • Oh really? I'm surprised AT&T isn't requiring it to be plugged into the Telco line.
  • Having FM radio is now an option to me :)
  • .. removed ..
  • What has been removed ❔
  • Go to page 95... Shows a super large tile.
    1520/gdr3 feature?
    Vision of what's to come?
    Or error?
  • Good question. It's the size of 4 medium tiles squared. Two across and two down. If it is true and not an error then there will be a fourth tile size.
  • Well, such tile exists in Windows 8.1. So it can either mean that they borrowed the tile from a W8.1 sheet, or that it's likely that they bring those tiles in WP8.1 (don't expect it to be a GDR3 feature otherwise they would have presented that and the guys at WPCentral would have noticed it in their hands-on)
  • GREAT BIG PHONE itty bitty sim
  • I totally read that in the voice of Robin Williams as the Genie.
  • We're on the same page. ;-)
  • Lucky giffgaff do nano
  • Has anyone seen just how much total memory storage the Lumina 1520 can expand to?
  • Max 64GB Micro SDXC
  • I hope so!
  • I'm pretty sure of that, we live in 2013 so :P
  • For a few more months .
    Maybe you know!
    ATT in the USA say they are going to offer the Lumina 1520 with internal memory of 16GB. Are will going to be able to buy a memory card with 48GB? I have not seen a card in the USA that is 48GB. 
  • 16 GB intern + 32 GB sdhc card would make 48GB yeah, but i think you also can put a 64GB on top of the 16GB, so you would have 80 GB ...
  • 64gb sd card + 32 gb internal = 96 gb
  • I heard the AT&T phone will only have 16gbof internal memory. Do you think they will let you expand to 96gb? i hope it can get up to at least 64 gb!
  • The phone will accept a 64 GB card. And if you add on the 16 GB of the AT&T variant, you will have a total of 80 GB of storage. However, you can't use the SD storage to install applications and games but are limited instead to just being able to store media files on it.
    This is why a lot of people are angry at AT&T for stripping out half of the internal onboard storage from their 1520 variant. And rightly so too. They should have left the phone with the full and proper 32 GB's of onboard storage.
  • I agree they should at least offer two phones one with 16 and one with 32!
    However, I think I can getaway with storage of 64GB and programs of 16 GB. I am not a big app user! The main program i will use is MS Office!
  • I'm the same. I don't run that many applications and currently have 3.9 GB's worth of applications installed on my 1020.
    My SGS III has only 16 GB of internal storage too, but that is not a problem for me either. I have a micro SD card installed in that for media files and a 50 GB Dropbox account for online storage which helps to keep my phones storage clear.
  • What about people like me who like local storage? Who want nothing to do with the cloud? (partially because if I want to move or upload a 100gb video then that should be my prerogative. Also service for it should be free if there forcing us to use it.) so having said that 16gb is not enough. 32 barely works for me or someone like me. Now 32gb with micro SD support like Nokia had but att destroyed? Was fantastic. And 64gb with micro support would have been better.
  • I can appreciate your need for as much onboard storage as possible which is why I did mention it was wrong for AT&T to halve the storage in their variant. And yes, you are right about cloud storage being free if you are forced into using it because of low local storage. Hence, Samsung giving owners of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 50GB of free Dropbox storage with every Galaxy S 3 (and Galaxy S 4).
    I know that a lot of people are not entirely happy about cloud storage but personally I think it's terrific to be able to upload my stuff to the cloud and be able to forget about it knowing that I have a backup to rely on in case I lose the original files.
  • The biggest drawback of cloud storage is file size. If that wasn't a hindrance I might give it a second thought. But again only if it would be free since companies are pushing us towards it. Also the amount of storage they alot us.
  • bring 5 inch version with exact same specs and the same screen quality and same battery size (maybe little smaller)
    annd i give you my word, this device is the new champ
  • Totally agree. The 6" screen will put too many people off as being just too big. A 5" version with the same specifications as the 1520 would be awesome.
    Hopefully we will see such a device in the new year which I'm sure will be a top selling Windows Phone with killer hardware like that.
  • Well for this guy the only that's put him off of it is att.
  • I can't read anything more on the 1520. Its taking my hatred for ATT to new levels.
  • Hopefully they won't have the exclusive rights to this phone for too long so people can get it on other networks.
    The left wing militant in me would urge everyone annoyed with AT&T to not get this phone from them but to wait for other carriers to stock it or buy it outright if your budgets allow it. Vote with your wallets and your feet.