Lumia 535 getting new OS and firmware update, likely addresses display touch issue

As promised a few days ago, Microsoft is now rolling out a new update for the Lumia 535, at least in select markets. This download is supposed to fix a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue that has been reported by many owners of the smartphone since it was released in the second half of 2014.

This download is both an Windows Phone 8.1 OS update as well as a firmware patch for the Lumia 535 itself. Here are the version numbers to look for:

  • OS: 14234 (8.10.14234.375)
  • Firmware: 15053 (02060.00000.15053.2400x)

Rollout by country and not GDR2

Currently, only certain regions are getting the update, like India, Taiwan, and the UK. However, other countries like Hong Kong, the Philipines, and Singapore are still on the older 14226 OS build. At this point, it's about 50/50 for this update globally.

Other countries are likely to get the update in the coming days, and you can check your device's status by visiting Microsoft's Lumia Update page (opens in new tab).

We should also caution that this is not Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 aka GDR2, as recently announced Mobile World Congress. Instead, this is still part of the Update 1 and Denim series (even some Lumia 930s are getting build 14234 now).

Hopefully, this will solve the problems that some owners of the smartphone have encountered with tracking input from their fingers. If you own a Lumia 535 and have downloaded and installed the update, please let us know if it has indeed fixed the touchscreen issues in the comments.

To check for the update, make sure you on are on Wi-Fi and go to:

  • Settings
  • Phone Update
  • Check for Update

You can also visit our Lumia 535 support forums for more information.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

  • When is the gdr2 update going to be released to developers?
  • (1) This has nothing to do with the Lumia 535, so it is off-topic (2) If we knew, we would have done a story on it ;)
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  • Didn't know it had to be on topic? Wow...
  • While I appreciate the comment, not everyone follows the many articles published every day. Yesterday I looked at my phone and it said 19+ on the icon! So I think it's normal to ask :) Otherwise he'd have to wait for the article to be published to ask about the update? Meh. Hehe.  Good news Daniel Rubino! :) Keep up the good work! CaptainGlac1er - Maybe the forums is a better place to ask this question?
  • Thank you Daniel! Can someone explain to why some peoples first comments have nothing to do with the article???
  • The update for the 930 fixes the camera shaking problems
  • You are the boss, but this is still a public forum....either start moderating comments or learn to keep your cool. You cannot do a bigger mistake than trying to be wise with the general public.
  • Cool
  • Got it this evening, I didn't have much of a problem with the screen before, having only owned 535 for a week, but this does 'feel' a bit better moving around and typing. Glad to see Microsoft are willing to address these issues for us though.
  • Lumia 1520 on the other hand, has big touch issues like sometimes not able to press backspace or tapping instead of scrolling..
  • addressing these issues is a win win situation, they have to, its good for them as well for you!
  • I hope it is something that can be fixed via software. However, judging by the owner reports I have seen so far, I can't help thinking that it is an actual hardware issue.
    Regardless of whether the problem is fixed or not, Microsoft should NEVER have released a phone with such fundamental issues.
  • This update has been out for a few days for some users (and on Lumia servers) and the consensus is that things are better with the update. I think any more, and people are just not liking a lower quality display.
  • I'm glad the consensus is positive. These things have been selling like hot cakes in the UK...and for a WP fan like me, it's concerning thinking that all these new customers are having a needlessly problematic experience with their new phones.
    Anyway - glad to hear things have improved! & I very much hope MS releases the 640/XL with no such faults! Assuming they do, the 640 range could be the new 520!
  • I bought a brand new Lumia 535 just 3 days ago and recieved this new update yesterday evening, but sadly the touch sensitivity issue still persists.. Moreover, the phone's touch randomly sensitized when connected to a charger!
  • Hmm...sounds like the touchscreen is poorly shielded from the electronics inside the device.
    If MS can't fix this, they should probably just do a recall and swap them out for better devices. Better to take a financial hit early on than have something dragging on for months that ends up with lots of disillusioned customers.
  • Recall may be the option left if this doesn't rectify it (doubt it will for some - as screen must be ridiculously cheap), as this experience could put some people off Microsoft's phones entirely, as people generally remember negative experiences when comes to products as opposed to positive experiences.
  • Well that's what they should have done with a lot of Lumia 1520's but we had to just put up with it.
  • I @sataaaaa truly hope this happens, i am a huge fan of the platform and as suuch went in to lpkfpurchase a 535. It is not usable almost. Im leaving the typos in this message as is to jddkrrrrr r show you the issu see (issue) that we are having. Those random letters are stuff the phone just decided to type. It hafpppencs (happens) all the time. Ive completely stopped typing on my 535 and only use voice notes on whatsapp or actually phone people as typing is just an impossible task. And dont even get me started on swype. Thats a huuuuygggecvcc (huge) mess. It would recognice your finger and then it wont and so, its a mess, take a look: The weigh in but we ugh fig jg junkie gg over they laugh dog. That was supposed to be the quick brown fox jumps over the laaasccvx (lazy) dog. MSFT should seriously fix this, and there current speed is not acceptable!! Im sorry, it just is nndkjccv (not)
  • did you check the version?
  • Ive got the perfect game to test the update out on, make it rain. If i can swipe in a nice continuous stream finally ill call it all sorted!
  • Just use 'hardware tests' in the store. It has a multi-touch test. On a 1020, the screen registers all 10 digits. On a 535, it would never register more than 5 without going crazy!
  • That wont help me test the ghost taps/double taps ive experienced though ;)
  • 5? I tried on a demo phone at a mall and it goes crazy just with a pinch to zoom in!
  • The hardware test app is a good tool to have, it does allsorts even lists every update & what's installed
  • Boss avatar.  COYB!!
  • Cheers IMWT, ETID
  • 930 also get an update:)
  • i am from Pakistan and i just recieved update on my Lumia 535 dual Sim
  • Did it fix the touch issue?
  • Just a little. When i have my hands sweaty the touch is going crazy , and the multitouch isn't working when the fingers are close etc. as well. I am still waiting..
  • I got it but it's a hardware issue, as simple as that. Idk when Microsoft will accept that.
  • some users have had their phone checked and parts replaced in a care point and the issue persists, so it isn't a hardware fault.
  • Or there is something wrong in the design of the phone or the components.
  • He is after a skype voucher lol
  • I didn't have the issue on my 1520. Got a replacement after I dropped it and the replacement has this issue every now and then. Microsoft seem uninterested in fixing it.
  • Bring it to Nokia Care. Mine was fixed, 3months though.
  • Nokia/Microsoft refused to fix mine. They did not honour the warranty.
  • It is down to screen flexing and how a person handles the device on a day to day basis, as some have reported they don't have any touch issues. Otherwise the media wouldn't have let this slide.
  • No its not. I have this issue since day 1. Sometimes it is gone for days and comes back. With a hard case. Without a case. With screen protector and without. Nothing makes a difference. Everyone I know with a black l1520 has this issue of ghost taps.
  • "Not us," said two red Lumia 1520's...
  • Mine still have it since day one. Does tightening the torx screws on the motherboard help? Anyone can confirm? The phone is good except for these issues; and the lens flare. :(
  • I bought a brand new Lumia 535 just 3 days ago and recieved this new update yesterday evening, but sadly the touch sensitivity issue still persists.. Moreover, the phone's touch randomly sensitized when connected to a charger!
  • How can they fix when they can't even fix the 1520 touch issue, which they just literally pushed it to the side like nothing happened.
  • Mine was fixed. Hardware issue.
  • Nokia honored to fix? How about today?
  • They would still do. Sent my L535 to Nokia Care last month. Waiting for another month or two to get my phone back.
  • That's a long turn around time...
  • But it's ok, at least they are doing something about it. Im loving my L1520 as my daily driver, and resurrected my old Samsung Note as my secondary phone.
  • is it 100% fixed? and how much did u pay for it?
  • Did not pay anything as my unit is still on warranty.
  • I guess that's the problem. When connected to the charger and various places or using a different charger with different power rating because same thing happened to my cousin on his L720 though we both purchased L720 at same time and I didn't have any issues. Got it replaced and even serviced 5 times at Nokia care and still the issue was not fixed finally he changed to L730. And I had similar touch experience in my new L730 when connected to charger on a local train. The screen was flickering and was not allowing me to type. But once I disconnected the charger it was back to normal. But at home I can use even with charger connected.
  • The charger thing is happening to my 920 as well. Off the charger, its normal. Sometimes chargers with a different voltage rating are causing random touch issues and false registering of touch.
  • the issue with the charging thing it happens with most of the smart phones if u dont use chargers with appropriate rating for the phone it happens with my old samsung, micromax and other android phone
  • My Denim 930 it's updating to 8.10.14234.375 Edit: the firmware number also changed.
  • Where are you from?
  • no..the problem not resolved at is some video reviews.pls send my feed back to ur microsoft authority :-(
  • There was NO Lumia better than my old cyan 920! NO issues whatsoever..... I had soooo much trouble (and still having) with my 1520.... The only reason why I keep it is because its the ONLY freakin flagship on att. I have no choice but to hold out for a real flagship phone that HOPEFULLY will show up "sometime" this year when Microsoft feels comfortable in doing so... Sheesh!
  • The First wave of Windows Phones had great quality... Even 520 had no touch issues even though the display is not that much quality... @Daniel : L520 had lower quality display.. but it is not pathetic as in L535....  I Feel sorry for all ppl who bought L535... In my opinion, MS should scrap the production of L535 immediately before somemore ppl gets hurt...
  • Agree!! This phone is such a FAIL!
  • no update yet. please come philippenis!
  • Where exactly do you live?
  • Lol
  • Just got that update on my German 535
  • Lucky Lumia in your profile pic ;)
  • On my Lumia 1520 last two weeks I have the same issue I need that update
  • Ugh. That phantom touch issue was my bane. I had to get rid of my 1520 because of it.
  • Nokia care fixed mine.
  • Still my keypad is over reacting like a teen girl..pls fix this asap..
  • -_-
  • a Lumia 535 user from the past three months, installed the update but I don't think this is helping me..fix this asap..ty
  • I already have this update in my Lumia 1520 for a week ago
  • I found that installing a screen protector reduced my problem by 90%, I still get phantom touches but the problem is not as annoying anymore
  • I had to give my phone to the service centre for repair and when it came back , I installed a screen protector and guess what , the touch was good even before I got today's update.. But today's update brings the touch on par with the super sensitive touch of Lumia 520
  • How much it's size of update
  • So the Lumia 1520 HK variant doesn't get denim and then a 535 gets an update ?? What the hell MS?
  • Sometimes my wife's 1520 still freezes up! Smh. I've spent so much money on the Lumia 1520.... But they never cared to fix it! The only 1520 that I heard rumored to have NO ISSUES whatsoever is the green one.... As they were built from a different batch AFTER the initial rollout. Hopefully Mr. Rubino can clear that up.... As I see you frequently use a green one in your demos
  • Today I received the 535 DS indian version and I managed to get the latest update. However, after 2 hours of use my display died. Phone is working and registers touch presses, but screen is black.​ Anyone heard about the problem?
  • have been using the 535 DS for 3 months now.. didnt got any issue.. you might need to visit the service center
  • Can anyone tell me does this problem start after a while of use or is it like that from the start?? I've had my 535 for a little over a week and really haven't had many problems. I've used Galaxy phones and had a 520 before and this is better than them, maybe I just don't expect my devices to work faultlessly, cause every device, be it MP3 player, tablet, laptop or whatever there's always problems
  • This unfortunately isn't the touch issue fix. We'll have to wait for another update I hope soon
  • Ohhh yeah
    Feels smooth
  •   This is already my old 535 CV France, and it has not cured the defect in touch
  • .375     is available for the 930 in Vietnam also
  • I don't know what to say .... As I got d update but if it is only for touch then yes it has done awesome work .... Touch is as smooth as a butter .... Love it .!!! But I was expecting much becz Project My Screen is not working in lot of , almost every Lumia 535 .....!!! So please Microsoft do something for that , please :)
    Love Microsoft .
  • Why is this site and Microsoft always ignore the same issue in l1520? I fond it amazing that so many people in comments and forums complain the same issue exists in L1520 and both Microsoft and this site explicitly ignoring therm... Just wondering why.
  • Because fanboyism.
  • You can't write something about an issue, when there is nothing new about it. The L535 got updated twice, so they can write something about it.
  • I've been saying the same thing for almost 2 years!
  • I have this on my phone and touch is still glitchy.
    It's bearable since I do like my 535...
    When I look at screen touch with Insider Pros diagnostics 3 fingers on the screen jump all over.
    Looks like this is a one finger phone :)
  • Does this problem happens to clear black displays or only with screen without having clear black display?
    Planning to buy a 640XL for an upgrade for my Lumia 720.
    But sadly now confused by hearing touch issues with 535 and 1520
  • this have nothing to do with it.
  • It's has nothing to do with clearblack, just the display in general.   I am sure 640XL does not have it's it's a higher quality screen.
  • Got the update a couple of hours ago.
    Not that i had any problem since the last update yet there was a problem with multitouch zoom every now and then. But now it seems to be fixed and working well. Everything else is just fine.
  • It feels a 'touch' better
  • i already got the 14234 update last week via Lumia software recovery tool.. and the firmware this morning i check it in phone update. I'm here in Philippines.
  • I got the 14234 definitely feels better.but I hoped it would improve further.but still loving it.thank you Microsoft
  • Philippines*
  • Does it fixed the touch issue because I'm going to buy a Lumia 535
  • You can buy, but first check the mobile by zooming photos in and out and use the hardware test app
  • Ok...thanx..for ur advice
  • If ur buying it now the issue might already be fixed.
  • Than also you must check Because i bought it recently i asked the guy in the shop wheather it has the touch issue beacause i was aware of that, he told me that it has been resolved now but later when i checked the mobile i got the problem
  • I have it, and if there was not this issue,I would really recommend it. I think newer hardware variants do not have this problem, just the first atches do. But if there is a way,  save some extra money and try to get 640 when it's out. It looks to be a really good mid-range phone with lower price. 535 is 115€ here, 640 says it's 160€. For a much better phone, it's worth it.
  • I suggest, don't buy this phone, better wait for L640/640XL but again, let's hope they don't have problems like L535
  • I also got this update, now zooming photos in and out is better, but still have problem while playing games like dream league soccer and also did the multitouch test were it didnt went above 5
  • Mine multi touch didn't went over 2 that too at particular places.. Or else its 1 finger at a time only.
  • Thank you so much for update... Let you know after 2 days...wheather this update effected or not.........
  • No it still didn't solved the problem of multi touch in my phone.. It is so annoying..
  • Where is Lumia 1320 India denim update
  • <p>I am using the phone for more than two months . I got the update yestarday evening . The problem soved by 90 % . Till there is problem in my phone when the phone is connected to charger and the charge of the phone is more than 75% . Then the phone touch randomly sensitized .</p>
  • When will be the 10 for the 535 ;)
  • When the Lumia denim for Lumia 730
  • Thanks for the heads-up, John.
  • Downloading, on a Germany variant.   I really, really hope this helps.   Please partner up with disqus.
  • I just updated my 535, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • no the problem with the touch is not solved. i still have the problem after the phone update. random sentivity while connecting charger. while scrolling the notification bar down, the third icon in the notification(mine is 'data') is automatically turns on.
  • Data action icon turning on is not a touch issue, I believe. It happens on my L920. It just sometimes shows as on even though it's off. If I swipe down again, it goes off again showing me the correct state of cellular data connection.
  • Yeah its true. Its a software bug.
  • This is a bug of Windows phone. Even on Lumia 520 happens this bug
  • Just got it in the UK........noticeably better, but I did also notice screen stutter on my 925 post Denim update. Will be upgrading to 640xl as soon as it comes out.
  • I have this update one week now on my Lumia 535 (000-33) and the problem with the screen is not out! This is crap! The problem is not existant if is the Lumia on the usbpc connected.
    Greets Ddriver66
  • You want to fix your screen issue? Get the updates, disable the screen magnifier feature on your phone and lastly, get a screen protector. It worked for me
  • I've got OS ver. 8.10.14226.359,,
    are this the newest update or just regional updates?,,
  • Didn't solve the touch issue on my L535 Dual SIM. No improvement in touch either, after updating my phone. It is same as it was before updating.
  • I'm downloading it right now
  • dit it solve the problem?  
  • Where
  • Touch screen works better but still issues! Double-tap can't wake the phone most of the time. Microsoft should actually recall it....
  • It has gotten slightly better but its still there.... atleast they try to fix it:)
  • 535 nobrand, italy... After the update, nothing changes. Unfortunately...
  • ...
  • I got It an update..... Awesome
  • I updated via OTA (OS 8.10.14234.375, Firmware .....15053.24003) but touch issue still remains. 
    People say that they have no problem please try to do the test with multitouch app, it is the only way to see that there is a problem. The fact is that there is not ONE Lumia 535 with perfect 5 point touch at this test (if you can find one post here the video of test)
  • Still remember that Microsoft released touch screen solve by updating firmware patch but it was useless, no further from Microsoft until now, either their engineers are rubbish or they never know how to solve the problem but keep posting how they are hardworking about Windows 10.
    There is no point that the company able to release new great OS with tons of bugs and problem.
    From 1520!
  • I was planning to get 535 but now when 640 came out.. I don't know. 640 has better specs but same time it costs more. :/
  • There are still problems after this update I've installed already
  • I have become the update
    But Don't see any changes in touch response
    Although my device has not any serious issue before the update
  • how did you manage to 'become' the update?
  • Hi updated my 535DS yesterday to latest OS mentioned above after update word flow keyboard works well for typing text messages and mails other than that no difference still few lags while playing games and scrolling up and down while viewing files NOTE: I'm using screen guard and 16GB class 10 SD
  • I'm from India
  • Seems the update works... Its touch works fine.. But needed the touch sensitivity settings..
  • Well, maybe I'm just a lucky guy, but I received the update OTA yesterday, and it completely solved all the touchscreen issues I had... I'm using a stock phone, without covers or screens and is working as well as my 520 used to... It has changed my value for money apreciation of the 535 from 6/10 to 9/10. Bravo!
  • did it solve the touch problem when charging?
  • Yep... I'm using a stock Nokia chrger (which came with my 520) and I don't have any problem... Dunno how things are with a third part charger...
  • If this update really had something to do with the 535 touch then man it's a fail because my screen is still too sensitive it I updated this morning and it still types by itself sometimes. -_-
  • I have a compalint to make. My complaint no is1-15870788935. Lumia 535 is dead or 3rd time in 50 days, and both customer care and care center are working like government service. Enough of trying my patience. This is not a warning now but for sure this is going to Consumer court, everytime mobile is dead, it goes for reparing for 15 days and again display goes for a toss, last week was third time and you can not expect me to wait again, I have other work aslo. I do not understand your swap ploicy nor i am willing to, not gonna use LUMIA 535 again in my life.
    Till now I have called customer care for almost 15 times , they ust say we understand your problem, what the hell you guys understand, this is robbing and fraud, i have not used my mobile for last 2 months. Its not a joke, its a matter of customer care... SUCH A CRAP PHONE< STILL IN CARE CENTER>>> I WANT MY REFUND>>> SEE U IN COURT
    REMEMBER THIS 3rd time , same issue, Within less than 2 months.  
  • Same for my 1520 happened last year, after I F them upside down only they replace all the parts for me seriously ever thing the phone except imei number for me in the same day. U can upload every problems to care center Facebook website.
    But since now u r going to the court, forget about the rest. Good luck and I totally understood abt your feeling.
  • S6 shall be greater than every model from somebody, at least party for more get more.
  • Yes thank Microsoft
  • Updated in Belgium. Verry good response on touch now. Verry happy with it :)
  • Wow. got the update the other day and touch has improved a lot. Now I can pinch and zoom the websites from Internet explorer, which earlier was impossible.
  • I've got this update today in tbilisi/Georgia
  • Useless update..... Everything is Same as it was
  • 535 has so many problems. Now I m thinking that my Lumia 520 was far better as compare to 535... I m really highly disappointed with 535.
  • at last update fixed a touch issue
  • Got it in The Netherlands this morning. Huge improvement screenwise! It was terrible before the update.
  • i got an update as well, in the netherlands, but it's not the same os version mentioned in the article, and no touchscreen improvement
  • For me nothing. with the new update. What the f**k is going on, are the going to release any firmware to fix the problem.
  • Update is now live for the Philippines. Just received the update now. However, the Microsoft Website has not updated their tables yet.
  • just dl'ed earlier.
    i dnt hv that awful screen issue bfore, but it seems smoother than it was. i jst changed my region back to my country and the update was availabl. i revertd back to US aftr bcause i use cortana.
  • just got an update, but it's os version 8.10.14219.341
  • And what about Lumia 530's issue with sd-card and saving apps?
  • The update definitely fixed the touch issue. :D Guys from the Philippines, if you are not being notified about the update, it is available through the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. Just a tip: if a little feeling of screen issue still persists, try putting on a 'matte' screen guard. Now, my 535 works like charm :D
  • Seems like microsoft is trying to be sneaky. This fix solves most single touch problems. As most people wouldn't notice multi touch problems, they wouldn't complain after this and thus the problem is "resolved".
  • The update is already available in the Philippines. I already updated my lumia 535 using the recovery tool before the updated becomes available in the Philippines however the Touch Issue is still Persist even my lumia 535 has matte screenprotector. And I noticed that the GPS (here maps, and here drive) isn't accurate, it does not locate my actual location. damn! this is my first windows phone and I bought 2 of them (I give the other one to my friend) and I am getting disappointed now because of this issues! Admit it Microsoft this is a hardware problem! tsk just a waste of money. but still hoping that the next upcoming update will fix this issue. 
  • Just got the update but I really can't confirm if this fixed the screen issues. Though I have experienced the problem before, I resolved the issue by installing a screen protector. It seems to me that it is caused by sweaty hands. Hope this helps anyone.
  • Nokia Lumia 1320 ke lite update ?
  • still on 14219
  • Im from the philippines. I got this update on my lumia 535 using lumia recovery tools. Well the screen problem lessen but not totally solve. typing is a lot easier now as long as i dont use swipe. Before, it pisses me off when the phone is dialling someones number on its own. Well, now when i lock the screen, its stable and dont have those ghost tap. Swiping is still a problem but as long as you press the screen correctly its working just fine. So far, after an hour of use, for me im giving 8 out of 10 for the update. Im going to update this post after a day or week of use. Anyway i just want to share my experience and im sorry for my grammar, im not really good in english
  • Hi, thanks to Microsoft for providing this new update. It has significantly smooth and make better the touch experience. I can feel the difference from the 1st touch after the new update.    Hopefully Microsoft will keep looking for betterment of its users.   Regards.
  • I received the update yesterday in my Lumia 535. Can't type using swipe. Impossible to play most games like FIFA 15 or other that need some screen accuracy. the touchscreen issue in the 535 (maybe in others too) was not fixed with this update. It is in fact a hardware problem - Microsoft should refund all customers who complain about this issue   Do not buy Microsoft Lumia 535.      
  • It’s already been told by others at Windows Central forums: you can use Windows Phone Recovery Tool to get the latest update even if it’s not yet available on over-the-air update in your region. The downside of using that tool is that you will lose all your data on your phone while resetting the phone.  
  • If this doesn't fix the touch screen issue, then Microsoft messes up big time. What makes it even worse is that Microsoft made a promise to fix this asap. Double Fail. Microsoft should recall this phone.
  • My Lumia 535 's Touch screen issue been resolved. thank you Microsoft...
  • My lumia 535 is having problem in touch when i call or receive any call in goes to hold or some time it shows mute is on. This is a real problem which should not happen in a branded phone of Microsoft. Need help.. Pl help.
  • Thank you Microsoft team.. I really trust Micorsoft...
  • I bought 2 Lumia devices, one was for my cousin. His device was having about 30% of touch issuees mine was upto 70%. & we bought the wp from the same batch. After the scond update the issue has solved upto 80% but not solved fully. If our wp were from same batch, then doors this mean that there was some problem during assembling the device or os issue? I ame leaving the. Typos.
    I trusted Ms bliindy but they let my expectations down. A giant co Mk oany like ms should neveer release a device with issues like this. They must give the devices to their own sltaff for quit some tine before lauonchling it. Thius is very annoying Redmond Giant!!!!!!
  • *Philippines. OTA Available.
  • Installed the update and my phone is still behaves like an extremely ticklish girl being tickled! ):
  • wow this is amazing.thanks for the update
  • Touch issues remains.......touch needs to be more buttery
  • I have the mentioned versions of OS and Firmware. The issue is not fixed. Microsft should admit the issue and replace with new hardware instead...
  • I have updated my phone. But i still face the touch problem. When i press the backspace, it automatically presses the letter "v" and many other letters. Very bad :-(   
  • Hi, I bought microsoft lumia 535 with a high hope on 1st microsoft branded handset immediately after release in Bangladesh market.  Unfortunately the touch experience is such horrible even after 2 updates, the device is impossible to use for its ghost and unintentional tapping. it is such embarrassing that generates unintentional calls, types words automatically, horrible to us social networking sites. I switched from android to windows with hope. But it seems I wasted this little amount of money that microsoft took from my pocket.
  • The update didn't fix the problem completely, erratic touches still happening when the screen got wet by sweat or small dust. The only cure for the problem is installing a screen protector/screen guard, make sure to clean the gorilla glass thoroughly before applying a screen protector. A cheap one will do, I bought $9 screen guard at local store and no more erratic touches :)
  • I hope applying screen protector fixes it, I have received updates twice after buying this phone but it didn't fix the touchscreen issue, a little bit of dust or moisture on the screen makes it go crazy, you can't send a text or even swipe the home screen.
  • i am getting killed by the problem....i hope microsoft would address the issue soon :-(  
  • hi  where i download this firmware because before i update phone this runs this firmware after updated firmware not good notice some buggs  plz help and save my phone 
  • is the issue solved after this update
  • Touch isuue still remains! It automatically unlocks the phone, takes pictures while cell is in the pocket. Texting experience is very bad with a glitch still prevailing. Hope microsoft will fix this issue..
  • hey i have upgraded my Windows to Win 10 on my 535 and all the issues with touch sensetivity is solved. 
  • hey ..    Help me please knowe to this version of lumia 535 mobile    Version 1511   OS Build 10.0.10572.0 is it new firmware revision number 02074.00000.15234.28006 and is it success for lumia 535 phone