Lumia 610 now shipping with 7.8 while the Lumia 510 gets a firmware refresh

Nokia is sure paying attention to their entry level Windows Phones as both the Lumia 510, which just came out, and the slightly older Lumia 610 are both getting some Windows Phone 7.8 treatment and updates.

Microsoft noted that devices would start shipping with 7.8 in late December while those with current devices will have to wait a smidge later to get the update delivered via Zune desktop.

First up is the Lumia 510, which actually launched with Windows Phone 7.8 build 8858 but is now getting a routine firmware update. Originally launching with 12460 for firmware, the device is reportedly being bumped to 12490 according to Ubergizmo (who confuse firmware with the OS). Indeed, we confirmed that such an update does exist on Navifirm, noting that it’s the same 7.8 build (8858).

No word on what changes there are with this new firmware but it’s most likely some tweaks and fixes to help improve the user experience. Either way, it’s great to see Nokia giving that device some attention with its rolling launch. The Lumia 510 features a 4” 480x800 display with a 1GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and just 4GB of storage.

The Lumia 610, on the other hand, has been out since mid-2012 and was Nokia’s other entry level device. It’s been running Windows Phone Tango since that time but like all of Nokia’s phones it’s slated for a 7.8 update. That device is now being sold through various retailers, including Carphone Warehouse UK with the update pre-installed.

Reader Joe sent us his extended video tour of the 7.8 OS on the 610 with a mixed opinion. Clearly the 256MB of RAM is limiting some of the performance on the device, including Nokia Drive which evidently crashes often resulting in the designation of “rubbish” from Joe. Indeed we have heard some mixed things regarding the lack of speediness of 7.8, which we can only imagine is augmented by having low amounts of RAM and 800MHz CPU found on the 610.

No word on the exact timeframe for Windows Phone 7.8 to rollout but we’re expecting some news within the coming weeks, especially with CES and Mobile World Congress just around the corner.

Source: Ubergizmo, YouTube; Thanks, Joe and wpnav, for the tips

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